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The Peculiarities Of Korean Air Company

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The airline I have chosen is Korean Air. I have chosen Korean Air for several reasons, but the most important one is the quality of the airline. During my tenure in the military, I used Korean Air on more than one occasions, specifically during my tour in Korea. In my opinion and in customer retrospective, Korean Air presents some awesome customer service when it comes to international flights. Korean Air (KE) is the country's largest airline. Based in Seoul, the airline flies non-stop domestically as well as international destinations across world. The airline was founded as a state-owned company in 1962 under the name Korean Air Lines and was privatized in 1969 (Research, 2019). It operates a wide range of services from air cargo to domestic and international passenger flights. Korean Air also operates an aerospace business that develops military and unmanned aircraft.

Airline Position

Airlines operates various 'service quality inspection systems' to evaluate and manage efficient service quality. The results of service quality inspections conducted by service quality experts in numerous service locations and flight inspections conducted by all employees upon their business trips are reported to the CEO and related departments and used as real time service quality enhancement data. In particular, the domestic/international airline quality monitoring conducted by all employees is used as a major means when establishing our differentiation strategy. These studies were intended to improve instead the airport quality management and passenger satisfaction narratives required recognized theory indicating conventional relationships amongst the people of interest.

Based on the results from various social postings, Korean Airlines has been consistently keeping their consumers happy. The airports that are hubs for KA have also maintained the desire to be in the forefront of airline quality. The airline consistently updates all their pages associated with their business to ensure that consumers are aware of changes. Korean Air is also involved in aerospace research and manufacturing. This involvement has opened the doors for the airline to promote themselves in a better light, and gives them the publicity they need for those that are trying to make the world a better place to live in. Korean Air’s aviation unit has also manufactured planes for the Department of Defense.

Korean Air meets international environmental standards according to ISO14001 certification in four sectors. Korean Air takes pride in its commitment to environmental protection, including action steps that protect biodiversity and management of ozone-depleting substances in order to cope with environmental pollution. To reduce this impact, Korean Air has implemented various initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving fuel efficiency. These measures can also improve cost savings, and our strategic purchases of carbon credits can in turn boost the company’s competitive edge compared to other airlines. Korean Air has implemented various initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving fuel efficiency and strategically securing carbon credits, among others.

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In-Flight Services

Korean Air offers many in-flight services. As a two-time winner of the prestigious Mercury Award, Korean Air completes their international cuisines with top-quality beverages that fit the distinctive qualities of its passengers’ final destination. Korean Air also offers comfortable clothing to change into for those long transcontinental flights. It seems they have thought of everything to make flying a wonderful experience considering the lights are fully adjustable and brightens to accommodate your eyesight. The airline also offers wake up services for those flying that would like to stay on a sleeping schedule while traveling. The airline offers many amenities to its customers that other airlines don’t, to include personal showers. It seems as if everything that a traveler could possibly need, the airline offers. Unaccompanied minor services, disability, services and other special services are offered by the airline in order to accommodate the passengers in the best way possible.

We provide healthy and delicious food from fresh ingredients. Jedong Ranch sits on 3,700 acres of South Korea’s lush Jeju Island and has been operating since 1972, when it was purchased by the former chairman of the airline’s parent company, the Hanjin Group (Baskas, 2018). In addition to ensuring the airline is stocked with farmed raised foods, the ranch also produces bottled water for Korean Air passengers. Each year, greenhouses produce majority of the vegetables used on the airline for first- and business-class in-flight meals. The objection of Korean Air is to ensure the quality of food matches the quality of service they provide to their customers.

Measure of Quality

With a vast amount of competition, companies must ensure they are properly competing for their customers best experience. Often poor customer service will cause businesses to lose customers to those that are continuously improving customer relations and listening to their customers. Every companies that understand the need to provide exemplary experiences sometimes don’t get the proper feedback on customers experience because they do not notate it. In order to improve service, corporations must understand customer satisfaction and customer expectations go hand in hand. Gauging customer satisfaction can be done by asking for feedback from your customers using questionnaires. The collected data from the questionnaires can then be analyzed. Based on the results the quality of service can then be assessed and then possibly worked on. Most corporations are always looking to improve on things related to overall service quality and customer loyalty. The results of some studies often indicate no significant difference between customers’ travelling expectations and the actual quality of services provided.


Providing high service quality and building strong relationship are the key drivers of one company’s survival and competitiveness. Numbers of researchers have applied service quality and relationship marketing theories and concepts to airline industry. Service quality is a consumer’s overall impression of the relative inferiority/superiority of the organization and its services. It is hard to control the perception of service quality. Comparing to product quality, service quality is more difficult for consumer to evaluate. Korean Air has ensured that it does everything to meet the standards of their customers. Based on reviews form multiple sites they have ensured there are multiple repeat customers. If given the chance, I would fly Korean Air again.

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