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Throughout Western education, the concept of the winner writing the history books is truly embodied as great tales are spun about the accomplishments of the British Empire or American Veterans recalling the trauma of World War II. However, the Third World, which occupies four-fifths of the planet, is very much brushed to the side with the broad umbrella teachings of being poor, uneducated, uncivilized and ultimately needing to be saved by the West. The past fundamentally affects how we act...
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The document is an extract from Ian Barrow's book, 'The East India Company 1600-1858, A Short History with Documents, Passages: Key Moments in History' published in 2017. This book deals mainly with the British East India Company, the first modern multinational Company which operates a global trading network. The author reviews the history of this company, in specific how it has skilled such a large rise and a sudden decline. This extract deals more specifically with the Sepoy rebellion and...
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The wave of rebellion that swept across West Germany in 1968 is commonly documented to be an attempt to confront the Nazi past. This was exhibited through the mass of student protests by the so-called ‘68ers’, dragging the issues they were passionate about into the public sphere so they could no longer be ignored. As a result, the reasons conjuring this tempestuous movement should be explored. Firstly, the statement in question suggests that confronting Germany’s Nazi past was the main...
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Introduction In the historical fiction novel 'Blood on the River' by Elisa Carbone, the author weaves a captivating tale set in the early 17th century, exploring themes of resilience and friendship. Through the eyes of Samuel Collier, a young orphan who becomes the page to Captain John Smith, the novel takes readers on a journey of discovery, hardship, and transformation. This theme essay will delve into the central themes of resilience and friendship in 'Blood on the River,' examining how...
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Bang Bang the sound the walls mad when the Gaul’s tried to strike the noble romans your probably ordering how we got to this point in all started back in Rome at the den of the night when Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus are ambushing the great Spartacus who is starting a rebellion against the Roman empire. They were successful and Spartacus was killed Crassus Ordered his troops to crucify 6,00 of Spartacus works on the way to Rome one...
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