Was World War 2 Inevitable? Essay

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Post-world war two was marked by a new beginning, which brought about a new era. Europe and Asia had been reduced to ruined nations. Many of the borders had taken back their expulsions, homecomings, and all the burials taking place at the time (Shoshkes 20). The concerned nations had just received a massive need to revamp themselves and let their rebuilding begin.

The affected nations had to do away with all the mess the war had created and raised their economic, social, and political platforms to better ones. The war had caused about 80 million deaths, which profoundly reduced the world's populations, which had been estimated at 2 billion before. The post-world war two brought about the creation of new superpowers, German deNazification, common humanity, crumbling of empires, and remembrance of the war (Minns et al. 371).

After the Second World War, new superpowers were created as the old ones lost power. Japan and Germany had to lose their control and start to rebuild new relationships with the United States. It was not easy for them, but they did not have any reasons whatsoever to deny the fact.

Many people at the moment gained new opportunities to become more educated and possess the capacity to rebuild all the societies that had been crumbled. The nations were now interested in becoming heroes in rebuilding their economy and society at large as a way of gaining new insights into growth and development (Shoshkes 23).

German deNazification was also part of the new experiences which took place after the Second World War. The Nazis in Germany were therefore denied to work so that the culture would be brought to an end. In Japan, the head of the occupation led to the breaking up of the zaibatsu, which meant that bigger militarists would bring about new reforms for the country to enjoy a new democratic constitution under a new school curriculum. New tribunals, therefore, had to be set forth to lead to a better democratic nation that would be as peaceful as possible.

The post-world war two led to the introduction of common humanity, which had to be brought forth for new international relations to be created. Such ties would lead to the introduction and development of universal rights that would lead the countries to become better ones (Özkiziltan and Aziz 151). The main aim for the common humanity was to ensure all human beings gained a chance to enjoy equal universal rights and, most importantly remaining as peaceful as possible. There was no need for the creation of a new war, and hence, peace was now treated as a vast humanity goal at the moment.

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New universal standards, therefore, had to be created to ensure everything was as perfectly planned. As a result, all the allied powers who had taken part in the war now became occupiers and permanently took control over Japan and Germany. The main aim was to destroy any potential ability of the nation’s being capable of starting another war again.

Their former leadership was therefore removed and prosecuted. However, there had been some war trials that had taken place in countries like Asia but failed in the ultimate end (Özkiziltan and Aziz 162). As a result, they led to consequences such as increment of prison sentences and many other executions. Millions of Japanese and Germans were expelled from the occupations they called home by force, which brought a lot of tensions regarding which one of them would take over the new world (Shoshkes 18). They did not have any chance; however, this brought about a notion that no more war would take place.

New divergent plans took place, and this caused long-lasting problems that were to be generated in the future. The United Nations and the allied powers made new decisions, which created some tensions over the East and West Germany. The different plans which involved the south war led to the original creation of the Korean peninsula. More conflicts such as the Arab-Israel conflict continued to take place, especially after the United Nations Partition Plan led to the creation of Israel independence. More growing tensions continued to come up amongst the western powers together with the Soviet Eastern Bloc, which resulted in a new cold war.

World War two, therefore, marks one of the biggest fights in the 20th century and signifies a massive difference in the world before and after (Özkiziltan and Aziz 162). Immediately after the war, there was a huge need to rebuild the world since it has undergone so many economic, social, and political failures. More families became torn apart, and hence, it was time for a new era to be produced. Many of the countries, therefore, contemplated going back to business as usual so that they would uplift their economy and continue to progress more (Minns et al. 360). After the war, a lot of people had been displaced from their actual homes, and this brought disorganization in people's lives.

They were not sure of the steps they would take to create a better world for themselves. The voluntary refugees, therefore, had to figure out which new places they would move to and become more comfortable than they were in foreign lands. They had to move westward since it provided a lot of hope for them. Some of the minorities who were not desired at the moment had to be displaced and deported to new areas. No country wanted to deal with the aftermath of the war by feeding refugees, and hence, they had to be taken to other places where they could find better refuge without hurting the economy of the country (Minns et al. 360). Yugoslavia marked as one of the countries which took so many orphaned children since they had nowhere else to go. It had to host about 300,000 of them as a way of making the impossible happen (Özkiziltan and Aziz 151). The red army soldiers had raped so many women, which led to many women giving birth to unwanted babies.

In conclusion, different nations always had to remember how the war took place and, most importantly, have no need to go back to its awful effects. A lot of people had suffered enough, and hence, it was time for new developments to be brought forth and ensure that people lived a better and more peaceful life. Many nations, such as German and Japan, had to lose their powers and follow the rules of new capabilities such as the United States. As a result, new reforms and tribulations had to be brought forth and lead to better experiences as compared to those of the war. There were supposed to be more peace tribulations, which would lead to people becoming more vigilant on their wellbeing and resulting in a better state than before.

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