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Some kids have known that they would become doctors ever since they picked up their first toy medical kit. Others have had a striking catalytic episode that changed their career goals forever. The origins of my own desire have been less dramatic, but equally sound. I still remember when I was a kid, during a kid’s fancy-dress competition when the anchor asked me the question “What would you like to be when you grow up” and I answered with the clear conviction that I wanted to be a doctor. As a child, being a doctor appealed to me because doctors seemed helpful, smart, responsible, and – in my own simple way which I can’t describe – “cool”. In XXX, where I grew up, doctors were well respected and had an aura about them. I used to think they were magicians; with one visit to the doctor and with a few magic pills you would stop coughing in a couple of days. It seemed like they could do just about anything.

As I grew older, the field of science continued to appeal to me. The human body, how it works, and the different determinants that can affect one’s health or a community as a whole have always been intriguing to me and that’s why I pursued a degree in medicine for my undergraduate studies. I completed my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree in XXXX and continued my pursuit of more knowledge about the human body by getting a post-graduation Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in SSSS from XXXX. My connection with the cardiovascular system started during my post-graduation studies when I taught the ‘Human Physiology’ class including lab classes to undergraduate students. I taught undergraduate students for nearly 3 years and during these years I immensely developed an interest in the cardiovascular system and diseases affecting the cardiovascular system. I found the subject matter fascinating and later, I reaffirmed my affinity for cardiovascular systems by doing my thesis in this area titled “ZZZZZ”.

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In my quest for a career that would satisfy my love for one on one interactions with patients, community, and on an even larger scale the world as well as my passion for research, I came across the field of public health and it was love at first sight. Through my undergraduate as well as postgraduate coursework, undergraduate internship work, and research experience I came to realize that a career in public health was the best path for me to outreach my community and the world. Public health merges all of my interests into one magical puzzle. To deepen my understanding of the concepts of Public Health, I enrolled in the Master's program at PPPP and graduated with a GPA of 345 in 345 Epidemiology.

The coursework provided me with an important introduction to the concepts regarding public health and epidemiology. However, I feel it is necessary to take more advanced coursework based on an epidemiological perspective, in order to develop a more substantial knowledge and to gather effective tools for conducting epidemiological studies that contribute to disease prevention. In the Epidemiology Ph.D. program, I am looking forward to studying epidemiological methodologies in depth through coursework, and being actively involved in research programs. My research interest lies in cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, and maternal and child health.

As mentioned above, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have always been intriguing to me. During my post-graduation (MD) studies, a senior of mine who was like a mentor to me had suffered from sudden cardiac arrest in his early 30s. A few years later, one of my close relatives suffered from a stroke in his 40s leading to paralysis. These incidents drew my interest further toward cardiovascular diseases especially learning about what causes the occurrence of cardiac arrest as well as stroke in the younger population. What are the risk factors that make people susceptible to CVD? How age affects these population groups? Does it have anything to do with brain function and its anatomy? What about medication, drug use, and tobacco? I would like to focus my research on the risk factors associated with sudden cardiac death and stroke at a younger age, and the methods of preventing the occurrence of these cardiovascular diseases.

Infectious disease is another fascinating research area for me. My interest in infectious disease started long before I entered my post-graduation studies. During my undergraduate internship, while working as a medical intern in a government hospital I would see a lot of cases of infectious diseases including tuberculosis, HIV, etc. Seeing a such large number of infectious disease cases I always wondered how we could effectively control the spread and prevent infectious diseases in developing countries. Some people may ask what kind of satisfaction I can get from working in the health sector. My answer is always that by pursuing a career in public health I will gain answers to my questions about the epidemiology of infectious diseases and chronic diseases. It is through the studies and research in this field that I will be able to conduct research and surveillance in the field of infectious diseases and outbreak control, including communicable disease prevention. Through this research, I intend to uncover the facts behind why some people are more susceptible to disease than others even when they are exposed to the same environmental conditions and infectious agents. What are the factors that predispose people to certain illnesses? Does it have anything to do with their socioeconomic status, immigration, or nutrition? I am looking forward to bringing those answers and more to light.

To investigate the above questions (regarding both cardiovascular diseases as well as infectious diseases), the Ph.D. program in epidemiology at the University of XXXX School of Public Health will be the ideal program for me in terms of strengthening my academic background in epidemiology and providing me with exposure to a variety of advanced epidemiological methodologies to solve my above questions based on real data. I am confident that this program will help me reach my full potential, develop and enhance the knowledge in skills necessary to thrive in this field, and successfully construct, execute and assess programs that will help both local and international communities. I am especially intrigued by the research of Dr. YYYY, which spans topics as diverse as cardiac arrhythmias, aging, medication effects, and drug safety, as well as genetic associations with cardiovascular diseases. I am also impressed by the work of Dr. MMMM, who does her research on HPV-related cancers. I am interested in seeking the mentorship and guidance of the above-mentioned professors.

Through my medical (MBBS and MD) and MPH coursework, my research as well as my internship experience during both undergraduate and MPH I have gained comprehensive knowledge, diverse perspective, and insights into problem-solving. I believe that I have the excitement, commitment, and desire to excel in this program. I would regard getting admission to the University of XXXX not only as an honor but also as a mandate for me to work for the public good.

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