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Essay on Technology in the Classroom

In our day and age, technology is a predominant feature in our everyday lives so it’s no wonder that technology has made a debut in the classroom. Tablets are replacing our textbooks, and we can research just about anything that we want on our smartphones. Social media has become the most common place for students to socialize, and the way we use technology has completely transformed the way we live our lives, but is technology in classrooms all that good?...
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Does the Classroom Environment Impact the Behavior of the Children?

Abstract As a student intern in my present classroom, I have been seeing many instances of children having disruptive behaviors such as talking out without turn, having arguments, shouting, running in the class, having tantrums, not focusing on their work, and disturbing other children. It made me wonder whether it could be related to the classroom environment. “The environment “tell” children how to act and respond. Children respond differently to the environment. An effectively designed classroom has the potential for...
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Gender In The Classroom: Gossip For Men Versus Gossip For Women

Everyone is different. Some people are apprehensive. Others get comfortable with their surroundings easily. Stereotypes say that women endure more self-absorbed while; men express their thoughts out loud. This doesn’t have to do with gender. It depends on the individual and how they feel with the place, people and topic. In her article, Deborah Tannen observes her classroom and the role that males and females play. Although females and males get along differently and for diverse reasons that doesn’t imply...
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Reflection on Rules for Classroom Conduct: Opinion Essay

Introduction Rules for classroom conduct are purposefully stated statements that provide students with guiding principles for the types of behaviors that are either mandatory or prohibited. As an instance, it focuses attention on how to be understanding rather than on whether a student is speaking aloud in class. These standards should appeal to the common sense of students while leading them to be thoughtful about how they behave in the classroom. Classroom rules are necessary since they serve many purposes...
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Gender Bias in the Classroom

Abstract Gender is a dynamic concept. Race, class, economic circumstances, age- all of these influences what is considered appropriate for women and men. This study determined the level of gender biases among Education students along learning materials, subject matter, learning evaluation, and teaching evaluation. The descriptive method was employed using quantitative data. This study was conducted at Bukidnon State University, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. A total of 80 respondents participated in this study, representing the 4-year levels of Education Students, both...
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Dealing with Disabilities in L2 Classroom: The Integration of Blind Students in L2 Classroom

Introduction: The integration of the people with disabilities in the classroom is a topic that is being highly addressed in education. Nowadays, more students seem to have disabilities such as, visual, hearing, mental, or other types of incapacities. Therefore, teachers have to be careful when programming or planning a class due to the fact that people with disabilities need more facilities in order to be able to have the same chances as the non-disability students (Esthela, 1998). Besides, the aim...
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Classroom Observations and Predictions: Behavior and Information Principles and Processing Models

Abstract Behavior principals can be used to evaluate the future success of a student in the classroom environment. The types of consequences used, shaping, and antecedents should all be considered when tailoring a plan for a student. Learning in the classroom will be greatly determined by the students’ ability to access executive processing skills. Teachers need to be ever aware of current research on brain development and how memory works to affect learning. Keywords: Behavior, Learning, ADHD, Trauma, Social Learning,...
5 Pages 2056 Words

Application of Comics in the Classroom

The question of how best to teach our children is both old and constantly developing. In recent years, technology has changed the world drastically, forcefully altering the way we look at education. Youth culture today is increasingly visual, short attention span, and often less willing to invest significant effort in traditional text-based learning. In addition, recent decades have seen both a deeper understanding of different learning styles, as well as a dramatic increase in the diagnosis of learning disabilities, including...
5 Pages 2228 Words

Reading Curriculum and English Language Learners in the Classroom

Introduction When English Language Learners or ELL’s are introduced into their new English-speaking classroom they are usually at a disadvantage from the very beginning. They do not know the new language they are being immersed in and they unfortunately do not have the tools they need in order to be successful in that new setting. In most cases, they are put in the classroom of a teacher who unfortunately does not know what to do with them or how to...
2 Pages 1080 Words

Social And Material Aspects In Formation Of Classroom Climate

Growing up people would remember that they’ve had a class where the classroom feels a bit uncomfortable. The idea is that if a student feels uncomfortable within a classroom because they fear the hostility or ridicule the student might receive well they won’t bother engaging. Educators must learning to create a comfortable classroom climate to help improve academic performance within the students. Creativity is going down as each new generation of students come forth, students are either bored out of...
3 Pages 1265 Words

Learning Outside The Classroom: Benefits And Disadvantages Essay

This assignment aims to critically discuss learning outside the classroom with a focus upon science, by defining key terms and the benefits and drawbacks of it. Involving a medium-term plan with a cross curricular design and associated with a chosen educational setting; risk assessment will be attached to highlight the risk and precautions of learning outside of the classroom. Overall, exploring how all the above would have a paramount impact on a child’s learning and development through science. When considering...
2 Pages 1137 Words

Learning In Pandemic Conditions: From Classroom To Webroom

The spread of corona virus across globe made education come to a standstill the stirring spoon was online teaching and learning. Online learning got a spotlight in corona crisis. The journey from classroom to web room was indeed not planned and anticipated but became a sudden need of the hour. At such times the research; study on wide aspects of online learning became a priority for Researchers and academicians. This paper intends to bring forward the role of online learning...
5 Pages 2062 Words

The Peculiarities Of Montessori Classroom Management

When people hear of children going to a Montessori school, they wonder if the children are given too much freedom in their own education. They speculate that if the child gets to make their own decisions about their day, rather then choosing to learn, they’d choose to engage in non-academic activities. They would also assume, that with all the freedom that the children have, chaos reigns in the classroom because too much freedom is never a good thing. So outsiders...
4 Pages 1654 Words

Classroom Management Techniques And Their Effect On Students Learning

Introduction Education allows students to navigate power systems and decide how to participate as a citizen of the world (Hammond & Jackson, 2015). This learning occurs when students pay attention, feel challenged, and connect to their culture and community (Hammond & Jackson, 2015). As such, teachers must utilize effective classroom management and hold students accountable for their behavior. Culturally responsive classroom management (CRCM) challenges teachers to reflect on their privilege, encourage the power of student voice, and recognize when traditional...
3 Pages 1171 Words

Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn: Should It Be Allowed In Classrooms?

Within these two articles there are reasons why Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, an adventure novel by Mark Twain, should be allowed in classrooms along with why it shouldn’t be allowed. This novel should be read in high schools for various reasons. The first reason being that this novel will open conversations about racism and help to slowly stop this issue. The next reason is because although Twain was criticized for being solely a racist he was more open minded then...
2 Pages 1028 Words

Textbooks Vs Tablets: Comparative Essay

Should Textbooks be Replaced by Tablets in a Classroom Setting? The average school spends about $50,000 on paper alone. (Should Textbooks be Replaced by Notebook Computers?) All of that money could be spent on something more beneficial. Students’ textbooks should be replaced by tablets and notebook computers. In today’s society, technology is taking over and upgrading nearly every aspect of living. Meanwhile, schools are using ancient methods to teach the upcoming generations. These children are supposed to be the future!...
3 Pages 1179 Words

English Class Reflection Essay

When I first started this English class, I was not sure how well I would do. When I met my professor, Rebecca Samberg, I gained more confidence because she explained the materials in such a way that helped stimulate my interest. I feared I would struggle through the course but being under the supervision of professor Samberg, it got easier for me. Aiming for a grade A average, I doubted myself when our professor asked us to write an essay...
2 Pages 894 Words

Analysis of Education Program: Essay on Samsung Smart Class

Samsung Smart Class The Indian education system to date is to a great extent driven by regular techniques for utilizing course books as instructive material and addresses for conferring information. This prompts substandard learning results at advanced education levels, further reflected in low-talented labor in India. Samsung considers training to be the seed of development and along these lines made the Samsung Smart Class program that bolsters instruction using Samsung’s innovation, administration, and skill. Set up in association with Government...
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