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The Features Of Counseling In Primary Schools

Abstract In this assignment, we will find out what methods are used for counselling in primary schools and what methods are really useful. There are many different ways of counselling in primary schools and one of them is play therapy. I am going to discuss how kids react to play in situations and how their brain works and how play can help them demonstrate their issues and their attitudes and behaviors towards specific situations and as per their response a...
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The Misconceptions Of Primary Science

In this assignment I will discuss the misconceptions of primary science that have developed over the years. I will include my own knowledge and what I have witnessed myself during my time on placement. I will research and identify how we could help the children overcome the misconceptions. The primary school is a very small sized infant school. The age group starts from 4-11. The school has a total of 150 students. They have limited number of students in each...
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Features of the Education System Model in Elysian

A couple of years after the establishment of a stable colony at Elysian, there will be requirement of an education system which will provide Earth like education. However, the education pattern is designed in a way that it is relevant to the surroundings the children grow up in. A primary school will be located in sector 1 of Residency, a middle and high school in sector 2 and a common Elysian University in sector 3. We aim at providing a...
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The Motivation For EFL Learning In Early Primary School Education

Abstract This research paper examines the motivation for English as a foreign language learning in primary school education. The purpose is to determine the amount of motivation students have for learning English as a foreign language. After reviewing literature, a study was done by a Bosnian teacher, regarding motivation, and it shows that students are highly motivated to learn EFL. The study was done in primary school, fourth grade students who filled out the questionnaire. Introduction The key concept this...
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Needs & Barriers In Inclusive Leadership In Primary Schools: An Experience From The Field

Abstract A key concern today is the question about the Inclusive leadership in our nation’s primary schools as it increasingly relies on diverse learners, multidisciplinary teachers, and a community of different cultural heritage, and teachers. But simply throwing a mix of key elements of good schools together doesn’t guarantee qualitative cum productive performance of schools for society as well as country; it requires inclusive leadership — leadership that assures that all members feel they are treated respectfully and fairly, are...
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The Use of Robots in Teaching Children of Primary School Age

These days, robots are used more often in colleges, beyond their regular applications in engineering. Robot teachers could be a big step to prepare the primary kids to be an innovative and smart generation in the future so they could build their life and country. It promotes interactive learning, making kids more involved in their learning activities. In order to develop their skills, primary school students face the most critical time of their life in order to. So, the use...
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Relationship Between Leadership And School Reforms In Primary School In Fiji

Educational Leadership is a vital feature that builds an apparition of academic success for all students in the education system by endeavoring and stabilizing a safe and receptive educational environment. “A Leadership can make or break any organisation”, thus a leader must be proficient and devoted experts to perform excellently and hold quality leadership abilities to meet the standards of a school system across the country. Quality educational leaders are very essential for any organisation as they play a dynamic...
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Knowledge Of Primary School Teachers of Children With Specific Need

Background Teacher is one who teaches, especially as a profession. (Websters New world Dictionary) Teachers are of utmost importance in the social context as the educators and groomers of the future generation of adults in a country. They have the responsibility of providing quality education in alliance with schools and other various institutions as well as other skilled personnel and authorities, to develop the foundation of a person’s basic personal and social well-being. Proper education is especially important for development...
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The Bible And Primary School Pupils

It is a statutory requirement for primary school pupils to learn about: ‘God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), about Jesus Christ, and about the Bible; to develop an ability to interpret and relate the Bible to life.’ (DENI, 2007, p.1). The Bible can be linked with many curriculum subjects throughout school life, and material from the Bible can be used in many ways to effectively enable pupils to develop an ability to interpret and relate the Bible to their life....
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Behavioral Differences In Primary School Children

A study of children’s behaviour and related behavioural theories is a crucial component in not only training primary teachers but also allow them to execute their future duties in an effective way. A sound knowledge in behaviour management provides better tools necessary for teachers and educators manage classroom behaviour. Duchesne and McMaugh (2018) define behaviour as actions that are observable and measurable, they further say that children’s experience in their family and culture influences their behaviour, which is known as...
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