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Antibiotics have become an indispensable part of the medical procedure to treat various diseases. Children, being in the most active phase of life, play in the gardens inhabited by all sorts of insects, slide on the railings laden with dust, sail paper boats in the muddy puddles on a rainy day and what not! We, the parents, are often on our toes running to the doctors with their cuts and wounds, infections and ailments due to their fearless fun-loving attitude....
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Overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics in agriculture has been implicated in the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which is a significant and growing public health threat. Antibiotics are used in the agricultural as growth promoters as well as treatment and prevention of infections. Some of the popular antibiotics used as growth promoters are those related to Vancomycin such as Avopricin. These antibiotics are administered to animals orally, through injection or mixed into animal food. Spraying of antibiotics on plants...
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Antibiotics are a category of drugs that are commonly used for the treatment of bacterial infections. Commercial antibiotic use in farms started in the 1940’s, and over time the uses have progressed to aid animal growth and to stop animal illness in small quarters. This development of antibiotics in farming may be a valuable economically, however there are drawbacks that have seen little attention. This emphasis on profit from antibiotic use, over animal welfare and human health, is becoming a...
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This essay is carried to look into the major contributions made by the microbial resistance, where we stand presently in terms of extent of the problem, and hopefully some idea where future problem may rise and where future emphasis should be placed. With the advent of antimicrobial era, the overuse and inappropriate consumption and application of antibiotics have driven the rapid emergence of multidrug- resistant pathogens. Resistant infections not only increase the length of hospitalization and additional cost, but also...
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Antibiotics are drugs or medicines used to treat bacterial infections. There are two main mechanisms that antibiotics employ to treat a bacterial infection. They can kill the bacteria or prevent it from reproducing, labeled bactericidal and bacteriostatic, respectively. Antibiotic resistance is becoming an ever-growing issue all around the globe. The rate of bacterial evolution far exceeds our current rate of development of antibacterial agents. If bacteria become completely resistant to our antibiotics then we will have to survive like we...
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Antibiotic resistance might be a term far disconnected from the world of dentistry; however, it remains to be one of the biggest threats to public health in the 21st century. Data from the CDC (Centre of Diseases Control and Prevention) reports that antibiotic resistance is responsible for 25,000 deaths in the EU per year and this is set to increase in years to come. A global report indicated that by 2050, approximately 10 million people per year could die as...
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Antibiotic was working as magic bullet against infection causing bacteria since discovery in 1928. By evolution, some bacteria fight back against antibiotic and become resistant. In 21st century, antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest threats for the world. All over the world, antibiotic resistant bacteria infect a huge number of people and cause death of a certain number of them. Due to resistance to antibiotics, it is very tough to treat these infections. Abuse of antibiotics is proved a...
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Penicillin is still currently being used worldwide today, due to it curing many people and preventing them from dying. Alexander Fleming has made people all around the world extremely grateful for this life changing discovery. Even though Fleming did discover penicillin he did have some help from two young researchers. The researchers were called Howard Florey and Ernst Chain. The two-researchers teamed up with Fleming do make penicillin more efficient. The researchers and Fleming succeeded, and the antibiotic was used...
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Against degradation pros are substances made in nature by different microorganisms that control or execute explicit microorganisms. These are a kind of antimicrobial expected to target bacterial defilements inside (or on) the body.Antibiotics are staggering cures that battle certain pollutions and can spare lives when utilized truly. They either shield microorganisms from mirroring or pound them. Before living things can increment and cause manifestations, the tied down structure can routinely butcher them. White platelets (WBCs) get perilous microorganisms and, paying...
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Introduction Production of curd by using Bacterial Probiotics Acidification of milk is one of the methods used in preservation of milk. Acidification, gives the milk a sour taste and it is achieved by bacterial fermentation or by the addition of an acid (for example: lemon juice or vinegar). The acid causes milk to coagulate and solidify fully or partially. Coagulation of milk inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and improves the dairy product's shelf life. Soured milk that is produced...
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Due to the elevated use of antibiotics in variety of products and in anthropogenic activities the concentration of AB become higher in waste water and fresh water bodies. The presence of antibiotics especially Fluoroquinolones pose adverse impacts on public health as well as on aquatic life through developing antibiotic-resistant genes. To overcome these impacts, the use of antibiotics should cut down and a proper and safe disposal of effluents having antibiotics in it should ensure. Risk assessment is the mean...
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Antibiotics are key for treating bacterial infections such as pneumonia, skin and soft tissue infections. Antibiotic use makes surgery, and use of medical devices in patients possible by greatly reducing mortality risk due to infection. Antibiotic resistance is a global natural phenomenon. Strains of bacteria can evolve to develop defence mechanisms to antibiotic exposure, resulting in failure of the antibiotic. Although this is a natural process the rate at which this occurs is increasing due to inappropriate use of antibiotics.1...
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Introduction: The famous philosopher Charles Darwin once said, 'It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent that survive. It is the one that is the most adapted to change'. In this research project, I will be discussing the history of Tuberculosis, how it has evolved and more. Studying evolution is vital for the knowledge of man-kinds on Tuberculosis as well as their health. Rapid evolution coupled with the migration of human populations can endanger...
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