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Responsibility Essay for Students

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Many students struggled to climb up the ladder of success, either they found shortcuts, or they worked their way up. Either way, it is good practice to understand and follow some of their habits to not throw ourselves blindly on the path to success. Having a pattern to follow will make transform hard decisions into easy choices with the right amount of training. Success is hard to achieve and it takes a lot of patience and progress, however, it is doable for anyone that is willing to make certain changes or to give up terrible habits that slow progress down. This essay will discuss and debate some habits of successful students, how they managed to get there, and why they are important for student success.

One immense habit which leads to success is self-discipline. Discipline is one of the strongest characteristics of most successful postgraduates (Mangwiro, 2020). Discipline teaches and guides us how to keep on track and maintain concentration throughout our individual paths, toward our own success. A matter of seconds of lost focus and interest can make the difference between someone who constantly accomplishes things and someone who is easily thrown off the progress route. It takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original job after an interruption or a short break (Thorne, 2020). Really small things that are done daily are the ones that have the highest effect on behavior, critical thinking, and working. If a person has low self-discipline, then that person will be the one who will find maintaining concentration on a task very difficult, adding more obstacles to their own personal path to achieving what they desire. (e.g. wearing jeans and a black t-shirt like Mark Zuckerberg, so you do not have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear (Mavi, 2018).)

In addition, another habit that is extremely essential to take the shortcut to success is to take responsibility for your own actions. Taking responsibility outlines your feature of not being afraid of making mistakes and improving on your future decisions as failure is one step forward toward improvement. Students who completely take responsibility for their actions and life experience a greater level of being in control and alignment. They are able to make decisions because they understand the situation and that they are responsible for the choices made (Watson, 2020). Being able to own up to your actions highlights your strong character and boosts up others’ trust in you as you are truthful. Being in control builds up your self-esteem and helps you to be more punctual and reach success easier and with fewer difficulties.

Most successful scholars take comprehensive responsibility for their failures and they never play the victim role to pass the blame to others or get others to think that they are innocent for the actions made and refuse to be accountable (Mangwiro, 2020). Playing the victim role will never be beneficial if aiming for triumph and showing off your dedication is on your to-do list. When blaming others for what you are going through becomes normality, you deny responsibility and propagate the problem. Success is completely in the opposite direction in this case. Blaming is just another excuse, and making those excuses is the first step toward failure. The only person responsible for your life choices and decisions is you (Quy, 2016). Heading towards failure is parallel and opposite to your initial goal. Taking responsibility helps you keep on the right route. (e.g. Malala Yousafzai was aware of the consequences that would happen if she kept going to school, yet it was not enough to stop her from earning her education. She took the responsibility for that action and her braveness and eagerness to be educated inspired many pupils and older students to take responsibility and be proud of being taught because not everywhere education is free (Academy, 2014).)

Furthermore, setting goals is another excellent habit to transform your life and become more productive. Setting goals should be one of the priorities for anyone looking for success. Most successful students clearly express where they want to proceed and what they want to achieve by setting goals (Mangwiro, 2020). Having goals and objectives to constantly complete will slowly increase your productivity and self-discipline since you want to complete them before a set date. This will prove your punctuality and your eagerness to keep accomplishing tasks. Every successful person understands that you must break your goals into smaller steps. Setting big goals helps you to picture the final result, but small goals are easier to work toward (Watson, 2019). Having a checklist and seeing progress will help you reach your final goal and your productivity as you are constantly accomplishing and slowly going towards something that is passionate about you.

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Moreover, stress management, prioritizing family, time management, and the level of concentration are crucial to achieving the top result. Being constantly stressed will lower your ability to keep a persistent level of productivity. Being less productive will stumble you on your way to being victorious and prosperous in your career. Stress brings exhaustion and irritability as well as clouding the mind and decision-making. Stress management techniques will enable you to overcome tasks with superior clarity. Learning stress management techniques will improve your potential in your career. When the manager recognizes not only your ability to cope under pressure but to perform well, this could open up promotion chances for you (globaledulinkuk, 2017). Having clear, rational thinking is the best way to surely advance on your track. It will increase your confidence level and enable you to work with more difficult problems and not be dreaded certain situations. Being able to control your temper under pressing conditions will improve your thinking and the way you analyze things. Good, coherent ideas will come to your mind at a much faster pace.

Additionally, prioritizing family will also guide you as you could talk to them and they might have been through similar situations. Their own life experience could guide and lead them to an undiscovered decision you never thought of. Also, having someone to encourage and be beside you on your chosen path is motivational and will subconsciously enhance your ability to do things as you do not want to disappoint them in any way. When learners prioritize each other’s ideas and needs, they are more aware of what their business requires. Share your failures and successes with your family and listen to what they have to say. Their own life experience can enhance your understanding of what is going right and what is going wrong in your business, and how certain things can be done differently to change and improve some parts of the business (Tejada, n.d.).

Time management is another important habit to maintain yourself on the right road since you want to intelligently allocate your time to spend as much of it as you would want with your family or do certain activities that please you. Good time management conveys the idea that you can independently arrange activities based on your timetable and still leave some time for other priorities such as spending time with loved ones. It also implies that you, as a person, are very punctual and can get things done quite rapidly to a good standard and have extra time for yourself. Good time management permits you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success. Each benefit of time management improves another aspect of your life. All you must do is get the cycle started and it will become a natural occurrence (AppointmentPlus, 2015).

Likewise, the level of concentration is important to be successful since it takes a long period of time to get back on your initial route once you lost focus. Being able to keep your concentration throughout the entire time that you work is perseverance or pure talent. Either way, it is difficult to be focused for a very long time, it takes practice and once you manage to manipulate your mind into being completely concentrated on the work you are doing, everything will be done at its best possible standard and the level of productivity will keep increasing. The stress of not being able to deal with difficult problems will slowly decrease and everything will begin to be done at an exceptional level. Attention distractions can lead to higher levels of stress, a bad mood, and lower productivity (Thorne, 2020). Having low productivity will slow down your progress and it will take a lot longer to achieve where you want to be.

In conclusion, being successful is not an overnight wish that can be accomplished. It takes time, hard work, and consistency to get where your final task is, to be successful. Self-discipline, taking responsibility, setting small goals, stress and time management, prioritizing family, and the level of concentration are all attributes to becoming successful. Once some of these habits are mastered, success will only be a few steps ahead. These will also enrich your critical and analytical thinking and you will easily manage problems that are encountered difficult now. Consistency is the key that permanently keeps you on the right route.


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