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Critical Essay on Speeding and Its Negative Consequences

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Nowadays, traffic accidents are increasing every year, as a result of which many people are injured, even dead by the accidents. There are many types of traffic accidents that cause many people to die. One of the most issues that happen every day is speeding. In this essay, I want to prove that speeding can kill many people and affect the environment.

Firstly, speeding could either kill or injure people around you and even yourself on the road. The cause of traffic accidents is not only driving under the influence of alcohol but also exceeding the permitted speed. Speeding is one of the most dangerous fatal accidents, so we all should not let it happen because it will waste our time and money. For instance, based on my own experience, a few years ago, I had a traffic accident while I was speeding that could have killed another driver, but I luckily did not. That was just a serious injury, and I had to pay for the driver’s recovery because I was the one who caused the accident. Emergency driving could cause death every single minute.

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Second, speeding vehicles not only kill lives but also pollute the environment even more and cost a lot of money. As long as cars have been geared up, more tons of fuel will use to run its high speed. As a result, gas emission that causes air pollution is released from automobiles into the environment. Moreover, since cars require more fuel and take up fuel faster, they have to be refilled the gas or petrol more often. Therefore, car owners must spend more cash on petrol and gas.

Nonetheless, some people might think that they drive at full speed because they get into an emergency situation that is very essential. For example, when employees arrive late at work, their boss will fire them. While it is true to say that speeding can lead them to reach their destinations quickly, it is unacceptable for people to argue that they cannot control the wheels very well when they see something come out from the roads. A large number of people die in road accidents every year. Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable groups. Moreover, because walkers cross a road immediately, drivers cannot slow down their speed quickly, so they can hit them.

In summary, speeding kills and injures people, pollutes the environment, and causes people to spend a lot more money on gas. In my opinion, speeding is illegal and people should not break traffic laws to save people's lives and make the world safe.

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