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This time, I want to explain about group and team communication. When you work in the hospitality industry, you work with a variety of people and work around teamwork. We prepared a canape with our classmates at the graduation ceremony on the third week of September and worked with second-grade students. Also, I know better that team communication is important because I am personally working in the hotel kitchen. Most hospitality industries work in their sections, and they come together and serve customers, and they should not be made too soon or too late. The relationship with the members is also important because although they work in their respective sections, the number of team members who help each other and work with each other is mostly the same. This teamwork naturally has a close connection with communication. This is because teamwork takes place as well as communicating with other chefs. If you don't communicate, you can't get the order itself, and this situation prevents you from becoming a team. So I will focus on the importance of communication and teamwork in this report.


To explain recent teamwork activities, we decided to make a canape for the graduation ceremony of the cuisine, and patisserie diploma on the third week of September, so on the eve of the graduation ceremony, we prepared a canape. We made various teams in pairs to make each other canape. I was teamed with Caroline and made mussel escabeche with garlic mayo on toasted baguettes. We had to prepare about 60 people so everyone was busy because we had to make them as fast and delicious as possible. I and Caroline shared each other's roles and worked, Caroline made baguettes and I cleaned and cooked mussels. Also, we continuously checked each other's processes and helped each other if anything goes wrong. We were very busy because many guests came on the day of graduation. Caroline and I flipped the canape we had prepared the day before and gave it to the second-grade students to serve. During the graduation ceremony, Me and Caroline continued to communicate with each other and completed successfully. I think one of the reasons why our team went well was because we shared the role well. The reason why we divided the roles seemed to be because time was limited and we had to prepare 60 people and also because we had to prepare as fast as possible. Some of the other teams have worked together to make it inefficient. But it seemed that all of us were not perfect, because it was the first canape that I and Caroline tried, and it was used for the graduation ceremony, so it took too long, of course, it was not wrong, but I think the cooking speed was also very important, so I think it was a reduction factor in hospitality. One of the important things in the hospitality industry is time management so taking a lot of time to prep dishes & cooking food is a disadvantage in the hospitality industry

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To tell you about another experience, I work part-time in a hotel and I take charge of the larder section or dessert section at lunchtime, and my main job is to make salad or dessert. The chef calls the order when the order comes in, so listen carefully and not just make it fast, but provide it with the same timing when the food comes out of the other section. For example, if an order comes with steak and Caesar salad risotto, the salad should be served with risotto, so you should have continuous communication with the grill section and the Vege section chefs to check how long it takes to get there. If it is made too early, the temperature of the food decreases and it can give customers a bad image because it serves low-quality food. Communication plays a very important role because if I don't communicate with other chefs, they don't know when the food comes out and it becomes difficult to provide my food to them.

Like this experience, communication as a team is very important. Because every hospitality industry operates as a team rather than as an individual, there should be trust and efficient communication with each other. There are many different characteristics and characters to make a successful team, the first is its relationship with the team members. The relationship with team members is quite important, and the hospitality industry itself is focused on teamwork, but if the relationship with team members is not good, it will not be easy to proceed smoothly. For the relationship to improve with the team members, we must respect each other first. If we don't respect each other, we should respect each other and help each other when we need help because there is only a lot of conflict left. The atmosphere of comfort also plays a part. of course, when you work, you have to be serious and concentrate, but the atmosphere where you can ask each other's regards and make simple jokes changes the team itself positively. You need to know what role you are playing. The second is to know what role you are playing. You have to know your goals and work hard to help your business, and you can also take it to the next level by achieving your goals Each team member must know how he or she fits into the overall picture. Finally, members should know and follow the guidelines. When you work in the kitchen, you have to use fairly dangerous kitchenware and know and follow guidelines because you apply a variety of different recipes. For example, when using a meat slicer, you should use a handle to prevent hand ingress, and when using a deep fryer, there are so many guidelines that you should be careful not to splash oil, so you should learn those guidelines, be careful, and work safely. There are many other ways to make a good team, and to tell you a few things, things have to be fun and comfortable. It may be the most important thing; it is of no use if you are not interested in work. On the contrary, work should be fun because it can ruin the atmosphere of the team by making more frequent mistakes and pressure.


In conclusion, In my personal opinion, the hospitality industry takes a long time to adapt and is one of those jobs that requires that much experience. So when my friends who are working like me are working as a team, they finish their work more easily and quickly and without any mistakes. I was able to experience various experiences while working and studying, and also I learned about the importance of teamwork in advance by working. Also, it was more comfortable and fun to cook with my friends and help them prepare the canapes for this graduation ceremony. It was more comfortable and fun, so I thought the teamwork was better and communication was good. In fact, after the graduation ceremony, Chef Francis raved that our canape was quite delicious. As I said before, I explained about various characteristics to make a good team. In my personal opinion, this experience was a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and fun work to solve everything. It was a bit serious where I worked and the other chefs were much older than me, so I didn't feel like friends, but it was different when I was with my school. I think it was a good experience. I will be more comfortable enjoy my work more and become a member of a good team. Also, I will be in a team of 2 people in the graduation canape exam next November. I will develop a cooperative spirit and prepare better and faster than last time.


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