The Difference Between Sex And Gender Identity

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Gender has always been a highly debated one, even now in our society. In the early years, it was considered unlawful or a sin if one gender decided to act or become, in a way, the other gender. Even in some cultures, acts like these were crimes against nature and could have been punishable by death. To this day, many people still see the same way and have the same feelings towards homosexuality and many are not accepting to the way things are now. Even though people are now trying to cope and cooperate with these ways, it still may take a long while for people to still accept these values and different views on gender. Based on the recent facts, data, and the basic human biology standards, it is proven that there are only two biological genders, but many different gender identities.

In the old days, sex has always been identified by two genders: male and female. For years, this belief that there were only two genders has been taught to us for many generations because it was a simple standard to live by. Basic biology even states that there are only two genders, because only these two genders can reproduce and have offspring together. Even religion (Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, etc.) has taught and told us that only man and woman shall be together and love each other. People have just been following what someone has said for many years and lived by it believing it was true. But with the recent studies of gender and the constantly changing of facts, scientists now believe that there could be more than just 2 genders.

The people, in our society, should take note that there is a difference between identity and sex because sex is not gender. Most people refer sex when they talk about the reproductive organs and it is defined for us at birth for when someone sees our genitals and says “This is a male” or “This is a female”.This is how science works and is the fact of life. Gender is more than just looking at a person's genitals and saying that they are a man or a woman. A woman will be provided, by nature, necessities to survive that men do not have or need because it is biologically impossible. There are things though that are built on practice.

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A common practice in our society would be how the woman in the family would have to stay home, take care of the kids, and keep the house together while the man would go out and get a job, earn money, and provide for his family. This is a common practice that society has taught us for many years and generations. When people are born, they do not realize what role they fit into in the environment and society until society tell us, or when they feel accepted to the culture of the people.

Gender does have a spectrum with many different possibilities. A straight man, is biologically male, attracted to women, and acts on roles that society placed on him. A straight man can though take part on traits that are “non-masculine”, such as being emotional, loving and compassionate, plays with dolls, etc. He is still a man, his gender is still male but he chooses to act on something that is against society and the roles placed on him. A gay man, is also biologically a male, attracted to men, and still acts on roles that have been placed on him by society but he may partake to do feminine things while also still doing traditionally male things.

Many people though still claim that anyone who is a gender that is not male or female are pretty much mentally insane. They think they are just refusing science and their own bodies. This, however, is not true because there are more than two genders. These people are not blocking out science in any way, but rather they are avoiding the expectations set on men and women and have decided to set up there own identities which they see fit in the world.

It is now time for our society to change and acknowledge the fact that there are more than two genders. The people cannot still use the same teaching and belief and the basic terms of science to argue that these people don’t exist. Even if it takes many years for everyone to finally be part together and part of something in this society, we need to understand who these people are. The people need to stop believing the same phony, basic, scientific truth that there are only two genders. These people exist and everyone needs to acknowledge that before we keep destroying and dehumanizing everyone.

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