Dance To Live Or Live To Dance

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Ever since I was a little girl dance has had a major impact on my life. I can not even remember my life without dance; when dancing I feel most like myself. I do not know if you could ever find a moment where I am not doing some type of dance move, whether that is point my toes or afull combination. I dance when I am happy, sad, or even bored. Dance makes me feel like I can do anything, especially when I am able to accomplish a certain skill I have been working on.

As of this moment I view myself as a competitive dancer who is taking every opportunity to better her dancing. Throughout my thirteen years of dancing I have performed many styles of dance such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, etc. When exploring all of these styles I have learnt how to move my body in ways I could not imagine, while showing many different emotions. With this I still believe I have so much more I can improve on. That is why anytime I have the chance to dance under a new dance teacher, I embrace the opportunity. You can learn so much from your peers and that is what I plan to do in this course. I also enjoy sharing my skills with my peers as well as younger students at the studio where I dance.

An experience related to school dance that went well for me, was furthering my knowledge and growth as a dancer. Although I have only completed one dance class here at St.Joseph-Scollard Hall, I have created many new friendships and learnt to accommodate my choreography to the needs of those in our class, which has helped me when I dance outside of school.

An experience related to school dance that was difficult was when we had to choreograph a dance, along with a presentation and my partner had not contributed. Which resulted in an extremely stressful situation, when presenting to the class. Dance has absolutely led me to living a healthier lifestyle, not only physically but mentally. I along with many people of all ages, shapes and sizes turn to dance a fun way to stay fit. Just like any other, low-impact cardio workout, dancing has improved my cardiovascular health, increased my stamina, and strengthened my muscles and bones. Aside from the perks associated with any heart-pounding activity, dancing has an edge of cardio with unique benefits that cannot be achieved by other low-impact exercises, like flexibility, along with improving balance, agility, coordination, power, reactivity and speed.

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Mentally dance has required me to constantly challenge my brain, because the brain power you need to access for dance, specifically, requires you to focus on both the constant changing movement and recalling moves ad patterns. Dance has also increased my ability to thrive in social situations, while I may prefer dancing when no one is watching, there’s something incredible about dancing with others. Dance is extremely expressive, which has been proven to reduce stress, decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and boosting your self-esteem.

Obviously, as a dancer I would love to improve on my technique but this is not something I will be solely focusing on. By the end of the semester I hope to have learnt to relax and have fun. When dancing, I focus so much on perfecting my movements that I forget to have fun. Having fun is what dance is all about. I have come to the realization that I am my biggest critic. Every time something does not go as planned, I panic and worry about what everyone else thinks but half the time they do not even notice.

I plan to accomplish these goals by taking in every moment and enjoying it. Dance should be about taking in the knowledge and experience of my teachers and peers, then sharing my dancing with others in a way that makes it all fun and exciting for me and whomever I get to share the experience with. I may not always have a chance to dance in the same capacity as I do today. Not everyone is given the same opportunities I am and that is why I am incredibly grateful. This is what I need to show while dancing. I need to stop dwelling on the past because it can not be changed, but I need to look forwards to the future because I can determine what happens.

The benefits of dance are plentiful, from developing social skills to respect and discipline. I have learnt through dance how to communicate and collaborate with others, while respecting boundaries, encouraging and supporting each other, and problem solving. I have learnt discipline, which means doing things I am required to do even, when I do not feel like it. This skill can help me with other areas of life such as academics. A huge concept of dance classes is showing respect for others. I was taught to respect each other’s space, take turns, listen and show support for each other. I was encouraged to give others compliments, and put downs was never tolerated.

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