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Ecotourism and Its Meaningful Effects

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Eco which is more and more popular in this decade, it is trendy because we only have one earth, all of us have a responsibility to protect the earth, so there are more and more stuff, style, way and if they put eco behind, it becomes more and more popular. Also, travel does too, so here ‘ecotourism’ pops up.

Ecotourism, as we know is responsible for travel. Easy to say is include nature-based activities, increase the visitor get more knowledge and understanding on nature. On the other side is a respected nature and make sure their experience is sustainable in ecological, economic and social.

People travel for many different reasons, In the past, most people traveled in normal tourism, due to the environmental awareness more and more people start to care about the environment, they realized that they have to protect and respect the earth while they are traveling otherwise, they will lose everything in the end. The businessman also knew that they knew that people want to see more original things and experience that, so more and more world wild tours come up, for example, Madagascar, it is famous for ecotourism because there is a biodiversity spot also high-status for environmental improvement and is devoted to decreasing poor. Other countries, Belize, for instance, is another new ecotourism spot because of their different views such as coastal regeneration, wild side animal, etc. It makes people want to travel there in this decade.

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These have led to some meaningful effects, both to the wild and the local people. The reason I said that ecotourism would impact the wildlife because that ecotourism makes domesticated animals. People want to get close to exotic wildlife but at the same time, the business cause wildlife domesticates. Sometimes people docile them, and it often means we choosing those who are more docile and tolerant on purpose. For example, by hedging them or bringing them into our place, or raising them in a coop. Another big impact of wildlife is when they are more tourists there, which means more animals are getting eaten. Why I said that is because ecotourism would put wildlife at risk. Humans change the way of wildlife’s behave and those changes might make them defenselessness. When the animals interact with humans more, they might be relaxed in front of the humans. They become slackers, and it would make them more likely to be injured or killed.

The main reason that ecotourism becomes that popular is, ecotourism can promote the local communities, culture and during the tour, visitors can be infused with environmental protection knowledge to indirectly enhance the local people’s civic awareness. People travel more destinations means more chances for employment in fewer development countries. Local people can be as a guide, experts, etc. More visitors mean they increased more money back to the community which is a benefit. Tourism will also drive nearby economic activities, such as supporting facilities, accommodation, the food so that residents of these remote areas have the opportunity to improve their living environment. Norwegian fjords, for example, visitor can experience the local lie style in the area as a small fishing village, also if you want to feel like you are a Tarzan then you can also sleep in a tree. Another example is Thailand. Thailand is one of the most popular travel spots in Asia, the country has lots of national parks and mostly economy of Thailand is depending on the tourism industry, so the government is also committed to promoting sustainable tourism to maintain their economic.

As a result of ecotourism, it impacts the meaning of the holiday to the human. Instead of going to popular tourist spots such as Europe, America, China, etc. The visitor is searching for more destinations such as culture, outdoor, history or even wild animal. Different style makes people experience different travel and it was never seen in the past. People start to travel differently and try to search for different spots to experience. Community and culture, for example, people choose to go to Cambodia, India, Kenya, and Ethiopia, but in the past, these countries aren’t really popular for people to visit until the ecotourism comes up. It lets people start to adventure to different countries, which they didn’t considerate before. Holiday start to change into another style because of visitor don’t want to do the same traveling.

In conclusion, ecotourism is a unique effort to change tourism in many ways. It relates to no matter people, but also nature. Every year there are more and more people try to do ecotourism, also it brings lots of money to the communities. Although ecotourism has lots of advantages to the industry the most important is how to keep it sustainable in the long term and how to maintain a balance between nature and economic. In this case, it still has a lot of room to learn.

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