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How Ethanol Affects The Temperature Of Water

Research Ethanol is a compound with the formula, C2H5OH. Ethanol is a clear, colourless liquid, that boils at 78.8° Celsius and freezes at -114.1° Celsius. It is often just called ‘alcohol’. It is also a good solvent – it is able to dissolve many substances that are not soluble in water. It also evaporates quickly, much faster than water. Ethanol is used in wine, aftershave, deodorants and perfumes. Ethanol burns well in air, giving out heat: C2H5OH(l) + 3O2(g) →...
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IR Quantification Of Ethanol

Introduction Infrared Spectroscopy is the study of matter and its interaction with electromagnetic radiation and it can be used in order to determine the functional group within a sample (2). When infrared light hits a certain molecule it can cause pulling and bending between the bonds present, which also determined the amount of absorbance there is. The intensity of an absorption band depends on the molecule and the dipole moment between the bond and the amount of bonds present (2)....
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The Peculiarities Of Ethanol Biofuel Industry

Introduction Ethanol produced from biomass has a significance role in the industry. It was not used in a large quantity until mid of 1970. The sudden increase in the prices of oil made the scientist to switch towards biomass ethanol production and as a result of that ethanol engines are 15% more efficient then other engines. Characteristics of ethanol as a renewable fuel Lead additives to gasoline were reduced through the 1980s as the amount of ethanol blended in the...
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Ethanol Production From Gebabe And Chiquere Varieties

Bio-ethanol as alternatives source of energy Bioethanol is obtained from plant biomass based waste materials or renewable sources. It can be used as a fuel, chemical feedstock, and solvent in various industries. It has certain advantages as petroleum substitutes, alcohol can be produced from a number of renewable resources, alcohol as fuel burns cleaner than petroleum this aspect is environmentally more acceptable. It is biodegradable and thus, keeps a check on pollution and it is far less toxic than fossil...
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Petrol Vs. Ethanol

Research Question Reducing carbon output from cars and producing more sustainable fuel at first seems straightforward but there are a number of things that need to be considered. Investigate the advantages or disadvantages of smaller versus larger engines, fuel types and electric vehicles. Report on a type of engine and fuel and its potential advantages and disadvantages in reducing carbon output. Carbon Dioxide output in vehicles is one of the biggest environmental threats that’s around these days. A regular vehicle...
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The Effect Of Different Concentrations Of Ethanol On The Plasma Membrane Of Beetroot Cells

Introduction The membranes of cells are made up of a fluid imitating, semi-permeable plasma membrane. This is made up of a phospholipid bilayer. A phospholipid bilayer is comprised of phospholipids (see figure 1) and various membrane proteins. The lipid tails of the phospholipids are hydrophobic (repel water) and the phosphate heads are hydrophilic (attract water). In order to ensure the hydrophobic tails remain dry, these phospholipids form bilayers. An emergent property of this is the solution on the inside of...
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How Is Gas Chromatography Utilised In Identifying Alcoholic Substances Such As Ethanol In Criminal Investigation?

Chromatography is the best technique for identifying different chemicals within a mixture. Rationale Forensic chemistry is the application of chemistry, forensic toxicology, in a legal setting. A forensic chemist can assist in the identification of unknown materials found at a crime scene. Forensic Chemists have a wide array of methods used to identify unknown substances including HPCL chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, atomic absorption spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and thin layer chromatography. These different types of methods is important due...
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The Effect Of The Blend Of Ethanol And Gasoline On Gas Emission And Thermal Efficiency

Background research Ethanol Ethanol is a chemical compound and a simple alcohol with a chemical formula . It is volatile, flammable, colorless and transparent liquid. It is main type of alcohol in alcoholic drinks. It is produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts or petrochemical processes. Ethanol is also used a clean burning fuel (Wikipedia, 2019). It can be burned together with oxygen and results in a complete combustion, which can be seen in the following equation: Gasoline Gasoline...
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Does The Use Of Biofuels Such As Biodiesel And Ethanol Reduce Global Warming?

Since the industrial revolution, we have been using fossil fuels in the form of coal, crude oil, and natural gases to create energy through the process of combustion to be able to generate electricity, run vehicles, cook food, heat our homes and power industry and manufacturing. Fossil fuels are a product of decayed plant and animal matter, which take millions of years for this transformation to take place. However, as we rapidly changed the world with new technologies that became...
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Ethanol Production From Surgical Waste Cotton

Abstract In day to day life, management of biomedical waste is quite difficult. Biomedical waste is segregated into four categories like yellow, red, white, and blue. Yellow category contains infectious waste, bandages, gauze, cotton or any other objects in contact with body fluids, human body parts, and placenta etc. In this process surgical waste cotton is converted in to valuable ethanol. Surgical waste Cotton is a natural polymer which contains cellulose. It is sterile using autoclave for killing bacteria and...
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Energy And Environment: Bio-ethanol As The Cleaner Fuel

Introduction In today’s time where the world is facing a financial global crisis the oil prices being dropped down to an extent where water is more expensive. We all could conclude one thing that we need a better ecofriendly and sustainable source of energy. Petroleum has been the back bone of all most all major industries post the industrialization era it has clearly been dominating the world global trade because it never had an alternative. A cleaner one a fuel...
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Bio-Ethanol Fuel Production From Rotten Banana Waste

The unsustainable energy resources like fossil fuel are going to be depleted in the next few decades and the trends in bio-fuel production from biomass are gaining popularity to encounter the expected energy crisis in the world. Ethanol is the most widely used liquid bio-fuel and is produced as a result of fermentation process from sugars, starches or cellulosic biomass including fruit wastes. In this study rotten banana is utilized for bio-ethanol production .Banana waste is used to produce bio-ethanol...
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How Alternative Fuels Can Help Save The Environment

Developing Countries And Their Dilemma In today’s time, with ‘development’ comes ‘growth’ and with growth comes an increase in the numbers of motor vehicles leading to urban congestion and unhealthy air quality, in the United States, the motor vehicle emissions account for all the criteria pollutants except sulfur oxides. Talking about China, vehicle growth is projected to rise from about 30 million in 2005 to over 180 million by 2030, eventually, vehicles are becoming a principal cause of China’s air...
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Role Of Microbes In Biofuel Production

Microbes are the organisms not able to be seen from naked eye. They play various roles in our daily life used as in biofuel production, biofertilization etc. Biofuel Energy products such as alchohols, diesel, hydrogen, biogas produced by the help of microorganisms are called biofuels. Microorganisms help in fermentation process or provide essential enzymes and help in the production of biofuels. Due to increase in global energy demand and increase in global oil prices biofuel is an area of immense...
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