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Four years ago, my family and I experienced a huge scare when my father had a myocardial infarction right before our eyes. We rushed him to the hospital where he was admitted and eventually had open heart surgery. I practically lived in a hospital room for 16 days when my and that is where my passion for the nursing profession...
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Abstract In this research paper, I will share my personal history in after-school programs and attempt to chronicle the history of funding for after-school programs in California. This will include a history of the positive effects of these programs in general and the proven effects that budget cuts could have on student outcomes. Included in this paper will be an...
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Some kids have known that they would become doctors ever since they picked up their first toy medical kit. Others have had a striking catalytic episode that changed their career goals forever. The origins of my own desire have been less dramatic, but equally sound. I still remember when I was a kid, during a kid’s fancy-dress competition when the...
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The effect that after-school programs have on undeveloped kids disturbs every characteristic of their lives. Even though some might feel after school programs are a waste of time and currency, it has been confirmed that they progress kids’ social and academic skills. Deprived of these different planned programs, kids might not be able to mature into the types of grown-ups...
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Today more than ever, people are watching what they say and are paying attention to who is around them when they speak. Before mentioning something that might sound controversial to others, it must be carefully crafted so as not to hurt anyones feelings. In many cases, it might seem easier to avoid the topic altogether; the last thing anyone wants...
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There are roughly 126,622 children left unsupervised after school in Kentucky (Afterschool Alliance, 2019). During this time, children may be tempted to participate in risky behaviors such as crime and failure to continue school work. When students are provided with a beneficial structured program they are more likely to succeed. After school programs have become a common ritual in many...
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