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Anything that can be bought and sold is going to have a complicated story behind its existence, and certain commodities filled formative roles in important historical events. For instance, cash crops such as tobacco and cotton were a source of vast wealth for American plantation owners, produced by back-breaking labor under the barbaric conditions of the institution of chattel slavery. These crops and the products derived from them (and by extension, slavery) were what drove the economy and propelled America...
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Global food production is a key component of global well-being and growth that is steadily adapting to provide for new demands. Corn is one of the world’s most valued grains, based on its immense production volume - with 1,011,068,000 metric tons being produced this year. Ideally, corn is grown in a climate that provides warm temperatures and rich soil, both of which are commonly found in the grassland biome, which is very present in the crop’s leading producer, the United...
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Corn, what is it and how did the genesis of corn begin from a tropical grass native to Mexico called teosinte that dates back more than 80,000 years ago to become maize that we all come to know as corn. When you hear or think about this simple word a few thoughts would pop in your head like popcorn, ethanol, or corn on the cob that you would find on your dinner plate. From multiple sources of information there are...
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Maize, also known as corn in the United States, Canada, and Australia is one of the most wildly produced crops in the world. It is almost assured that maize was first domesticated in Mexico and then reached the United States as a cultivated plant (Linton, 1924). Corn is one crop that is the most common in the everyday food we eat. But with a high level of production comes a very difficult level of labor. Labor causes loss of life...
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Corn is a food whose value has been recognized all throughout the globe. Initially found in Mexico, over 9000 years ago, corn has garnered a lot of popularity in the world. As of now, it has surpassed the cultivation of other major grains such as rice and barley. Also called maize, the corn benefits are so prominent and so well known that there are countries whose major method of national income is cultivation an exportation of corn or maize. Best...
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Genetically modified foods (GMFs) are foods that have been deliberately modified in order to create healthier and more beneficial crops for both the farmers and the society. The purpose of this report is to draw a justified conclusion about whether we should continue to produce genetically altered foods, focusing particularly on corn. Both the benefits and issues associated with this transgenic technology will be considered as well as the past, present and future of this specific technology. Without the utilization...
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