Same Sex Marriage Should Be Treated As Marriage Between Man And A Woman

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Can you ever imagine wanting to get married to the person you love no matter what gender they are? Well, people who love someone who is their same sex and want to marry them used to be in denial just because they were the same sex. Same sex couples just was to be free in the same way heterosexual couples do. Yes, marriage is different from love because you are making a commitment with a person and staying with them until death has separated you. Many states ban same-sex marriage because they just believe that marriage is between a man and a woman when it truly isnt but only in their perspective. Same-sex marriage was first legalized in the 21st century and it is now available in 28 countries. In fact, would you want to marry the person you love? And what about if you were being stopped because you weren’t getting married as a heterosexual couple. Therefore, Marriage Equality should be allowed because they should have the same rights as heterosexual couple and the right to marry someone they want to have a commitment with. There should be no legal restrictions on marriage rights anywhere which means like the entire world.

Marriage Equality which is also known as gay or same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage should have the same rights as everyone else. There was a lot of discrimination against the same-sex couple because many states are prohibiting and are basically having no exemptions, just like the liscense to discriminate. When the year of 2015 came the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage). In fact, 486,000 of same-sex couples got married by October 2015, which wasn’t that long from when the supreme court passed it. Same-sex couples had to fight for in order to get married. Why couldn’t it be treated as a normal right just like if it were between a man and a woman? We are all the same people, but may like someone else who is not the opposite gender as them. Same-sex couples are such great people just like anyother couple. They have the right to feel free and love whoever they want.

Same sex marriage should be legal, as it offers equal benefits for everyone. Until legalization in the US, there were no hospital visitation rights for homosexual couples. It means that a person was not allowed to visit his life partner if an accident arose because they were not legally married. Legalizing gay marriage also includes revenue, inheritance benefits.

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Same-sex couples are no different from a man and a woman. Yes, people may think that a child may need a mother and a father figure, but in reality there are great parents who know how to love and parent their children which means they can be same-sex parents. When it comes to same sex couples wanting to adopt, it becomes an issue in some states because they ban gay adoption. And apparently adoption can only happen between a heterosexual couple. Gay couples that want to adopt have the same excitement and feelings as a heterosexual couple. In fact when children are getting raised by gay and lesbian parents they are more open to diversity and more caring for younger children. Studies indicate that gay people's financial, psychological, and physical well-being is improved by marriage, and that same-sex parents ' children benefit from being born within a military union accepted by law and by societal institutions. The Children Welfare League of America’s Standards of Excellence for Adoption Services say that applicants that want to adopt as a parent they should be allowed to and children need parents who will love them and nourish them. Their race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation shouldn't matter in becoming a parent. Gay couples have been discriminated against by these organizations but being able to marry legally removes the reason why they should not be allowed to adopt. Same sex couples often transition towards adoption, because raising their first baby can be complex. The improvement of adoption rates means that more children have parents to truly care for them, rather than live in foster care that transfers from one family to another. Negating children to live in a happy home and parents who love them is not sensible. If gay couples have a baby, whether by adopting or surrogacy, the baby is desired beyond belief. These parents will be dedicated as parents and ready to bring the baby into this world. There will be no 'errors' falling through the cracks, as the parents will not risk the child's upbringing. Any child who is parented by a gay couple will be granted stronger affection than he is likely to be able to cope. Being raised by same sex parents shouldnt be the problem because the children will be loved and cared for.⠀

Another problem that is also common with marriage equality is that their employer discriminates because they are either gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The biggest employer that discriminates against people no matter what sexual orientation you are is the military. Thousands of military members have been discharged from the military because of the policy and many of them didn't show their identity and who they truly were and that's why they were discharged from the military. About 17,000 men and women were discharged. In a way Marriage Equality boosts up our economy. It is reasonably argued by those who are pro-sex marriage that it is economically beneficial. While having a positive impact on wedding expenses, higher partnerships mean higher taxes for those filing that together cause an increase in tax revenues. Another economic advantage is increased productivity, and increased labor mobility. Productivity increases with the absence of a bias from the position of workplace. Why do people get discriminated against just because of their sexual orientation?

Same sex marriage shouldn’t be legal because marriage is between a man and a woman. Well your wrong because same sex couples benefit us in many ways. There are studies shown that same sex parents benefit more in adoption because children will become more open and more diverse in this society than being parented by a man and a woman. And child support became an issue for heterosexual parents when it comes to splitting up. Same sex couples need to feel free from being discriminated because we all have the same rights as everyone else but some people will discriminate. People also have to see it from their perspective and what is they were in their shoes. They wouldn’t like being discriminated against.

In conclusion, no relationship is greater than marriage, because it represents the universal values of affection, loyalty, commitment, sacrifice and family. Two men become something greater when they form a marital union than they once were. As some of the petitioners show in these situations, marriage represents a love which can survive even past death. Those men and women would be mistaken to say they disrespect the idea of matrimony. An argument is that they love it, respect it so intensely that they seek to find for themselves a fulfillment. A vision is not to be blamed for living in solitude, away from one of the oldest institutions in society. In the eyes of the law they are demanding equal integrity. The Constitution gives them the right to. Marriage equality should be free with no limits because no one wants to live with limits and they want to feel free and be seen as a normal person. Marriage Equality should have no limitations anywhere in any country. Since gay marriage in our country is always contradictory, such claims do not seem to end. While some people believe that the validity of same-sex marriage damages the integrity of marriage, some people think that same-sex marriage is legal. Different American religious groups and their adherents prefer to accept or strongly oppose gay marriage, in accordance with their views and beliefs. However there is constant discussion between these groups. These two parties are still debating the feasibility of same-sex marriage and do not seem to be reaching consensus.

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