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Chocolate Milk Should Be Banned from Schools: Argumentative Essay

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Did you know that Chocolate milk does more bad than good? Chocolate milk has lots of sugar and calories compared to white milk. Chocolate milk is as bad as a mini soda. I believe we need to ban chocolate milk from schools because it can cause health problems, milk itself is bad for humans, and it has too much sugar for people.

Chocolate milk can cause health problems such as heart disease and obesity. Chocolate milk has saturated fat and cholesterol which causes type 2 diabetes and cancer in the long term. It can also cause health problems in your mouth like rotting teeth. Joy Bauer, RD, nutrition and health expert explains, “ There are 60 more calories in chocolate milk than white milk but calories add up after a while and lead to health problems.” I included this evidence because chocolate milk can cause health problems and you should not drink it with every meal.

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Dairy has little to no effect on our bones even though it has some calcium. You can get calcium from other better sources such as vegetables, nuts, oranges, lima beans, whole grains, and lentils. Cow's milk is for calves, not people. It can cause fractured bones, acne, and Riddled skin. Cows milk has 3 times more protein than human milk which can cause metabolic disturbances in people that have detrimental bone health consequences. The kids of this generation will have a shorter life span because of all the sugar and 4% of it is chocolate and white milk. This made me think that milk itself can be bad if you drink too much.

Chocolate milk has too much sugar. Cow's milk already has 12 grams of sugar in it. Excess sugar converts to fat. Jamie Oliver did a publicity stunt where he filled a bus with 57 tons of sand and represented how much sugar American kids get from drinking chocolate milk in a week. Kids can consume up to 10-15 cartons of chocolate milk a day at school. Kids consume about 2 gallons of sugar a year from drinking chocolate milk. Chocolate milk has the same amount of sugar as a mini Coca-Cola can which is about 28 grams of sugar. Chocolate milk is 4% of the added sugar in an American child's diet. Jamie Oliver, a famous chef, and reality tv star says “Chocolate milk has as much sugar as a candy bar.” New York City banned large sodas. Schools should do the same for chocolate milk. I included this evidence because it is very important for people to know that chocolate milk has a lot of sugar. I used to think that chocolate milk should be kept in schools but then Jamie Oliver changed my mind and now I think that it should only be a treat at home.

Therefore, I believe that chocolate milk should be banned from schools. It can cause problems with health and milk is bad for humans and there's way too much sugar. Help ban chocolate milk by telling fellow students or your principal. Fight to help keep schools healthy.

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