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High School Graduation Speech

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Thank you everyone for coming to the graduation of the 2022 seniors of High School. Today I am here to celebrate our journey as a cohort. I firstly want to acknowledge how fortunate we have been to have had resources readily available to aid our academic growth.

All of the lessons we have learnt – both in and outside of class, all the books we read, essays we wrote, nights we spent cramming for a test the next day, the relationships we began, ended and mended, and all of the delightful and dreadful experiences that we have had throughout our schooling education. It has all led up to this day that we never thought would come so fast. Our year 12 graduation.

As I reflect on the class of 2022, I think about the activists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, artists, mathematicians, athletes, scientists, leaders, and so much more. Among our class of 2022, we have individuals who are able to come together to do more than they could ever do apart. These past 5 years have been both memorable and life changing. All of use here have changed and grown as individuals through our experiences here at school.

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It has been a great run, class of 2022. Although some of us have been vocally cynical about high school, m, When I look back on the last five years of high school here, I cannot deny it, I have enjoyed it – a lot. No, I won’t miss the lack of sleep, the mountains of homework we have had, or the busy hallways when changing classes. I won’t miss the freezing cold breaks during winter, when I would rather have a shorter break and get to go home earlier. There are plenty of things I won’t miss, but there are so many things I will miss.

One thing we could probably all agree on is that we did not get to our graduation day by solely ourselves. We have all had help from countless other people, whether it was our friends, parents, teachers or others, somewhere along the way we received the help we needed. And it is these people who we need to express our gratitude to, they’ve been here for us all, taught us countless lessons to help us grow into who we are today.

The road that lies ahead after high school will not be easy, there will be challenges and obstacles, however even when you feel like you could not possibly go on any longer – you can. There may be moments when you believe that you are alone, and that you have no way of getting out. But remember, you are never alone in this journey, we are all venturing out on this journey together. And remember, you have made it through the last five years of high school to get here, don’t stop now. When reaching our goals in the future it will not be easy, and that does not mean you give up and take the easier option. Push yourself and know you can do it.


Finally, although I may never cross paths with some of you ever again and I may be lifelong friends with somebody listening to this. I wish every single one of you success and happiness in every endeavour you choose to pursue. I look forward to the day working with some classmates of the Heathfield high school 2022 graduates. I know that we have so much to offer to the world as a generation. We will all do on to do great things and I could not be more excited for the next chapter of all our lives.

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