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Since organ donation is a topic that generates lots of emotional responses, the writer has made the right use of pathos by appealing to the emotions of his readers. He claims that there are 20,000 most effective kidneys available for patients on waiting lists which are as long as 80,000 patients. (343) The creator points out the truth that because organ sale is unlawful, a large number of organs are made unusable. He brings out the reality that numerous thousand humans die each year due to the scarcity of organs. While within the US the number of people dying due to lack of organs is in thousands, hundreds of thousands of human beings die globally, says the author. In contrast, the author offers examples of countries like Iran, in which organ trade is legal. According to the writer, in such international locations, there aren't any waiting lists and therefore, there's no shortage of organs or death due to lack of organs. He says that because such an unlawful alternative is going on anyway, making it legal might offer sure management over the same (343-344). The writer cleverly uses words to steer the readers by means of praising the attitude of the US population in general, whilst he says that gross degeneracy would no longer be allowed in the US if organ exchange had been made a felony. By providing such a constrained attitude to the problem, the writer manages to persuade his audience that legalizing organ alternatives might get rid of all troubles related to the shortage of organs. The creator additionally brings out the self-possession debate in his article. He says that we are not simply owners of our very own bodies if we cannot determine what has to be carried out with our organs. He also says that if the matter of organ donation is presented in the right way to the target audience, there may be a big range of humans who may be persuaded to exchange their opinions about organ sales. He believes that many human beings would need organ sales to be legalized if they had been supplied with the statistics in the correct way, and that appears to be the cause of this essay.

The use of logic has additionally been made well in the essay, despite the fact that at times, the good judgment appears twisted. Evidence of the shape of the number of patients who need organ donation versus the number of donors available has been provided. In doing so, the creator has featured the serious lack of organ givers. This shortage is liable for the deaths of thousands and thousands of people worldwide. The creator argues that illegal organ change is true; this illegal nature of the trade is dangerous. He compares the organ exchange ban to the ban on narcotic pills and says that just because the ban on narcotic substances promotes violence, the ban on organ trade is additionally chargeable for violence. Making an organ exchange felony will carry some control over the change in accordance with the writer. While this is probably true, the author denies the fact that legalizing organ trade will provide an undue gain to the rich and exploit the negative. These, he claims are hallmarks of unlawful organ change. The author no longer gives an explanation for how the exploitation of negative can be stopped via legalizing organ exchange. To further fortify his argument, the author offers examples of nations of India, Japan, and the Philippines. Organ change rackets are a fact in India in which terrible workers are exploited. Similarly, in Japan, organs may be sold from carried-out prisoners. In international locations like the Philippines, risk and coercion are often used on the way to intimidate the terrible into selling their organs. The author claims that legalizing organ trade will forestall such exploitation, though he does not say how exactly this will happen. The creator believes that the excessive stakes of legalizing organ exchange, social pressure, and market forces alone could be sufficient to stop the exploitation of the marginalized classes.

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He mentions that not all black market transactions are exploitative, organ sales in and out of themselves are not the problem. The most disagreeable parts of the trade can be concluded that it is illegal. Prohibition drives up the black market profits, turning the market into organized crime and not helping the isolated harmed in the trade from the routes of help. Gregory states an idea to bring the market out in the open to ensure the trade’s appropriate activity. He backs up his idea by giving the audience a supporting reason why that should happen. He says “Since stakes would be very high, market forces and social pressure would ensure that people are not intimidated or defrauded.”(344) This would lead to less exploitation of innocent citizens and less underhanding dealing with those who try to avoid the law.

The author has undeniably used pathos thoroughly in this piece, as he appeals to the emotions of the target market by bringing out the grim reality of deaths due to organ shortages and also with the aid of stating the inadequacies of modern regulation governing organ transplantation. Even though the author’s credibility cannot be questioned, this has not been asserted inside the article itself, as no history has been furnished with the aid of the author. Further, his perspectives on the legal system make this essay seem biased in preference to neutral. Though using common sense has been soundly made in positive components of the essay, in other components, the writer has twisted the logic to his needs. In spite of these shortcomings, the essay manages to persuade his audience that modern laws regarding organ sales need to be revised.

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