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What Can Cause a Significant Change in Someone's Life: Critical Essay

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Since the beginning of time, men have felt superior thanks to logic and reason. It has been part of the science of the human from unmemorable times. Our ancestors have been evolving; consequently, learning from their mistakes. Teaching future generations how to be prepared for the worst, yet nothing can prepare you for a sudden decision. Rapid moments in which nothing…not even in milliseconds can stop. An experience that changed my life was the car accident because made me experience a lesson.

Particularly, I woke up on a Saturday at my home feeling fantastic. Saw a little bit of tv, got out of bed, wash, and change to help Mom with housework. After helping my mom with the housework in the morning; I got a little bit tired. Helped my dad afterward with the electric stuff in the house, with car checking, and with the list for that day. That list of the day was to go to the barber, discuss the carnival situation as a family and prepare the grocery list. We prepared to go to cut my brother’s and my hair with Dad. My mother and brother were in the same predicament as going to the carnival in Nuevo Laredo, but my father and I were not in that predicament.

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With this in mind, we got back and forth with the discussion speaking only the three of us except my mother in the car. When suddenly a truck from the opposite axis of the cross lane passes a red light with the consequence of hitting our car. The three of us knew that we were on a green light favoring us, yet nobody knew what to do. I saw how the time stopped in milliseconds, yet when the time restarted, we felt only fear and hits on the body. The hit was so strong that we changed lanes to one of the trucks, and the truck changed lanes to the one we were on. My dad got a direct hit from the truck in the lungs and legs. I got hit multiple times in the knees and head. Rapidly my dad said that he could not breathe. Myself scared, with a lot of adrenaline, confused, helpless, and angry, knowing that I got hit, but nothing hurt me. I helped my dad get out of the car; with one hand got him out. Put him on the floor on the sidewalk, and help him drink water.

Conversely, at that time the team of firefighters from Mexico come but did nothing with respect to the crash. I saw smoke in front of our car and told the firefighters, but they said that needed the life pincers to act. Angry at the situation I grabbed the car hood knowing that was compressed between the same metals of the car, and knowing that might get an electric shock from it I broke the whole thing. Next thing I knew the firefighters did their job of unplugging anything that might burn or get an electric shock. Dad went aside from us, but we did go to the Hospital with the surprise that I got a cervical sprain, some 1st degree burns in my knees and some other traumatic hits in my head. We returned home just to relax, yet trying not to think about the whole thing. Next time I will know what to do.

Eventually, This is an experience that changed my life. A simple car accident that made me experience a valuable lesson. Anybody can help in sudden situations, yet not everybody is prepared for what is going to happen. Nothing gets lost if a soul helps another. Depending on the situation may be nobody will be able to help. If people become more social civilization will change at a positive rate of change.

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