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Acid Rain as an International-Scale Issue Research Paper

Introduction Acid rain is a very serious environmental problem that exists today because of high-energy consumption in the industrial world. Acid rain is snow, fog, or rain that has been polluted by acid in the atmosphere. Rain is naturally acidic because carbon dioxide, found normally in the earth’s atmosphere, reacts with water to form carbonic acid. While “pure” rain’s acidity is pH 5.6-5.7, actual pH readings vary from place to place depending upon the type and amount of other gases...
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How Can Acid Rain Affect Organisms that Live in The Water

Rain is a critical component in the process of the hydrological cycle. The water cycle is beneficial to all organism living on this planet. It brings purification and distribution of fresh water that can be used by all living organism. Apart from providing fresh water, it also played a pivotal role in regulating the earth temperature. Regulation of the temperature occurs when water in the sea, lake or any other water body evaporates bringing a cooling effect to our environment....
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Essay on Acid Rain: Meaning, Effects and Control

The term “acid rain” was first used by Robert Angus in 1872. “Literally it means the presence of excessive acids in rain waters.” Acid rain is in-fact cocktail of mainly H2SO4 and HNO3, where the ratio of these two may vary depending upon the relative quantities of oxides of sulphur and nitrogen emitted. H2SO4 is the major contributor (60-70%) to acid precipitation, HNO3 ranks second (30-40%) and HCl third. Acid rain is in fact a natural phenomenon occurring during any...
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Acid Rain’s Formation and Effects Report

Introduction Acid rain refers to rain containing strong inorganic acids in solution. The acids include sulfuric acid, ammonium and nitric acid. The acids originate from acid forming substances emitted into the atmosphere from combustion of hydrocarbon fuels and farming activities (Driscoll et al. 2005, p. 27). These chemicals interact with ozone and atmospheric moisture to form the acids which are incorporated into rain droplets and transferred to the earth’s surface. This report explains the processes leading to acidic atmospheric deposition....
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Acid Rain in China: Industrial Problem

Acid rain is the environmental issue that can occurs negative impact towards human, animals, surrounding or even non-living things like property. The clean rain has a pH value between 5.0 and 5.5. Nevertheless, the pH of rain can become more acidic up to 4.0 if the rain combines with sulfur dioxides or nitrogen dioxides which those are from the industrial area. Some parties in industry are not taking serious on how they manage their company, thus the air and water...
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Acid Rain: Causes, Effects and Control

During normal rain pollutants are cleane . If rain fall continues rainwater clean the air from pollutants. Sulphat , ammonium and nitrate can be reduced by normal rain up to 30 to 73%. While the gases i.e. sulphur dioxide, Ammonia, Chlorine and NO2 can be decreased by 24 to 63%. The amount of NO2 in 72% areas of Lahore city is higher than standard values set by Pakistan and US EPA. These results are the indication of bad air quality...
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Acid Rain as Urgent Environmental Issue

Acid rain, or acid deposition is rain water with elevated levels of hydrogen (H+) ions. Acid rain refers to the ways in which acid moves from the atmosphere to the earth’s surface. It is transboundary and involves the falling of sulfuric or nitric acid. There are two different forms of acid deposition, one of them is wet deposition: acid rain, snow, and fog and dry deposition, which falls as separate acidic particles or gases. Acid rain occurs as a result...
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Acid Rain and Ozone Pollution Research Paper

Introduction Pollution entails the introduction of substances into the environment in quantities that can change environmental conditions and in turn, harm organisms. Acid rain and ozone pollution are a form of pollution, which entails the release of gaseous and dust particles in quantities that destroy the integrity of the atmosphere and affect organisms in their respective habitats and ecosystems. Essentially, the atmosphere is an integral natural resource of the earth because it contains and maintains gases in appropriate proportions, which...
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How Does Acid Rain Affect the Biosphere? Essay

Acid rain can also be termed acid precipitation which is described as rainfall whose level of pH is lower than 5.6 making it acidic. This form of rainfall results from the combination of Sulphite and Nitrogen oxides with the atmosphere resulting in the formation of Nitric and Sulphuric acids. (Weathers, K. C. and G. E. Likens p 10). The increasing level of pollution through acid rain all over the globe is a major concern that requires a quick and sustainable...
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The US Acid Rain Program: Benefits and Costs

Authors Lauraine Chestnut and David Mills documented the benefits and cost assessment of the US acid rain reduction platform. Special attention was given to the parameters specified under the US Acid Rain Program, specifically Title IV of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. To accomplish that goal, the proponents of the study compared estimates made in 1990 to estimates made a decade after. Furthermore, the need to measure the benefits of the program in the context of human health was...
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Causes and Effects of Acid Rains Nowadays

This paper focuses on one of the main pollution related problems that affect the modern day world. The problem under study is acid rain. This form of rainfall is yet another of mankind’s caused problems since it results from production of nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and sulfur oxide gases in large amount due to activities such as deforestation and burning fossils to produce electricity. The implications of this form of rainfall on various ecosystems are discussed in this paper with...
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How to Prevent Acid Rain? Essay

Acid rain – words which we often read in books and hear in news, is a phenomena towards which we contribute directly or indirectly. As the name suggests, is precipitation made extremely acidic by atmospheric pollutants which causes harm to the flora, fauna and infrastructure. Acid rain contains elevated levels of hydrogen ions produces as a result of interaction between sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides with water. In order to find remedies to this problem, we must delve deep and...
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Acid Mine Drainage: Origins and Assessment of Methods

An Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is water that drains out from coal deposit mining areas and has a lower pH which has been occasioned by the presence of sulphuric acid. In other words, an Acid Mine Drainage is usually acidic although not all mine drainages are acidic. This acidity is due to the high concentration of sulphuric acid. Rainwater is the origin of the sulfur-rich water which usually finds its way through the rock fractures which have been left behind...
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Acid Rain and The Reaction for Iron

Acid rain is defined as precipitation in any form that has acidic properties, such as nitric and sulfuric acid which is formed in the atmosphere and falls to the ground. The pH scale is used the measure acidity and alkalinity in solutions. The lower the substance’s pH value is (less than 7), the more acidic the substance is. If the substance has a higher pH value (greater than 7) then the more alkaline it is. Normal rain has a pH...
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