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The Role Of Dance In Human Society

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Since the very beginning of time, dance has been used to express one’s emotions and feelings without talking. Whether it’s a joyful dance or a sorrow one, it is an amazing feeling to be able to show how you are feeling in such an expressive art form. The exact beginning of dance itself is one that is hard to track down. Dance does not leave behind physical markers, but there were rock shelter paintings in Indian and Egyptian tombs that depicted figures of dance. It is shown to be an impulse of humans that each person is born with. All art forms have been expressed since the very beginning of time, and dance being a main form. Dance also serves as a symbol in many different cultures. Not only have we as humans been dancing since the before recorded periods, but dance has served and continues to serve as a purpose for celebrations such as ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, and entertainment.

During the 16th century, also known as the Elizabeth Era, dance and music exploded in popularity and were used in many different instances. Dance become a form of socialization among others and also an exercise. This time period opened up many paths for the creation of what we know now as modern dance. Religion and mythology are two extreme markers in our history, and a lot of what was established in the past is still implemented today. Over time, dance has evolved in everything we do. Dance played, and still does, a major role in religion. Many use dance as a celebration, but some also use it as a ritual. It is evident that in many different religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism that dance can be traced back to early traditions and practices. On the other hand, dance is unfortunately banned in certain religions, but in most, it is viewed as a celebratory movement and art form.

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As dance continues to evolve, it changes in every culture and country. Some dance genres are more prominent in certain countries, such as ballroom in South America. It is incredible to see countries embrace new styles of dance, and learn of new ones over time. In that way, I believe that is how dance has evolved most. When technology began to evolve with dance, this changed a lot. Cameras were able to catch dancers in their truest art form on stage and videos were able to be shown to others. As the internet was also evolving, dance videos were able to be shared on many platforms. More and more people could watch all different types of dance from all over the world. It could be shared, learned, and taught. Today, dance is being taught from the youngest people to the oldest people. It is fascinating to see that no matter what age you are, dance can be a wonderful way to express yourself.

In conclusion, dance has played into many roles over time. Dance has been used by all kinds of people, not matter the occurrence. Today, dance is being shared in so many different forms and on so many different formats. Dancers are able to connect with one another and teach one another over the internet. As technology and the world advance with dance, it can only improve. Dance continues to challenge those who want to be their best, and even those who simply want to do it for fun. Dance has taught many people, including myself, that it can endlessly teach you something new each day. The history of this wonderful art form is the reason why it remains extremely possible in today’s world.

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