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The concept of same-sex marriage has only been regulated through the law. The expansion of legal rights and protections afforded to same-sex couples in Australia is well developed at both federal and state level. For example, legislation now exists in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory that provides for the legal recognition of relationships, including same-sex unions. The Catholic Church has exceptionally strong views about marriage and strictly supports only the right of traditional marriage...
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The Catholic Church has been corrupted since it has been established, but more recently has the secrets of the church surfaced. They have been faced with sexual assault allegations, corrupted leaders and hierarchy, and many other disturbing things that should not go on inside a church. The authority inside the church do not help the reputation of it either. They hire and do things that a person of that title should not do. The leaders in the church do not...
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The Catholic understanding of freedom bestows a judicious response to an innumerable number of social pressures which contradict it. From a Catholic perspective, all people are vested with a free will, giving them the ability to choose good and discard bad. If people use this freedom correctly and choose good, they will ultimately achieve long-term happiness, one of the most basic human yearnings. This is quite the opposite to the secular understanding of freedom, which states ‘if it feels good,...
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The Catholic Church is a well-known and well-respected part of modern society. Every baptized person has an ongoing responsibility to follow Jesus's way of life in their thoughts, words and actions. Jesus is known for forgiving and redeeming Catholics who have sinned. The Bible also contains some things that do not fit in with modern society. Modern Christians feel pressured to obey the laws of the Bible and suppress feelings they may have against some of these rules. Pope Francis...
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Environmental Ethics implies the control in Philosophy that reviews the ethical relationship of individuals to, and furthermore the worth and good status of, nature and its non-human substance. Environmental Ethics is an issue that covers 4 primary elements, deforestation, global warming, pollution, etc. Deforestation is an issue that initially turned into a serious concern in the 1950s, it is an issue where a wide zone of trees is brought down. This issue turned out to be serious because of people...
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Pope Francis was the first Pope from the Americas, being born in Argentina. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born to Italian immigrants, graduated from a technical school, and left as a chemical technician. However soon after he graduated, he then began his training at the Diocesan Seminary of Villa Devoto. In 1958, he entered the novitiate of the Society of Serving God. Between 1964 and 1986, he studied theology and taught literature and physiology at two schools. Bergoglio was then ordained...
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Religion played a vital role in shaping human history in providing various development in social, economic and communal structures, shaping cultures and civilization. Since the early Mesopotamians civilization to the current age, Religion became a center thought to shape any society and many important events happened in mankind’s history. Among them, Roman Catholicism is a good example that explains the influence of Christianity for the next 20 centuries in various parts of the world. Unlike Protestants, Roman Catholic believes in...
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A true hero is seen as someone who possess strong characteristics of bravery, courage, determination, dedication, endurance, perseverance, valour, selflessness, sacrifice and humility. History has produced many of people who have fit this criterion, however, one person in particular is seen by many Christians and non-Christians as our true hero. Throughout his time on Earth, Jesus was viewed as a hero by many, however, his relevance as a hero in present society is beginning to be questionable. Jesus’s selfless and...
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During medieval times in Europe, the only religion to be recognized was that of Christianity particularly the Catholic faith. The lives of both men and women were undeniably dominated and defined by the Christian faith. It matters not what tier or status you have, you still fall under Christian religious dominance. The lives of many, no matter what occupation we’re dedicated to, follow Christianity. Many monasteries and institutions were created for support and worship and thus gaining more wealth and...
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