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Iron has a range of cellular respiration tasks, energy metabolism, and both synthesis and repair of the DNA because of its diversity in biomedical reactions(Sumneang et al., 2020). As a part of heme, proteins, and other enzymes, iron can simplify chemical reactions necessary to live(Lal, 2020). Iron overload disorders embrace...

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According to The State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales (NSW State Archives and Records 2008), information is the primary organizational asset needed now and in the future, and good record-keeping can help people find the information they need. It can also help to promote information sharing and collaboration. If the information is accessible and trustworthy, it can...
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Phlebotomy is an invasive field that is used for the collection of blood used for testing or donation. This is done by an insertion of a needle to a vein which may be dangerous in the hands of phlebotomist without proper training. Because safety is a priority of many phlebotomist, we’re seeking ways that we can enhance safety for both...
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A phlebotomist is a valued member of a health care team and plays an important role. They are responsible for collecting, processing, and transporting blood specimens to the laboratory. A phlebotomist is skilled in the art of venipuncture which the puncture of a vein with the intention of drawing blood is carried out. A phlebotomist obtains blood samples, there are...
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The biggest reason for keeping and maintain records is to ensure that the client will get continuing care as accurate as possible. Record keeping is actual communication between health care workers and clients, where it includes care planning, quality assurance of care for clients, legal documents. Record keeping is very important for care workers as they are updated every day...
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