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Social And Material Aspects In Formation Of Classroom Climate

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Growing up people would remember that they’ve had a class where the classroom feels a bit uncomfortable. The idea is that if a student feels uncomfortable within a classroom because they fear the hostility or ridicule the student might receive well they won’t bother engaging. Educators must learning to create a comfortable classroom climate to help improve academic performance within the students. Creativity is going down as each new generation of students come forth, students are either bored out of their minds or too afraid to bother learning because the environment isn’t welcoming. Educators should never forget that they are powerful behavioral role models for their students. Because they shape student behaviors by their own example, teachers should hold themselves to the same standards for civility and respect that they expect of their students. A positive learning environment is created when you value participatory teaching and learning and when there is trust and rapport among students and between yourself and students. Let’s further define the characteristics found in a positive learning environment: Students feel physically and emotionally safe. If a classroom rule states, for example, that ‘In this classroom, we use a respectful tone of voice’, the rule applies equally to students and teachers.

Each child must feel a sense of belonging within the classroom so an educator needs to differentiate them. Learning is not merely the absorption of material by a student. We can foster effective learning and analysis that it’ll transform experience of our students every day by harnessing the power of emotions. Kearney (2016) states because “The accurate identification and measurement of classroom climate is therefore an essential component of any school improvement effort.” Classroom layout, a child centered classroom, positive behavior management techniques, a safe learning environment, lack of bias, cultural sensitivity, and the requirement to give students a chance to develop their minds and engage within the classroom.

From my interpretation positive learning environment is a place where students feel safe and encouraged, where everybody works toward a common goal, where everyone gives and gets respected, and last but not least, it is a place where there is support and cooperation from the entire school community. Both the climate of the classroom and the school reflect the influence of a school’s culture, which is a stable quality emerging from underlying, institutionalized values and belief systems, norms, ideologies, rituals, and traditions. And, of course, classroom climate and culture both are shaped by the school’s surrounding and embedded political, social, cultural, and economic contexts.

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Promote positive peer relationships. You want to create an environment where your students support and are kind to one another. Early education is a tough business. It is fast-paced, physically demanding, and emotionally taxing. However, as we have come to understand the value of setting aside time for lesson planning and observation, we must also understand the value of cultivating Positive Climate among teaching teams. Deliberately plan relationship-building activities and games that encourage positive interactions. These can be long-term projects, or short and simple games designed for students to get to know each other better. Pay attention to the social dynamics of your classroom. Do some students have trouble making friends? Do some students have trouble getting along with others? Who has a lot of friends? Who has few friends? Interviewing your students one-on-one can help you identify students that have stronger or weaker social connections. This can inform your seating arrangements, guide your grouping and pairing decisions, and assist you in helping students form new networks of friends. Class meetings provide a safe environment in which students can discuss with you and each other topics that are important to them.

The three mentioned basic psychological needs are autonomy, competence and relatedness. Hamilton and Morgan (2018) “Classroom climate is a perceived quality of the setting.” It emerges in a somewhat fluid state from the complex transaction of many immediate environmental factors (e.g., physical, material, organizational, operational, and social variables). Hamilton and Morgan (2018) “Classroom climate is a perceived quality of the setting.” One can safely say that it is a prerequisite if meaningful work and student cooperation are expected. It also conducive to learning and without it, teachers may find difficulty in handling classroom management and goes hand in hand with effective teaching. Coy and Kostewicz (2018) “teachers using proactive behavior management approaches alter the classroom environment to promote student engagement in appropriate behavior.” Within a positive classroom environment, the atmosphere must be conducive to taking safe challenges without fear of ridicule. One can safely say that it is a prerequisite if meaningful work and student cooperation are expected. It also conducive to learning and without it, teachers may find difficulty in handling classroom management and goes hand in hand with effective teaching. However, I think that this task should be shared by not just teachers and learners, but also of parents, school administrators, the school community itself, and to an extent, the whole community as well. A positive environment is the building block in developing a child with the positive self-efficacy to take safe challenges. If a student is afraid of being shamed and ridiculed by their peers and teachers, they will avoid taking risks to protect themselves from embarrassment in result causing the students learning opportunities to fluctuate.

We all know the factors that can threaten a positive classroom environment: problems that kids bring from home, lack of motivation among students whose love of learning has been drilled right out of them, pressures from testing, and more. So my theory is by developing and reinforce classroom rules and consequences that clearly are consistent with safe and respectful behavior that it’ll cause a growth in classroom climate and the development of the student’s learning opportunities. Also there is different types of learning such as “both theory and ethical practice in the educational process across different sectors” Ipek and Ziatdinov (2017). The educational picture today of theory is full of paradoxes and inconsistencies and ethical which is the teacher through the use of real-life moral dilemmas that educational leaders face in their schools and communities. Also another interesting idea brought up in Colbert-Getz (2016) study of “personal growth.” The idea of “personal growth to me brings the opportunities to create an environment in students would be less resilient to participations. Once the environment is created students will be begin to grow mentally creating a liking to their “personal growth” (that being mentally and academically) which is the end result of a positive classroom climate. A positive learning environment is one of the most critical components of a skills-based health education classroom. Classroom environment is one of the most important factors affecting student learning. Simply put, students learn better when they view the learning environment as positive and supportive.

Classroom Climate is the classroom environment, the social climate, the emotional and the physical aspects of the classroom. … The way the instructor organizes the classroom should lead to a positive environment rather than a destructive and/or an environment that is not conducive to learning. The importance of a positive classroom climate is key for the development of a student’s minds and creativeness. How is a student meant to get inspired if they’re bored out of their minds? Educators need to take the time to develop their classrooms to create the proper environment that invite students to participate in class, add to lectures, ask questions, and look forward to engaging in the classroom. A positive classroom is essential to students, without it how are they meant to develop themselves and their futures if they’re too bored and afraid to participate inside a classroom?

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