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America's Junk Food Dependence

Our society has developed an obesity problem over the past several decades, and the solution seems simple: eat less junk food. But when it’s more affordable and more accessible than healthier options, it’s time we see the problem for what it really is: a dependence on junk food. It permeates our culture and is often the only option for a lot of people. The prevalence of junk food in our culture did not happen overnight, and the solution to obesity...
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Negative Impact of Junk Food on University Student’s Performance

Junk food is well known as a convenient way to get meals. It is well known that students are the group that contribute mostly to the revenue of fast-food restaurants. Students who live away from home and have a bad habit of life usually consume fast food. Moreover, university students eat this kind of food every day or every meal, but they do not care what consequences the junk food brings to them. In the long run in eating these...
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Summary of 'How Junk Food Can End Obesity' by David H. Freedman

In an article distributed by ‘They Say/I Say with Readings’, David H. Freedman speaks to the message ‘How Junk Food Can End Obesity’. The article revolves around how the media and health food fans in every practical sense have been bringing down industrialized and arranged sustenance. In the article, Freedman uses his acceptability to actually show the ethics incorporating the decrees used by those against industrialized and arranged sustenance. He uses delicacy to help depict how less kind of wealthy...
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Should Government Ban All Junk Food?

I will be arguing if the government should ban all junk food in this essay. I believe that the government should ban all junk food because junk food is unhealthy, junk food may be bad for brain function, big fast-food companies have tried to make their food less ‘junky’ and junk food can have negative effects on bone health. The first reason why the government should ban all junk food is that junk food is unhealthy. Junk food is extremely...
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Impact of Junk Food on Health

Adults and kids these days eat drive-thru food without knowing its consequences for the body and general wellbeing, hence we will understand the healthy benefit of what we eat with the end goal to comprehend whether we require it or not. Low quality nourishment is a deprecatory term for sustenance containing countless from sugar or fat with minimal dietary fiber, protein, nutrients or minerals. Albeit cheap food is delectable and flavorful, it has numerous detriments, individuals must know about these...
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Should School Sell Junk Food: Argumentative Essay

Food is an integral component of a person’s life. It gives our bodies the necessary nutrients and energy to grow and develop health-wise. Therefore; healthy eating is very crucial in society. Every human being requires an adequate supply of nutrients to avoid health problems. To stay healthy, it is essential that every individual consumes meals that meet the threshold of a balanced diet. Today, a huge percentage of the world’s population has deviated from healthy eating. Children are the number...
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Negative Side Effects of Junk Food: Persuasive Speech

Although it may be something we all enjoy, our yummy everyday junk food comes with a plethora of negative side effects. Beginning with some quick facts from Freeletics: Coca-Cola can be used as an all-purpose cleaner, which says a lot about how much citric acid you’re consuming. Strawberry milkshakes from fast food chains contain more than 50 different chemicals. One donut will meet your maximum allowance for transfat for the whole day. TBHQ, a petroleum-based ingredient, similar to lighter fluid,...
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Negative Effects of Junk Food

When we were little kids, we use to love to play with soft toys, remote control cars, etc. But now when we grew up a little bit, we all love to eat fast food and junk food and now it’s a trend to eat junk food. All of us enjoy eating fast food as it is cooked really fast, tastier and cheaper, so why shouldn’t we eat it? Taste shouldn’t be the first priority, instead health should be the first...
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Eating Junk Food: Cause and Effect Relation

Eating habits have changed greatly over time as the world develops. Unlike in the past when most people ate healthy food prepared at home, today more and more individuals are eating junk food such as French fries, cheeseburgers, pizza, and milkshake among others. Whereas the dark side of such fast foods is a widely known fact, the popularity of the delicacies seems to be growing by the day. Under such a background, it is worth investigating the causes and effects...
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Commercialization of Junk Food as a Problem

Have you ever had a theme song stuck in your head from a commercial or advertisement of some sort? This is how companies and food industries convince you to buy their products. Commercialization persuades the audience of targeted civilians watching it to purchase the food/product being advertised. We can agree that American diets need to improve significantly. The best way to improve American diets is not to reduce the amount of commercialization, but to improve the food products being advertised....
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Argumentative Essay on Why Junk Food Should Be Banned in Schools

Since schools were first acquainted with junk food, students have started to purchase and consume unhealthy foods uncontrollably. Junk food is any food which is perceived to be unhealthy and of low nutritional value. Junk food can also cause health problems, obesity, allergies, and school lunches at schools are also a major reason for why most kids eat junk food in the first place. As a way to overcome these problems, convenience food in schools should be banned. Consuming junk...
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Should Schools Sell Junk Food: Discursive Essay

Health issue has always been our prior concern, especially for the younger generations. The fondness for junk food among youngsters is one of the major reasons that had led to great impacts on children’s health. By definition, junk food refers to food with high calories yet low in nutritional content; something that is appealing and enjoyable, for example, fried fast food, carbohydrates, and food with processed sugar ingredients, will highly increase the risk of obesity thus affecting children’s body growth....
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