Legalization of Marijuana for Business: Persuasive Essay

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In this rapidly advancing world, scientific revolutions and modernized generation has led to a severe rise of situational needs in various fields of study and existence, seemingly has The population pressure raised demands for contradicting economic crisis and opportunities (Mittal, 2013). In this modern era of present time assets, and resources can be seen to play pivotal roles in the livelihood of individuals, and revenue generation as a whole for a society (OECD, 2011). Among numerous industrial and raw material extraction activities in the country, pre-illegalized conduct of marijuana production and exports has been prompted in southern border lines which can be seen as a national issue as well as a business strategy (NN, 2018). According to (Gregori, 1987), resources are not, they become. With the above-mentioned view, utilization, and functionality of certain products can be considered wealth in commerce, and equally on the opposite hand, it can be attributed to mass destruction; insisting against the law and regulations of the country i.e. southern marijuana issues that can affect the whole nation (NN, 2018).

Marijuana can be said to cure illness and various pains. It is said through research that it has the ability to kill cancer cells (Syed, 2008). Various diseases such as spasms and glaucoma have been cured through marijuana medication besides acting as an anesthetic to reduce pain in times of seizures (Perucca, 2017). Opposing it is also considered illegal for major lethal effects on youth. Reports from the National Institute on Drug Abuse of 2018 by the United States of America have shown that youth adults numbering to 11.8 million used drugs, majorly marijuana, the previous year. The same report has shown number of adults’ belief in drugs being injurious to self-health has also decreased significantly (NIDA, 2019). According to the World Health Organization (2016), cannabis or marijuana can and has led to serious health and social problems; cognitive co-ordination, dullness, memory loss, anxiety, and effects on the lungs (WHO, 2016). Besides previous statements, the depletion of youth can be considered as the depletion of the human resources of a nation.

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The recent success of various agrarian and other employment bases including organic farming in Bhutan, supported by the Royal vision of self-sufficiency has paved new doorways for people for monetary benefits in the southern line of the nation (Bhutan). In 2012, the agriculture sector of Bhutan alone contributed to 17.7% of the total GDP of the country. With new developments in the country, factories provide a lot of labor-related work, entrepreneurship, and raw materials collections such as Chinese caterpillar collected by nomadic herders in high lands, wool collected in central Bhutan, bamboo in the eastern side for cane products for boosting of cottage industries. Reserves of different minerals such as limestone, gypsum, dolomites, and coal have also helped a lot in engaging Bhutanese people in career building and earning. According to Pletcher (2019), 56.39% of employment was provided by agriculture, 9.8% from industries, and 33.81% from government services. Regarding orchid plantation, the hazelnut has received positive reviews as one tree can harvest around 5-6 kilos of fruit having a good price in the market. According to International, a ton of hazelnut costs USD 10,500. Plantation of other fruits such as leeches, apricots, and oranges has also helped people in generating income. Bhutan can still be witnessed as a developing country lacking the technologies to take such steps in production when educational awareness among people can be considered as not being well imparted and action will be against social and cultural codes of conduct and etiquettes, ethics, and values. Bhutan is known for its diversity uniqueness, and rich cultural and natural heritage. For previously reflected reasons tourism industry can always be known as one of the sources of the highest revenue earning which later has been allocated for medical and infrastructural development in the country. In such a state, the legalization of marijuana plantations and trade in southern belts in Bhutan can also allow strikes and riots in other parts for equal rights. Already a huge number of youth have been observed to indulge in the harmful abuse of marijuana leading to wastage of vital needful facilities, education, and human resources. It can be seen to sooner or later destroy Bhutanese discipline and nationality leading to societal biases, discrimination, and decline of Bhutanese integrities.

Numerous historical records of past suggest that Bhutan and India shared a friendship prior to the 1900s. Bhutan in terms of developmental strategies and international affairs has been supported by India since the 1960s. With the drawing of bilateral friendship, border demarcation can be seen even today to exist with check posts. Fiscal and trade policies can be viewed to possess certain restrictions on narcotic trades such as marijuana products. Recent news from Bhutan Broadcasting Services suggests cases of crime on the borderline caught by the Police of India. The causes of marijuana trade along borders are complex being against the laws, but it can be noted in two categories; huge economic benefits and more consumers. Reports from India have shown that the drug materials exported from Bhutan are processed and resold to the country.

In conclusion, problems regarding youth abuse, adult trading, and various crimes on marijuana are leading to effects on national social factors and indirectly to the economy affecting human resources. These emerging problems can be settled or resolved by introducing new strategized and planned guidance, and education and by facilitating various economic activities in parts of Bhutan, especially south and south-eastern Bhutan. Different resource reserves of the country can be well developed in support of the government to provide more alternatives to youths and adults to decrease the rate of crime and boost the economy of the concerned people engaged in marijuana activities.

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