Organ Donation and Its Harmful Effects in the Society: Discursive Essay

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The process in which the person gives own body organs to another individual voluntarily is called organ addition, consent was taken from the donor and recipient legally and the procedure was done under medical supervision. Revolution occurs in medical science and has considerable significance in the field. (Essay)

Transplantation of the organs is a useful intervention for the failure of the organs. Literature showed that well-educated individuals have enough awareness and optimism about organ donation. The result showed that Perception, willingness, experiences, recognition, decision-making power, values, and inspiration of individuals can affect the organ donation process (Parisa, parsa, malihe). organ transplantation is an effective and common intervention for saving the lives of patients with the last stage of failure of an organ( Martin Delgado ).

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Organ donation has many positive aspects including improving the quality of life and has a great contribution to research and the medical field for experiments and new inventions. It also supports both families either donor or recipients, for donors, it is the sense of compassion and feelings of sympathy and for recipients, it is a blessing in a stressful period (essay). Furthermore, it is an important segment in a health care setting all over the world. It is a beneficial, cost-effective intervention and the best welfare work for society(Tsubaki). There are two types of donation, living donation, and deceased donation. it has been shown that attaining the organs from society those who are having low financial status. In addition, organ donation became a business for trading the organs for sale and purchase, this is because of the limited availability of donors but in the current period, it has been focused more availability of donors rather than financial incentives. (Delmon). According to the international journal of surgery, organ donation practice is affected by social attitudes and religious and economic sources. Financial burden may be borne by the individuals, families, and society without knowing the outcomes. (IJOS).

Healthy individuals may be exposed to certain kinds of risks after donating body organs, for example, delayed recovery after surgery, surgery-related complications like infection, pain, bleeding from the surgery site, blood clotting, hernia, and sometimes it worsens lead to death. Same in those who are receiving donations, rejection of organs in the body is common. in addition, complications related to surgery are also faced by them. They have taken immunosuppressive drugs to minimize the risks of rejection but on the other hand, they are more prone to getting infections. These persons, families, and also society face physical, psychosocial, and emotional challenges. In deceased cases, families are also not ready to allow the donations of organs because they loved and that time facing emotional challenges. In this situation, counseling and awareness are needed to motivate them. Organ donation can be after brain and cardiac death but according to standardized guidelines and the willingness of the families to save the organs to overcome the shortage of organs .this practice is affected culturally and religiously.Some cultures and religions are in favor of organ donation but some are against this practice. for example, in the Quran, it is written that if one individual saves the life of one person he would be saving the whole of humanity.(Frontera)

Conclusion(own view)

In my conclusion organ donation is a noble practice in the health care setting for giving life who have failed organs either from living or deceased donors. This can be achieved from a higher level of awareness among the society and through standardized guidelines without violating human rights. workshops and seminars should be conducted at the community level, and through media, awareness should be given for saving lives. Policies are needed to reduce the financial burden on individuals, families, and society.


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