Essay on Healthy Food: The First Wealth Is Health

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There are a lot of things that can take place when people eat a poor diet such as catching multiple different diseases that is fatal. Meanwhile eating healthy produces weight loss, reduces cancer risk, prevents strokes, makes your teeth strong, and plenty more. In the movie Do the Right Thing the cast ate pizza daily. However, they never ate at sonny’s mart where they were a variety of healthy food. This is the result of the people that live in food deserts day by day they eat non-healthy food, and this results in people not eating healthy which causes multiple health problems because they’re aren’t many choices of healthy food to choose from.

Many people know that they are eating non-healthy food that can cause multiple fatal diseases and still choose to do so. So, by them knowing and them continuing to do so they aren’t really taking into consideration the risk factors. I don’t really think people understand that every day that we consume non-healthy food is the day that we will continue to let ourselves slip into weight gain or risk the possibility of gaining a fatal disease. Furthermore, it is difficult to not eat non-healthy food due to non-healthy food being present in low-income communities. Mostly poor families live-in low-income communities and unfortunately are the ones faced with few choices of healthy food options. One thing that can help food deserts out is if there were more supermarkets that served healthy food and fewer fast food places. Having more supermarkets that serve healthy food instead of non-healthy food would help people that live in food deserts have more of a variety of healthy food to choose from. If the people living in low-income communities have more of a variety of healthy food to choose from that can reduce the percentage of people eating non-healthy food and prevent the people that eat non-healthy food to reduce obesity, prevent diseases and give the people the nutrition they need to become healthier.

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My opposing side might argue that although there is only a limited amount of non-healthy food options in food deserts that it is still the consumer's choice to eat healthy or not. However, even though the consumer has the option to eat healthy food or non-healthy food the fact remains that there aren’t many supermarkets in low-income neighborhoods that provide a lot of healthy food. In the article Food Deserts: What is the Problem? What is the Solution? The author talks about Using Census tracts as the unit of aggregation there are two further operational thresholds in the USDA

definition: (1) “They qualify as ‘low-income communities, based on having: a) a poverty rate of 20 % or greater, OR b) a median family income at or below 80 % of the area median family income; AND (2) They qualify as low-access communities, based on the determination that at least 500 persons and/or at least 33 % of the census tract's population live more than one mile from a supermarket or large grocery store (10 miles, in the case of non-metropolitan census tracts

Most food deserts only provide a few healthy food options although, it is the consumer's choice to decide what to eat they don’t really have much to choose from with there being very limited healthy food options. Residents living in food deserts choose to eat non-healthy food because that’s what’s predominantly provided by the communities that they live in. Another reason why people eat non-healthy food is that they don’t have knowledge of what is healthy to eat. Not having a lot of healthy food in the communities leads to people being obese or other potential health hazards. In addition, having no knowledge or very little knowledge of what you’re consuming and how it affects the human body is why people eat non-healthy food. People don’t understand what it does to their bodies these are a few reasons along with others why people eat non-healthy food

On the other hand, people eat healthy food to have a lot of energy. Without energy, you can’t really function as well as you need to. You might feel lousy and not up to do anything because the food is causing you to gain weight and become lazy. Eating healthy helps you keep a good weight, makes your heart healthier, prevents diseases such as diabetes, and even makes your brain function better. A few reasons why eating healthy is important is because you gain a lot of energy and the reason that you gain a lot of energy is that instead of consuming non-healthy food you are consuming healthy food that has fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals all of which are essential to the human body. Eating a good nutritional meal helps the human body fight diseases. The intake of consuming healthy food supports daily activities.

Eating healthy can have a positive impact on one’s life. People who eat non-healthy are at risk of having a chronic disease, diabetes, heart attack, or risk the outcome of being obese. Many people in the United States of America die from a lack of knowing what to eat that is healthily. Furthermore, some people just don’t care about their self-health or care about well-being of their health. Some people take their health more seriously after speaking to their physicians and being warned about the risk of not eating healthily. Although some people take their health seriously after having a visit to their doctor some just simply continue to eat non-healthy while others fight for a healthier fit lifestyle. Good nutrition benefits the body because it can provide energy, gives more nutrients, and you can get more sleep and by doing so it fights off diseases and germs.

Healthy eating makes you lose weight and by losing weight you can become more productive in activities instead of feeling sluggish. People who eat healthy reduce the risk of having fatal diseases. A lot of people suffer from illnesses because they choose not to be healthy. Eating things like apples, cranberries, blood oranges, and cherries can help a person with their health issues or prevent further complications. In taking these every day can make a difference in a human’s overall health. Foods that are high in fat and sugars will only contribute to the dangers to the human body. On the other hand, food that isn’t high in fats and sugars will contribute to the well-being of the human body.

When the human body is in a good state people start to feel happier with themselves and their accomplishments. Eating healthy puts the human body in a good state and gives the body what it needs to feel fulfilled. After a while, the human body gets immune to eating healthy and those who eat healthy know the difference between what it feels like to eat healthily and not eat healthily. A healthy lifestyle is an important asset for simplifying the rate or influence of being free from illness or injury. In addition, it could also help you turn to a normal state for dealing with health problems and for living a better life. Our lifestyles as humans play a role in how healthy we are so why not eat healthy to benefit ourselves in the long run? Eating healthy will help with weight loss, Reduce cancer, Help with a healthier heart, prevent a stroke, support strong bones and teeth, and help the health of the next generation to come after us because if they see us eating healthy they’ll want to eat healthy as well, and also eating healthy provide us with a better memory for the next time we may forget something this is why eating healthy benefits humans in our everyday lives.

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