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Hotel Management Mode under Low-Carbon Tourism: Essay

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The basic definition of a hotel is a business organization that provides a safe and comfortable space for users to have a short rest and sleep. Some define hospitality as “the business of helping people to feel welcome and relaxed and to enjoy themselves” (Discover Hospitality, 2015). Whereas, tourism, on the other hand, can be implied as the international tourism industry. Tourism is an industry that provides tour services to tourists based on tourism resources and tourist facilities. The word 'tourist' appeared in print much later, in 1772. Currently, there is a high demand for energy saving and emission reduction. Generally speaking, hotels tend to have more residents, especially those in tourist areas, and these hotels tend to have higher energy consumption in use. Therefore, exploring the hotel management mode of tourism areas with larger volumes can effectively promote the development of low-carbon tourism.

The first point is the problems existing in the management of low-carbon tourism hotels. The concept of low-carbon tourism appear relatively late, a travel mode has been emerging in recent years, the cause is the degree of attention to the environmental problems in the world more and more high, in the people's sense of crisis and public spirit to improve the present, the more natural response to the call, in such circumstances, tourist areas of hotel management need to be aware of market trends, such ability can make a positive response in a short period, this is the demand of the market, so in the current tourism, people have also tend to choose the form of low carbon. For example in the process of travel, promoting public transportation, so that people can better save energy when traveling, and the current tourism target gradually from artificial to natural scenery, the people are more inclined towards natural scenery tourism, it can effectively promote the protection of the natural environment, the current tourism region at the same time to restore its surrounding natural environment, promote environmental improvement in disguised forms, and at the same time can promote the benign development of economy, so in the current, advocate low carbon tourism is a win-win situation, is the trend of the development of the tourism industry in the future.

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The second point is the problems existing in the management of low-carbon tourism hotels. At present, China's low-carbon tourism has emerged for a short time, so in the current tourism industry, the low-carbon tourism system and model are not perfect, which will have the following problems. On the one hand, low-carbon tourism hotel management is divorced from the actual development. A model success is mainly through its and the current environment there is joint sex, but in the current tourism hotel management often disconnects with the actual situation, and this leads to a variety of problems in the current hotel management, and with the current emphasis on the environmental problem, so don't fit the actual effect, not necessarily improve hotel management may even have the opposite effect, therefore, good hotel management must accord with the actual development of the current situation. In the current hotel management process, many hotel managers have a misunderstanding, that is, ecological and economic benefits are not linked, between the two can only have one, so in the hotel management philosophy, often pay too much attention to the hotel's operating benefits, but not enough attention to the hotel's ecology. The two can coexist and promote each other. However, in many hotel management concepts, low-carbon hotel management will cause the decline of hotel services, and the cost of current low-carbon facilities is relatively high, so the hotel does not want to invest a lot of money to transform itself. Followed by the hotel management is not reasonable, no matter whether the personnel allocation or layout construction is carried out in the former way, this time even if the hotel has facilities in their low carbon transformation, but cannot play its function to the greatest extent, thus causing the current hotel in the process of management, the larger deficiencies. On the other hand, the service level of the hotel is low. Tourist hotel belongs to the seller's market, so the price is relatively high, tourists also can understand such phenomena, however, because it is a seller's market, which leads to a lot of the hotel on the price increase, not only the hotel's service is not the meantime, thus lead to the current visitors at the mention of the current tourist area of the hotel, all the more disgusted attitude towards, it also causes a lot of visitors at the time of travel, like to choose some distance tourist area more distant regions, thus causing the area of tourism industry gradually became more depression, at the same time, the tourists because of far away from the tourist area, which has led to the current In the process of tourism, tourists do not get good service, both sides lose some benefits. Followed by the current tourist area of low carbon concept is not enough, because the hotel is in the process of tourist travel, with a lot of services to tourists, a lot of hotels on the use of facilities could not reach the requirements of low carbon, so at the time of hotel management, will lead to emissions is bigger, a lot of tourist hotels to attract customers, will live with the tourist area of the point feature fusion, in the process, many ornamental facilities in use process, will produce large amounts of emissions, which makes the facility at the time of use, degree of the larger burden on the environment. Moreover, in many tourist areas, as the tourist area is far away from the urban area, a large number of people gather in the tourist area, which leads to a large number of people in the tourist area. Once the characteristic facilities in the tourist area are used, huge emissions will be generated, which also leads to the reason that the hotel emission in the tourist area is relatively large at present. Finally, as described in this paper, tourist hotels are mostly in a seller's market, therefore the hotel facilities in the update and maintenance are not able to be in a timely manner, once the rectification of the hotel, can cause the hotel to lose a lot of tourists, the profit for the current hotel as the main purpose is decision-makers hard to accept, so the hotel's facilities exist the phenomenon of the older, old facilities in use, tend to have high energy consumption and low working efficiency, which makes the hotel emissions is bigger, so can't timely rectification of the facilities is also very big of a problem. The final aspect is the quality of hotel staff needs to be improved. Hotel staff, especially in the tourist area of the hotel service personnel, many of them are in local pick, tourist areas although the tourism industry is relatively developed, the more remote place where a lot of tourist areas itself, so it is hard to keep up with the other infrastructure, which leads to most of the local people without professional training institutions, at the same time, the hotel in order to improve their own interests, to compress the training time, which makes staff professional quality are a lot of time can not meet the requirements, and the staff of low carbon hotel management did not know too much, much more is in the mechanical completion of assignments, policymakers and as in the current development of The Times, many hotel staff tend to promise the requirements of low carbon but do not put them into practice, which leads to the current hotel is difficulty to meet the standards of use, resulting in the hotel emissions problems, unable to meet the current requirements of low carbon life. Moreover, the hotel management has certain problems, the hotel's business model is linked and low carbon, namely the hotel's business model can not reach the requirement of low carbon emissions, ultimately the result of natural no-promotion the hotel business, so in the current hotel management, need to reform the above problem, such ability can meet the requirements of low carbon.

The last point is the discussion of hotel management mode from the perspective of low carbon. After understanding what problems exist in the current hotel, only targeted solutions are needed to solve the problems in the hotel management, so as to promote the low-carbon management of the hotel to meet the current national and social requirements, which mainly include the following aspects. Firstly, promote the change in the hotel management concept. For enterprises to make progress in low-carbon aspects, they need to change their business philosophy current hotel in the process of operation, the management concept is primarily geared towards how best to gain an advantage, but in the current tourist area, the hotel is often in the business, the profits are higher than the average level of the hotel industry, so on the management idea, the adjustment of the tourist hotels can be appropriate for certain, for example, in some take a larger place to use recycled materials, such as the current use of new materials in the building, some of these materials can effectively to absorb emissions, with a strong decorative, use is very suitable in the hotel. Secondly, the hotel should work harder on their own energy consumption, and currently, many hotels on energy consumption as far as possible the pursuit of a luxury experience, which leads to the hotel a lot of lighting equipment is saturated type is used, this creates a great deal of energy consumption, so want to control the energy consumption of the hotel, which is a better method, carry on the reasonable design of lighting, the hotel is a place for tourists to rest, so the hotel's lighting and energy consumption can be relatively adjusted in the hotel. The dim light can even increase a sense of haze and help hotel residents to have a better rest. Therefore, certain improvements can be made in this aspect. Thirdly, improve the quality of hotel staff. Quality is divided into three categories: professional quality, ideological and moral quality, and physical and mental quality. In fact, professional quality refers to a certain degree of relevant knowledge of hotel management personnel, who must have the study of hotel management, including theoretical knowledge and practical ability. Only when we master enough knowledge, can we apply it in real life. Then we can achieve the purpose of learning in practice and constantly improve ourselves. For ideological and moral quality, management innovative talents need to have a noble character, correct values, and three points of view, for social hot spots can express their own unique right point of view. Physical and mental quality includes one's own physical health, psychological ability, and humanistic quality.

From the information above, we can conclude that energy conservation and emissions reduction are not only the current national demand, they are also important things related to human survival, so tourist hotels, under their huge size, should take more responsibility, so to reform the hotel, let the hotel to better fit the current demand for energy conservation and emissions reduction, but such ability can also let emissions by current standards advocate, let our country tourist hotel can have a more healthy and sustainable development.

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