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In East Africa, there is a territory known as the Great Rift Valley. It is in this Great Rift Valley, where the world's most predominant long separation sprinters originate from, Kenya. In the previous three decades, sprinters from Kenya have basically commanded the game of long separation running in all aspects including cross-country, track, and the long distance race. On...
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Throughout the Olympics, there are countless sports that demonstrate the important features of sportsmanship within a team. A major sport/event that commonly depicts these examples is running. Running is most often known as one of the most or as the most iconic and recognized cross-cultural/racial sports. Sportsmanship mainly refers to virtues such as ethics, control, encouragement, positive behavior, and concentration....
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“You will have two commands, ‘runners set’ and the gun”, these words bounce around in my head and echo inside me taking over my thoughts. I open my eyes, staring down at my 2-year-old waffle shoes, and see the line mocking me and making nervous and uneasy with every passing second. Finally, I look up and see ‘The Gator’, the...
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Put those sneakers on and tie them twice, we’re going for a run - a run with coffee! Not an actual run with coffee for that would be dangerous, a metaphorical one of course. INTRO At the large picture, it might seem odd to picture coffee and running in the same scene. After all, it would be quite impressive if...
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From the notoriety of the Berlin Marathon being one of the fastest and most famous Abbott Marathon Majors, to the successful sub-2-hour marathon attempt in Vienna in October 2019 by Eliud Kipchoge, Germany and the surrounding countries are known for their robust running scenes. This will be an investigation into how Germany and other German-speaking countries have influenced the sport...
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On the definitive list of fantastic exercise activities, running ranks pretty extremely — the sensible edges embrace convenience and affordability, however from a health stance, it’s a good thanks to keep each your body and brain in nice form. “Running is one among the best vas activities you'll be able to do, with edges for nearly each a part of...
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I didn’t do running start on my junior year and I regret it. Most of my friends were doing running start and they always talked about its advantages. On the other hand, some of my teachers, especially my counselor said that it wasn’t the right choice for me. Trusting my counselor I didn’t do running start in my junior year...
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Lying of a comfortable couch and watching your favorite series all day it sounds fantastic and fun but have you think what you are doing with your body by doing so. A person who lay down and the person who goes for running each day both are hell different from each other. Running gives energy, shape, to the body and...
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To this day, jogging is thought to be the convenient leisure activity for many active individuals. “The more vigorous the activity is, the better is for the body” – this is a common misconception in the fields of sports medicine. Simple activities such as running had been over-shadowed, however, rapid advancement in research in the past couple of decades concluded...
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For centuries, humans have run for various reasons: to avoid war, test their physical fitness, or for leisure. Yet, while running has been consistently practiced throughout history in various countries around the world, the United States didn't face it’s running boom until the 1970s. At this time, running was transformative in that a once used torture method in the Victorian...
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