Causes and Effects of Plastic Surgery: Analytical Essay

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Aesthetic surgery is more and more universal all over the world in both men and women. This research paper, based on secondary research, deliberates the causes and effects of plastic surgery. Specifically, it includes internal and external factors. This paper will help us to understand the profound sources as well as the influences of cosmetic surgery on people. It also indicates some solutions for negative effects. After all, personalities and communities have to raise their awareness about aesthetic surgery.

1. Introduction

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” (cited in A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever – Essay, Meaning, Expansion, June 7, 2018). Beauty is ultimately a district where people towards reaching. This not only manifests itself in appearance but also in the soul. However, if the soul’s beauty is a sufficient condition, the appearance’s one is a necessary condition in many circumstances. According to Greatorex (2017), people who have a good-looking appearance find it easy to get job over the competition. Because of being aware of the importance of appearance, many people tend to find their own measures to change their beauty. The proportion of plastic surgery experiences a steady increase in recent years (cited in ISAPS-International Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). On the other hand, plastic surgery wastes time to recover, but it depends on the type of cosmetic surgery (cited in “Recovery time expected after plastic surgery”). Also, it costs so much (cited in Why does plastic surgery cost so much? by Martin, 2010). Thus, this research paper, dependent on secondary statistics, will examine about causes and effects of plastic surgery.

2. Discussion of findings

2.1. Background information about plastic surgery

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is popular and has a variety of definitions. It tends to rise recently (Nazanin, Kamran, Abdoljalil, Ali (2017)). According to Motosko (2018), plastic surgery is a particular field that allows consumers or patients to choose medical services. In the twentieth century, after two great world wars, the role of surgery was really realized. There were lots of armies and soldiers injured by injury from the conflicts. The surgeon could get more experience and skills in order to repair injuries. Since then, the importance of cosmetic surgery has been recognized in social and humanistic ranges, supporting emotional relief to carry out surgery (according to Pedro, Santiago, and Maria (2016)).

They pointed out the particular definition of plastic surgery. From thereon, cosmetic surgery aims at reviving unusual structures of the body to improve functionality. Furthermore, it is defined as a tool for providing patients with a normal appearance. Therefore, “plastic surgery” can be understood as: the relationship with the evaluation of appearance and self-esteem through its purpose.

In general, plastic surgery emphasizes on upgrading the morphological characteristics of patients who are unhappy with their body image or influenced by public views and aesthetic trends of society.(Fahemeh, Ali, Zohreh, Geytar,Hosein (2015)).

2.2. Causes of plastic surgery

It is witnessed that there are various reasons of cosmetic surgery, but following Valentina, Elena, Alessandro, Luciano, Franz, and Preis (2015) plastic surgery results from dissatisfaction of body images.

Firstly, everyone wants to be evaluated positively by others or society. This is a wide tendency to make people evaluate their own bodies in negative and positive ways. Nevertheless, some people are more worried about the way others look at their bodies. The nervousness and worry appear when their body receives negative evaluations or even rude words. They are concerned about their shape and tend to repair it. Moreover, under media influence, it can be seen easily that the ideal female body is slim, and lean without fat, and the ideal male body usually is large and muscular. In magazines, broadcasts, and so on, the mass media uses attractive images of thin female and muscular male figures. A good-looking appearance becomes an essential demand of both women and men. This increases the percentage of plastic surgery in recent years. (Yesim, Sermin, Mesude, Gulcin (2017)).

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Then, those researchers showed that people who feel they are not fully attractive are more want to carry out cosmetic surgery. They also find the idea that unsuccess to gain social attractiveness causes physical disappointment and eventually leads to plastic surgery. However, Yesim, Sermin, Mesude, and Sulcin (2017) indicate that people who are self-confident, have a positive self-concept, and accept their weaknesses and strengths is not affected by psychological factors from society. On the other hand, others who have negative self-concepts always have feelings of worthlessness, incompetence, and disability. That makes them carry out cosmetic surgery.

Finally, Pernanda, Carvalho, Santiago, and Maria (2016) revealed an interesting fact about the cause of plastic surgery. Whereby, “plastic surgery and body dysmorphic disorder” (BDD) and “plastic surgery and eating disorders” (EDs) can be seen as reasons make people come to plastic surgery. BDD is defined as a concern about physical appearance. People with this symptom usually feel uncomfortable and unhappy with their imagination. Sometimes they get nervous and inferior when facing to others who have good-looking on the first meeting or under normal circumstances. They believe that plastic surgery can solve trouble with their appearance. That is the reason why people who have BDD come to plastic surgery. With regard to people who experience EDs, they show that they gain many problems with their diet. They don’t have a healthy diet which leads to lost control, lost balanced weight causes obesity. It can be said that body dissatisfaction is considered one of the main reasons of EDs. People become unhappy and disappointed about their appearance. They got psycho about that and try their best to find a good way for tackling their trouble. They tend to come to plastic surgery for liposuction, and breast augmentation in order to hide defects and become more confident and happy.

2.3 Effects of plastic surgery

Yesim, Sermin, Mesude, and Gulcin (2017) indicate that plastic surgery brings many benefits to people. In particular, it makes people tend to feel more energetic, confident, and more contented and satisfied after having plastic surgery. Individuals believe plastic surgery makes their life be improved in many aspects like: married relationships, and society. In addition, plastic surgery is believed to bring many merits to social life, and good-looking appearances and influence their relationship and sex life positively.

In addition, Yesim, Sermin, Mesude, and Gulcin (2017) conducted to figure out the effects of cosmetic surgery on marital satisfaction. They find that plastic surgery contributes to greater self-confidence, success in married life, and social rapport and it brings power for women in their families. They also insist on the human body is a place to invent wishes and aspirations. After having cosmetic surgery, people witness significant changes. They become more female, attractive and less shame before meeting another man. More important, people gain more job opportunities when beginning aesthetic surgery.

However, all aesthetic methods can be at risk of failure and side effects, especially medical hazards. People around the world realize the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after having cosmetic surgery during the flight. In the other circumstance in the UK, 1 in 25 of the population have bad scars no matter how well the wound is bandaged carefully and takes a long time to recover based on “Clinical risk in aesthetic surgery”(Mercer 2009).

3. Recommendation and Conclusions

After analyzing the causes and effects of plastic surgery, I realize that I have some solutions to solve the outstanding issues. Firstly, healthcare professionals and doctors not only should have a good manner but also behave responsibly honesty and morality. Moreover, an insurance product is a good choice for both patients and doctors, because it should help to protect them from clinical risk. One of the most important factors in reducing clinical risk in aesthetic surgery is financial benefits followed by Mercer in “Clinical risk in aesthetic surgery” (2009).

An advantage of my research paper is covering most of the aspects of this problem, determining the origin of plastic surgery. In addition, my research paper helps people recognize the causes and effects of this issue. Nevertheless, because I have no time, I cannot do my research with the most careful. My research has just discussed to the surface of this issue, it needs to be written deeply and thoroughly. Furthermore, this is the first time I have ever written research, so it may have some mistakes due to lack of experience.

The above analysis indicates the foundation as well as causes and effects of plastic surgery. Also, this secondary paper figures out some solutions for the risk of cosmetic surgery. However, in the following paper, I need to spend more time examining the problem and constrain my wrong grammar. Undoubtedly, it is worth pursuing by greatest efforts though it will take time.


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