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Undoubtedly the Supreme Court has considerable political power. This power has come about after the case Marbury v Madison, the landmark decision that helped define the boundary between the constitutionally separate executive and judicial branches of the American form of government. The job of a judge, in this case of the Supreme Court Judges, is to be unbiased, fair, neutral, impartial, and their judgement should not be based on those of any political party or movement. The Supreme Court has...
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The presidency was suggested in Philadelphia at a Constitutional Convention by Virginia's Edmund Randolph, as a major aspect of James Madison's proposition for the federal government, which wound up recognized as the Virginia Plan. Madison offered a fairly crude plan of the official branch, letting open if what he named the national official would be an individual or a lot of individuals. He recommended that Congress select the official, whose powers also, expert, and even length of term of administration,...
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The U.S. Supreme Court was created by the Constitution of the United States and was established in 1789 and recognised under the Judiciary Act of 1789 (Smentkowski 2019). When the Founding Fathers were drafting the Constitution, they were against having a central government. As a result, when writing the Constitution, they decided that it was important to have an institution that had certain checks and balances on the legislative and executive branches of government. This, therefore, resulted in the Founding...
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The Articles of Confederation were an adequate beginning to how we create a union, and establishing order within our country. This Confederation style of government helped our nation persevere through the Revolutionary War and give hope to those coming out of the “Mad” King George’s ruling. However, soon after, it would need to be altered as it quickly lost its effectiveness and left our war torn states in the need of a new constitution. But the article that is most...
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The purpose of the courts is to solve legal matters by using the law to interpret each case (Khatri, 2016). The Supreme Court otherwise referred to “Court of Final Appeal”, is the highest level of the Federal Court System and has a wide array of setting precedence and jurisdiction (Khatri, 2016). A common question about the Supreme Court is how they choose their cases. The Supreme Court has thousands and thousands of cases to choose from and only some of...
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Introduction A few weeks before Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as the 3rd President of the United States, the Federalist Congress came up with 16 new circuit judgeships and more judgeships (Organic Act) with which Adams went on to fill the Federalists in a bid to have control over his party’s control of the judiciary and to frustrate the legislative agendas of the new President Thomas Jefferson, together with his party the Democratic-Republican party (Clinton, 1991). Taking into consideration that he...
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