Should Schools Serve Fast Food for Lunch

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Fast food refers to food that is being cooked easily and quickly then packed and sold in the markets or restaurants. Nowadays, the most common type of food that is increased among human being is fast food .However it tastes good and will be eaten in few minutes but its effects on GIT system remain for long time and may cause diseases that related to GIT system. With increasing fast food among humans obesity and heart diseases are most common diseases that new generation suffering all these years.

With the development in the field of technology and world's rationality , humans life have been developed so that they will spend little time for going to markets to buy things. Also due to participation of women in all aspects of society and working for many hours in their jobs so they have less time or energy to cook for their households.

In the field of technology markets can delivery the food to costumer's door in very short time, so there will be no wasting time for going to markets to buy foods .For example McDonalds which is an American fast food company , its delivery is available for 24 hours a day and will get things to costumers doors .As a result technology has facilited humans life.

In those years women take part in world’s rationality ,so they have rights to participate with men in most kind of jobs. In 2010, it was stated that women's employment in the U.S was 60 million .their participation in full time working was 73 percent, when part time job was 27 percent .As a result of there long time working they prefer those foods that is easily being prepared and eaten ,which is one of the characteristic of fast food.

As fast food being prepared then they will serve it in an amazing scene . those ingredients that presence in it contains high amount of calories that is unhealthy for humans body. fast food contains high amount of carbohydrates that is above normal digestive system's response to break down it. As a result those carbs can induce spike in blood sugar ,that alter the normal insulin response. and Trans fats that presence in fast food will result in increase level of bad cholesterol ( LDL )and low level of good cholesterol (HDL) . both ingredients carbs and trans fats may cause type 2 diabetes in humans.

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Fast food has another effect in body’s health and has been infamous for this charecterise which is heart disease. A Dutch study found that those adults living near the restaurants they will face more developed heart disease than those living further away. In processed foods like fast food that contains high amount of sodium that is not good for cardiovascular health. Sodium ion is the most important causes factor that increase blood pressure. when blood pressure increase more blood move to heart. As a result of moving more blood to heart cause heart attack or stroke and may induce problem in kidney.

In today's life mankind suffer another problem that one of its reason is fast food which is obesiy.Obesity is a universal problem that defined by The World Health (TWH) as amass of uncommon or excessive fat that can have a negative effect on health. Fast food providing us less amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients that is necessary to good health, In addition it will give us high amount of sugar and fat that results in weight gain.

Over the past thirty years, obesity and the diseases caused by obesity in the US have increased rapidly. The occurrence of obesity in children aged between 6 to 19 years has tripled from 5% to 17%, and in adults has increased from half to two thirds of the total population. During these years the number of restaurants selling the food has been doubled. As childhood obesity is very common those years. Most of the statistics show that the reason may refer to fast food restaurants that are near schools could have important impacts on obesity among school children. Using strategies to permit school children from going to the nearby fast food restaurants might have a large role in decreasing the probability of becoming obese. However, the case is not the same for adults and the people living near these restaurants. By using the fact that teenagers more important thing is travel costs, so proximity of restaurants has larger effects for them.Because permitting the availability of fast food in residential areas it is may not have large effects on them

Fast food which is the most common these days and we could get it in very easy way and this will ease human’s life in every direction .There are many factors that fast food increased among humans. Those women who is having jobs in full time or half time , sothey will have less time to cook . But we should be aware of this food because of those calories and sodium and much unhealthy ingredient in it.Finally it may cause diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. Fast foods has more influence on children than other because of having restaurants near schools. And similar for adults because they fall off more quickly with distance so it may have large effect for them too.

Whether fast food good or bad for our health we should care about our body and life because we live just one time and our body require us to care about it. And to be healthy we have to eat in a healthy way.

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