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Introduction Ireland, a country rich in history and culture, faces its share of social justice issues. As society continues to evolve, it is crucial to shed light on these challenges and foster awareness and understanding. In this informative essay, we will explore some of the key social justice issues in Ireland, highlighting their causes, impacts, and ongoing efforts towards change. Income Inequality Income inequality is a significant social justice issue in Ireland. Despite economic growth and progress, there remains a...
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As an instrument, common law has been in use in England since the Norman conquest in 1066. The Irish legal system is based on the English common law tradition. Its dominance was consolidated after Oliver Cromwell’s military campaign in Ireland between 1649 and 1652. Society has changed immeasurably since 1066. It is also vastly different in 2019 to how it was in 1652. It is vital that the law adapts to reflect these changes. This is possible with a common...
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No matter has divided Irish politics and society as vigorously in recent generations as the topic of partition. Ireland was partitioned, or divided into Northern and Southern Ireland in May 1921 after the Fourth Home Rule Act became law on that day. The question continues to dominate politics in Northern Ireland to this day as politics is still divided between supporters of partition (Unionists) and opponents of partition (Nationalists). Partition was proposed several times before it actually happened and was...
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The 1916 Proclamation was read by Padraig Pearse on the steps of the GPO Easter Monday. It included this aspiration that all children of Ireland would be cherished equally. The UN convention sanctioned by Ireland on the 28th of September 1992, “committed to promote, protect and fulfil rights of children”. Despite these aspirations and commitments, the economic, civil, political and social rights of children are not been met in Ireland today. Change in Family Models In the book cherishing all...
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Homelessness means more than just sleeping rough. Sleeping in hotels, hostels, on a friend’s couch is also included in the definition of homelessness which I will explain more about at the start of my essay. In this essay I am going to be discussing Homelessness in Ireland and within that topic I will be discussing the homeless crisis in Ireland, social housing and the housing first policy. I will be looking at statistics within homelessness, the HAP scheme and what...
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In this essay, I aim to explore the long-term impact of the conflict in Northern Ireland on people. I will focus mainly on the impact of the Troubles on mental health and how these effects how these effects escalated into more serious problems leading to extremely disadvantaged people. What Are ‘The Troubles’? Before getting into the effect the Troubles had on the North of Ireland, it is important to firstly, outline what is meant by the term, ‘The Troubles’. ‘The...
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Freedom of speech is a contentious subject. Academically, it can be argued as both good and bad for society, with the right to freely express your opinion being marred by the court’s responsibility to protect the reputation of Irish citizens. The media provides the largest platform for people’s opinions and therefore, must be highly regulated, however, there is no distinct and separate law for the media. As Marie McGonagle mentioned ‘In short, media law is that myriad of laws that...
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The right to social welfare is protected in a number of human rights instruments on both an international and regional level. This system provides financial assistance to individuals in need of additional support for a variety of reasons. For the past number of years, this system has been eroded and attacked with both the elderly and young adults being the primary targets. This reduction has been described accurately by USI as a financial penalty for unemployed graduates and youths within...
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Introduction The sustainable development goals (SDGs) 3.5 “Strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol”, targets prevention and treatment of substance abuse worldwide. The overall aim of the SDGs is to achieve a better more sustainable future for all and reducing the rate of substance abuse is a major factor for achieving this. Worldwide substance abuse is a major problem, it was estimated in 2016 that globally 164 million people had...
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As was once said by Robert Swan “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”, and this message prominently appears in the plot of the 2014 feature film Interstellar. This film is set approximately 60-70 years in the future from the year it was produced, and portrays the earth as going through environmental crisis with a global crop blight and frequently occurring dust storms, which can be apprehended as a warning or an...
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