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Effects Of Salt Stress On The Morphological Characteristics Of Roselle

Abstract Salinity is an abiotic stress factor which affects the morphological and physiological characteristics of plants. In order to investigate the effects of different concentrations (0, 40, 80, 120 and 160 mM) of NaCl on some morphological and physiological parameters in Roselle, an experiment was conducted using a simple randomized design with three replicates. The results showed that salt stress decreased shoot length, number of leaves number and shoot fresh weight per plant. In addition, there were no significant differences...
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Lignite Flotation In Inorganic Salt Solutions

Abstract The flotation of low-quality lignite coal in the presence of NaCl, MgCl2 and CaCl2 inorganic salts with/without the use of kerosene and MIBC as flotation chemicals was investigated in this study. In addition, the zeta potential and contact angle measurements were performed. The lignite sample exhibited a negative surface charge over a broad pH range and had no isoelectric point (iep). It was determined that the magnitude of negative charge significantly decreased above 10-2 M concentration of the salts...
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Effects Of Salt Salinity On Germination Of Onions

Plant in focus The Allium Cepa is a vegetable, commonly known as the Onion. It is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium as it is valued for its flavours, antioxidant and therapeutic properties (Joshi & Sawant 2012). It belongs to the ‎Amaryllidaceae family, consisting of mainly perennial and bulbous flowering plants (Taxonomy and etymology of Onions 2019). Onions are classified as being salt sensitive and electrically conductive (Joshi & Sawant 2012). Why is Salt content in the...
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Too Much Salt Is Bad For You

Have you learned that salt is bad for you if you take too much up to this day? And do you know how much salt a human body needs in a single day for every meal. Mostly, Malaysians do not know how much to take with each meal due to lack of awareness in this matter. The adults often take up more than 6g which is the adult limit. Wherever adults have a healthy body but still need to control...
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What Occurs If You Eat A Lot Of Salt

Do you know that our phrase for wage comes from the Roman troopers receiving a part of their pay in salt? Salt is vital to world historical past and allowed us to protect the meat. Salt can also be vital to how effectively your physique operates. Too little salt in your eating regimen is harmful. Nonetheless, most Individuals get an excessive amount of salt in a median eating regimen. Processed, canned, and freezer meals are generously salted to make the...
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Can Salt Water Conduct Electricity?

Do you ever get tired of getting your water bottle mixed up with everyone else’s in the kitchen? I do too. In order to prevent this from happening most people like to spend money/ pay somebody else to personalize their water bottle. Well, instead I decided to try to personalizing my own by etching to see if it will come out the same way a professional etcher would do it. Etching is a print produced by the process of etching....
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Constraints And Challenges Faced By Salt Farmers In Occidental Mindoro

ABSTRACT This is a descriptive case study which endeavored to find the profile of the salt farm owners and farmers, their salt production characteristics in terms of size of farm used in salt production, material used for salt beds and use of the salt produced. Additionally, this also found the warehousing and packaging practices as well as the constraints and challenges aced by the salt farm owners and farmers. Results of the study indicate that the salt farm owners and...
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Elemental And Radioactivity Concentrations Of Jordan Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt And Table Salt

ABSTRACT Salts are essential for life which primarily composed of sodium chloride (NaCl). It has been widely used in various ways such as food seasoning, food additives and even in beauty line for cosmetic products. However, through industrialization and human activities, the concentration of radioactive materials and toxic elements in salt might exhibit above the legal limit amount, resulting hazardous to the public health for instance carcinogenic risk. As such, there are still insignificant data with regard to the latter...
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Identifying Salt Segmentation Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Abstract TheEarthis rich in oil and natural gas also have huge deposits of salt-below the surface. Recognizing if a subsurface objective is salt or not consequently and precisely is of indispensable significance to oil penetrating. Be that as it may, sadly, acquiring the exact situation of enormous salt stores is troublesome. Proficient seismic imaging despite everything requires the understanding of salt bodies by specialists. This prompts exceptionally abstract, profoundly factor renderings. All the more alarmingly, it prompts conceivably risky circumstances...
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Effect Of Salt Stress On Growth Of Three Varieties Of Wheat Genotypes

ABSTRACT The effect of salt stress under the two salinity levels and control (0, 100mM, 150mM) on three varieties of wheat SASSUI, SEHAR, MARVI was conducted. The data showed that the NaCl salinity stress significantly affected the growth of wheat seed arrtibutes by reducing the shoot and root length. Regarding the germination, the maximum germination was found in genotype SASSUI in different salt stress treatments. The germination data reading is 24 hours 48 hours and 72hours. At the 72 hours,...
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Can Salt Solution Bathing And Education Improve Skin Care For Atopic Dermatitis?

Abstract Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a multifactorial, chronic inflammatory skin disorder resulting from disruption of the epithelial barrier and inflammation. A wide range of treatments are currently available for AD, aimed to restore impaired skin barrier and control inflammation. In order to avoid systemic therapy, the soak and smear technique, the wet-wrap treatment (WWT) with physiologic lipid-based barrier repair therapy and proactive use of topical corticosteroids, can represent an alternative and excellent option, with encouraging results. We report this strategy...
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The Effect Of Salt And Catalase On The Speed Of Breakdown Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Introduction The purpose of this procedure is to study the impact of various levels of salt in relation to the enzyme catalase during the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. Catalase is important to the body because it breaks down hydrogen-peroxide from its toxic form (H202) into water and oxygen. Salt, or sodium-chloride, is a necessary electrolyte in maintaining homeostasis within the body, but its role with enzymes was unclear. Hence, to study the specific effect of salt on catalase in the...
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Salt Tolerance In Plants

Soil salinity is a major constraint that adversely affects crop yields in many parts of the world. About one billion hectares of land is adversely affected by salinity worldwide, due to flooding and ocean surge, soil salinity increases by 10% annually (FAO, 1988). High sodium ion (Na+) concentration which is the major cause of salinity is toxic to the plant cell metabolic activities as it imparts both ionic and osmotic stresses that adversely affects plant growth, disrupt the ionic equilibrium...
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Salt Accumulation In Building Materials

In building construction we are used three classification of russet cover reconstruction plasters for renovation which is smashed by dampness and saline efflorescence are analyze , and sea green plaster property are evaluate with it. The properties which is mass thickness, atmosphere thickness, unaware porosity, stoma division curves , chloride required isotherms , chloride absorption profiles and dampness are measured. The given information is used to determine the absorption which depend upon the chloride distribution coefficient and dampness depend upon...
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The Effect Salt Has On The Boiling Point Of Water

Introduction When boiling water, whether it be for pasta or some vegetables, it is always recommended to add salt into the water as the water begins to heat up to help speed up the boiling process. I will check to see whether or not this “cooking tradition” is effective or not, more specifically whether the salt actually affects the boiling point of water, by measuring the boiling point of 300ml of water at first without any salt and then gradually...
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The Peculiarities Of Different Types Of Salt

Canning salt, pickling salt, kosher sat, regular salt and Himalayan salt– which is which? All the salt choices can be quite confusing. This article breaks it down for you so you know exactly which salt jar to reach for depending on your needs! One key ingredient in the process of pickling is salt. Does it matter what kind of salt you use? Some recipes call for canning salt or pickling salt. What makes these types of salt different from regular...
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Ventures In Salt: Compass Minerals International

Description of Case and Major Issues Humans used salt for thousands of years but known as a mineral around the 20th century. Salt had been used for thousands of applications worldwide, in the USA it was primarily used for highway dicing, and as an input into the chemicals, food-processing, water-treatment, and agricultural industries (Henderson et al., 2009). Compass Minerals International, Inc a public company and a leading producer of minerals, including salt, magnesium chloride, sulfate of potash, and other plant...
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The Purpose Of Salt

Mark Kurlansky, author of Salt: A World History, once claimed “salt is so common, so easy to obtain, and so inexpensive that we have forgotten that…salt was one of the most sought-after commodities in human history.” Rather than going through what salt is today, Kurlansky decides to recall the history of salt. The book cites the different events that occurred because of salt, and it cites the different things that people used salt for. Salt was also the basis of...
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How Added Sugar And Salt Have Been Affecting Obesity Rates

Obesity rates in America are skyrocketing, which is causing Americans to obtain diseases. The over consumption of added salt, sugar, and lack of exercise are the main causes to the obesity crisis. According to Marcia Clemmitt, a veteran social-policy reporter who served as editor in chief of Medicine and Health, ‘some analysts say the key culprit to the nations sky high obesity rates come from excess calories from sugar in processed foods and drinks. They also may be triggering diseases...
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How Much Salt Does It Take To Melt Ice

Once Winter arrives people tend to go crazy in order to get rid of the ice they see on the streets. Utilizing salt is one of the most useful ways to melt ice. However, there’s no need to pour tons of salt on your block to melt the ice. It is important to know how much salt you’re going to utilize because the more we harm the environment the more dangerous it will be for us to live in. There...
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