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Atom consist of protons and neutrons located in the nucleus. Electrons moves in the orbits. Protons are a positive charge, electrons negatively and neutrons are neutral. Atoms are electrically neutral because the number of protons and electrons is equal. However, atoms may gain or lose electrons in order to increase their stability and the resulting charged entity is called an ion. Atoms of different elements have different atomic structure because they consist of different numbers of electrons and protons. Electrons...
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Look around you, everything you can lay your eyes on is made of matter. Even those you cannot see with your naked eyes are classified as matter because they have mass and can take up space. When a matter is broken down to its foundations, you will discover the smallest particle in it. In this post, we will discuss the difference between atom and molecule, which are otherwise known as the smallest constituent unit of a matter. You will be...
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This universe is made up of millions of various substances. All those substances are produced from the basic building blocks classified as atoms. Understanding atoms help scientists provide supplies for use in LCD screens, lasers and solar cells. Multiple atoms combine to produce new different substances. Atoms are the tiniest units of matter that preserve all the chemical properties of an element. Atoms are composed of two major regions. The first is the small atomic nucleus, positioned in the centre...
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All matter is composed of atoms. An atom is a particle that uniquely defines a chemical element (S1.1). Atoms are the smallest component of an element, and an element is a substance which cannot be chemically broken down. Every element on the periodic table has a different atomic mass and is given a unique symbol to distinguish it. For example, chlorine (a toxic gas which attacks the respiratory system, eyes, and skin (Wikipedia, 2019)), has the symbol Cl (S1.5). A...
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Over the past 200 years, scientists have come up with many different models of the structure of an atom. Although atoms are too small to look at clearly, scientist such as Lord Ernest Rutherford were able to perform a number of experiments which helped them to understand their properties. Lord Ernest Rutherford Lord Ernest Rutherford, born in 1871, was a New Zealander chemist and physicist who was the first person to split an atom (Biography, 2019). When he finished school,...
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Force plants are over the top expensive to construct, however, once they are available effectiveness in changing over fuel to energy is exceptionally high. Most of the time more power is made than is really required because power can't be stored. Power requests shift consistently and arrangement must meet the peak load, which implies the most noteworthy conceivable interest within a year. Some ecological researchers foresee that non-renewable energy source costs will increment in the coming century due to shortage....
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The Sun provides Earth with a staggering amount of energy—enough to power the great oceanic and atmospheric currents, the cycle of evaporation and condensation that brings fresh water inland and drives river flow, and the typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes that so easily destroy the natural and built landscape. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906, with magnitude 7.8, released an estimated 1017 joules of energy, the amount the Sun delivers to Earth in one second. Earth’s ultimate recoverable resource of oil,...
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Nuclear energy is a method of harnessing energy through the splitting of an atomic nucleus. This is achieved by shooting a neutron at a highly fissile atomic element with an unstable nucleus. A fissile element is an element that has a geometrically unstable nucleus. The fuel generally chosen for nuclear reactors are isotopes from actinides and lanthanides, like Uranium-235. When this nucleus of the fuel is split, a massive amount of energy is released. This energy, in turn, can be...
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