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Have you ever had chocolate milk? I bet you have, but did you know that even though chocolate milk might have the same nine essential nutrients as white milk, it’s actually not that healthy for humans? Schools around the USA are banning it. I believe that chocolate milk should be banned because chocolate milk has too much sugar, chocolate milk is unhealthy, and cow's milk is meant for cows. Chocolate milk might have good vitamins but with all that extra...
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Did you know that Chocolate milk does more bad than good? Chocolate milk has lots of sugar and calories compared to white milk. Chocolate milk is as bad as a mini soda. I believe we need to ban chocolate milk from schools because it can cause health problems, milk itself is bad for humans, and it has too much sugar for people. Chocolate milk can cause health problems such as heart disease and obesity. Chocolate milk has saturated fat and...
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Do you think chocolate milk is not healthy? Well, I believe that we should keep chocolate milk in school cafeterias because chocolate milk has many great nutrients, has less sugar than other beverages, and is popular among school-aged children. First, chocolate milk is just as good for us as white milk and is just as nutritious. Chocolate milk helps children reach more nutrient needs than non-milk drinkers. Children who drink chocolate milk are not heavier than non-milk drinkers, and do...
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Across the world milk is considered one of the most essential and perishable foods. Also, in the food pyramid counts as part of one of the most important foods of a well-balanced diet of your five a day to eat. Milk contains a high percent of calcium and other vital nutrients that the body needs. Although milk is in the food pyramid and has its benefits, since the 90s it has not been a favorite product of many people and...
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Milk is the first food of young mammals and a nutrient-rich, white liquid produced by the mammary glands of females' mammals. It is a mixture of fat and high-quality protein in water, which contains some carbohydrate (lactose (4.8%), vitamins and minerals (0.8%). Furthermore, there are ranges of other individuals' products that can be made from milk, which are also known as dairy products, a product containing milk or made from milk, such as; butter, cream, and ice cream. Water, carbohydrate,...
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There have been many hard decisions that people have been thinking about across schools that provide chocolate milk. That is whether we want to keep chocolate milk or ban it! Well, this is why I believe that we should ban chocolate milk from schools. Because it causes health problems, contains too much sugar, and cow’s milk is not even meant for humans. Many kids love chocolate milk because of its delicious, chocolatey flavor. Another reason why kids love chocolate milk...
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Do you incline toward chocolate or strawberry milk to normal milk? Assuming this is the case, you should know that a few instructors what's more, wellbeing specialists need to prevent school cafeterias from giving chocolate or other seasoned milk to understudies. The article 'Chocolate Milk in School Cafeterias?' clarifies that this gathering of individuals is concerned that the additional sugar added to chocolate milk, or other seasoned milk, is unfortunate. While overabundance sugar is absolutely unfortunate, I figure it is...
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The diverse microbial flora found in dairy cow milk contributes to beneficial effects to human health. A group of microorganisms known as Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) are most commonly found and used in fermented dairy products. These bacterial strains embrace the idea of good nutrition by assisting with health maintenance, aiding in the prevention, control and treatment of many diseases. Heteropolysaccharides (HePS) produced by LAB plays an important role in the rheology, texture, body, and “mouthfeel” of fermented milk. HePS...
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