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Physics in Daily Activity

Many people in this world really underestimate how physics contributes to our daily lives whether be walking, talking, or any other action. Many equations, graphs, and a little bit of math help us understand what goes on behind the curtain. Physics also have shared relations with science and combining those physics to other types of studies. To understand physics, we need to discuss the laws of motion which are called the Newton’s Laws of Motion, there are only three. According...
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Light Sensing Using Photodiode: Analytical Essay

Abstract The main aim of the project is to design a circuit which would allow the detection of light by using a photodiode and to critically assess in details how a light sensing circuit using a photodiode works to obtain a desired output. This is achieved by using a transistor Darlington pair, four resistors (2*330, 1k, 4.7k), one LED and a photodiode. In all processes of design all simulations, breadboard design and printed circuit board yielded the results that were...
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Comparative Study of Noise Removal and Image Enhancement Methods in Low Light Image

Abstract— Capturing photos in low light conditions is a difficult situation for photographers to get optimal image results. Low light conditions can occur at night, in the forest or in a dark room. The image quality in low light conditions is not good because the objects in the picture are lack of light which makes some objects blur and hard to identify. Factors that affect low light conditions such as brightness, contrast and noise can cause poor image quality. Poor...
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Harmful Blue Light Emitted by Electronic Devices and Methods to Block It

Blue light is a spectrum of light that can be seen by humans’ eyes. Blue light produces a high amount of energy due to its short wavelength of 400-450 nm. Phones, computers and other electronic products with screen emit blue light and ever since phones became mainstream more people have started using their devices longer with many people having the habit of checking their phones at night. This may seem like a harmless habit but this could be harmful to...
2 Pages 957 Words

Response of the Insects at Different Wavelength of Light and Photo Systems: Analytical Essay

Abstract: Advance illumination instruments have changed the scenario in distribution and intensity of lighting systems in this world. Development from fluorescent to white LED (light emitting diode) opens the door of illumination, pest control application and eco-friendly lighting. Color sensitivity in UV spectrum plays crucial role in navigation; meet selection, excitation in terrestrial invertebrate animals. This review shows the importance of each wavelength while selecting any lighting system for environmental applications. All major scientific studies are scanned as per the...
6 Pages 2515 Words

Determining the Speed of Light by Applying the Fizeau-Foucault Apparatus

1. Introduction As a fundamental constant, the exact value of the speed of light has been disputed for centuries. The measurement of the speed of light brought arise to new areas of Physics such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. This Theory of Relativity was based entirely on the relativistic effects caused by objects moving near the speed of light. This brought arise to an exclusively new area of Physics, furthermore it is no wonder why the velocity of light in...
3 Pages 1180 Words

Intelligent Street Light System: Analytical Essay

Abstract – Active street lighting has emerged as an essential factor in strategies for a resource-efficient economy and realization of sustainable growth. In the outdoor area, lights represent approximately 40 % of the total energy consumption at night and have much energy saving potential. If passers-by or vehicles, summarized as traffic elements, are not located near street lamps, it is not energy-efficient to turn them on. The idea is to activate street lights only when they will be used to...
3 Pages 1537 Words

Speed of Light through Gelatin: Analytical Essay

Introduction What is the speed of light and what affects? This question has been asked for hundreds of years and the answer is simple. The speed of light is approximately 299,792,458 m/s (Las Cumbres Observatory, 2019). This answers the first part of the question, but what about the second part? What affects the speed of light? The purpose of this experiment is going to be answering that question “What affects the speed of light?”. And in particular, does the density...
4 Pages 1897 Words

The Scientists of the Theory of Light and Their Main Ideas

Human beings have been trying to understand how light works since the time of the Ancient Greeks. In roughly 300 BC Euclid studied the properties of light, he thought light travelled in straight lines and described the laws of reflection. In 1690 Sir Isaac Newton came out with the corpuscular theory of light, he believed that light was shot out of a source in small particles. Also, in the 17th century the Dutch astronomer Huygens suggested a wave theory of...
2 Pages 977 Words

Speed of Light and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity: Theoretical Method to Slow Time

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879, in Germany and was a physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity, considered to be his most famous piece of work. His research spanned from quantum mechanics to theories about gravity and motion. After publishing some papers that changed how the world knew space, time and gravity, he toured the world giving speeches about his discoveries. Since a very young age, Einstein was extremely interested in science and was influenced...
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