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Martin Luther King And Religion

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Religion played a vital role in shaping human history in providing various development in social, economic and communal structures, shaping cultures and civilization. Since the early Mesopotamians civilization to the current age, Religion became a center thought to shape any society and many important events happened in mankind’s history. Among them, Roman Catholicism is a good example that explains the influence of Christianity for the next 20 centuries in various parts of the world. Unlike Protestants, Roman Catholic believes in intellectual ascent, meaning the highest authority in Roman Catholicism is also the most intellectual person (Britannica). That verifies one thing that Pope is the most educated and applicable authority in the church which influenced the process of the election based on credentials. This process of election defines the political system, presenting people selected based on merits instead of lineage, creed or anything else. Pope Francis, the highest authority in Roman Catholic has studied theology and philosophy before joining the cardinals.

Moreover, the preaching mission for love of humanity became a center of peace symbol in the late 17th and 18th centuries, describing the human factor of Roman Catholicism. It helped in shaping the peaceful, forgiveness and moral ethics needed to construct a developed society, creating a civilization based on such merits. Renaissance, Spanish Inquisitions, and Protestants led to a common belief of spreading the peaceful scriptures of the bible. Moreover, in the 13th century, the spiritual reforms in Roman Catholicism resulted in the formation of universities and the progression of science, technology, and education in the Byzantine Empire. However, the decline started after the Church involved too much in the scientific discoveries by declaring it “blasphemous” and creating conflicts that resulted in the Holy wars in Europe. However, in Christian faith, another prominent figure appeared and known as the father of Protestantism, (Martin Luther King). Martin Luther King was a critique of hardliner Catholicism involving ideals of keeping religion as a personal relationship with God (Margerison). This liberal thought created a massive influence around Europe, influencing various structures of society.

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Luther’s declaration of 1517 shaped Christianity towards educational and economic transitions resulting in creating influential innovation. This innovation impacted the political, social and religious way of thinking, influencing secularism in Christianity. That led to more freedom of expression, less social differences, rejecting imperialism and introducing democracy (Margerison). The role of men came as monks as well nuns devoted their lives in helping the poor, needy and involved in humanitarian efforts. As Protestantism, does not believe in celibacy or being selected as God’s divine rule, rather it believes in a simple act of kindness. Their secular principles helped information of great civilization including the modern west, keeping religion as spiritual guidance on a social basis, rather political or scientific. Great Britain, Germany, France, America all benefited from Protestantism, influencing their legal as well as political system towards society rather than religion. Religion became a personal choice for humans, yet the social aspect of religion helped in creating some humane laws.

That was the common belief Martin Luther King always wanted and the result was so influential that it resulted in forming some of the most progressive societies against other monotheistic religions like Islam or Judaism. Women and Men participated in the cause by preaching the love for God and Jesus through helping people, creating peace and a better society to live in. Nuns usually participated as medical nurses after wars (for example civil war, French revolution and others) with a mission to spread Protestantism through actions. Martin Luther King shaped a new face of Christianity through actions instead of selection which helped in influencing morality and virtues in a society.

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