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ABSTRACT Contact Glow Discharged Electrolysis (CGDE) is a plasma electrolysis methode has proved to treat organic wastewater effectively. The objective of this study was to investigate decolorization process of the textile dyes Remazol Red RR, Remazol Yellow FG and Remazol Brilliant Violet with an air injection using CGDE method. Air injection was increased a percentage of decolorization Remazol Red RR up to 46.7% in 180 min. Proces efficiency for Remazol Red RR, Remazol Yellow FG and Remazol Brilliant Blue were...
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Abstract This is a research paper about producing a flammable gas that can be used in our home for cooking purpose through the electrolysis process. The need for it arouse due to increasing cost of LPG day by day. Earlier for cooking purpose wood, coal, cow dung cakes were used that affected the human health, in order to overcome this issue government took many steps so that cooking cylinders can reach at every home but still in some villages old...
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INTRODUCTON A redox reaction is a type of chemical reaction “that involves a transfer of electrons between two species” (Spohrer, Breitenbuecher & Brar, 2019). For a reaction to be classified as redox, there must be one species that is reduced and another that is oxidised. This means that both reduction (the gain of electrons) and oxidation (the loss of electrons) occur simultaneously in a redox reaction. One such example of a redox reaction is that of electrolysis. Electrolysis defined broadly...
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Introduction In our modern society, a plethora of chemical processes and reactions are commonly found in our everyday environment and are significant parts of the products we use. One such process is a redox equation, which consists of oxidation and reduction. Originally, oxidation and reduction were viewed in terms of adding or removing oxygen. Now, they are defined in three different ways; the loss or gain of oxygen, the loss or gain of hydrogen, and the loss or gain of...
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Introduction Electrolysis is when an electric current pass through a chemical solution to create a non-spontaneous chemical reaction (Britannica, 1998). Electrolysis can be used to separate compounds into its original elements (libretexts, 2019). In electrolysis, the reduction - or the gain of electrons - and the oxidation - or the loss of electrons occurs. This is referred to as Redox reactions. When a battery’s positive and negative terminals is connected to the electrodes it can alter the charge of the...
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