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Nuclear energy, the energy that has not only pushed the world to where it is now but has hurt the environment in the process, was invented in 1951 by a scientist by the name of Enrico Fermi. Fermi and Leo Szilard, a scientist who was a colleague, were the first to discover nuclear reactors that caused nuclear chain reactions. Since then, there have been many objects turning nuclear powered, from nuclear rifles to nuclear aircraft. The radiation that nuclear energy...
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With the demands in the world shifting towards society needing more electricity, nuclear power has been a way to meet power needs while keeping the carbon footprint low. Nuclear power as a whole may have a stigma attached to it. One would assume, the majority of the world’s population is not well educated on the benefits of nuclear power. Nuclear power is perceived as dangerous and deadly. Contrary to popular beliefs, nuclear power is efficient, clean (power) and inexpensive after...
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There is a huge amount of energy trapped in atoms and to get it out you need to split the atom, we know this thanks to Einstein's equation E=mc2 . The atoms used for nuclear fission are “fragile” atoms like Plutonium-239 and Uranium-235. You shoot a neutron at an atom, this then splits the atom and that releases energy but another neuron is also released, which will then hit another atom and it continues because it's a chain reaction. This...
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The General public is typically fearful of nuclear science. These fears are not founded on reliable information or scientific fact. It is vital we grow our knowledge in nuclear science to help with nuclear energy, medicine and agriculture. However, this growth is restricted as the general public is fearful of nuclear science. This fear is from past negative experiences with nuclear science, mainly weaponry and energy. Such as Chernobyl and 3-mile island, where nuclear reactors melted down. However, these incidents...
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