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Marketing Strategy of Samsung Smartphones

If we turn some years back, we know that the mobile phone industry was commanded and dominated by Nokia and Motorola. They had been superiors in this position for quite some time. However, as time goes by things dramatically changed. At that time Samsung company in the mobile phone industry was one of the smallest company with almost low profile and distinct products or low cost product portfolio. In less than a decade, they managed to emerge the market leaders...
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Samsung as the Dominant Player in the Android-based Tablet Market

Have you noticed that in recent years there are almost no Android-based tablets manufactured by prominent technology companies? In other words, it’s not that there are no wavy or tablet product launches, but in the end, Apple managed to effectively control the tablet market with their superior iPads and became the default type for those looking for a tablet. But there is one company that refuses to give up the Android-based tablet market. I took the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6,...
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How Samsung Company Treats Its Workers

Samsung produces smart devices such as Tv’s, tablets, smartwatches, phones, desktop computers, headphones, refrigerators, memory devices, and much more. It is based in South Korea and the reason why it’s based there is that the CEO of Samsung Kim KI Nam is Korean and lived in Korea at the time when he started his business and the location never changed. There are 6 manufacturing facilities in 6 countries that produce Samsung’s smartphones. Those countries are Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia,...
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Samsung Group: Largest Producers Of Electronic Devices In The World

Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate founded on 1 March 1938 (Samsung US, 2020). The business philosophy of Samsung is to devote their talent and technology to creating superior products and services to contribute to a better society. This statement would indicate that the purpose of Samsung is to create products and services that are of high quality and would ensure customer satisfaction. The company also aims that this product and services will be able to contribute to...
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Samsung Company: How To Destroy The Reputation In A Minute

One of the largest phone companies in the world would be Samsung, based in South Korea, Samsung has a large range of electronics which not only includes mobile phones but household devices and other digital media devices. In the 2000s Samsung created the smartphone series, which became its most successful product. It continuously topped the lists for best-selling smartphones. In 2006 their televisions became more popular however again in 2010 they increased their merchandise to tablets and with that came...
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Samsung Cost Structure

Through dependable items and administrations, inventive thoughts, skilled individuals, collaboration with other accomplices and clients and a mindful approach to trade and worldwide citizenship, Samsung has taken the world to modern creative headings. Samsung could be a producer like other Asian makers such as Sony Organization or NEC Enterprise, with a prominence of vertical integration. It may be a procedure in which a company possesses or has the specialist to control its wholesalers, providers or retail locations to influence its...
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Marketing Strategy of Samsung Company

Introduction Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, South Korean multinational electronics company, has been a major manufacturer of electronic components for five decades. In the 1990s Samsung expanded into the global electronics markets. It is currently one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile phones and smartphones. The Company is also a major vendor of tablet computers, particularly its Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab collection, and is generally regarded as pioneering the phablet market through the Samsung Galaxy Note family of devices. Not...
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Samsung Global Supply Chain Management

Regarding investment decisions, Samsung uses discounted cash flow analysis to determine whether an investment is worthwhile by estimating its future returns adjusted for the time value of money. This has manifested in many locations within countries with investment incentives like Vietnam and Africa. Similarly, Samsung electronics is operating a cobweb of more than 100 offshore subsidiaries across the world, generating more than 90% of its revenues abroad. As a result, it has been accused of doing transfer pricing manipulation. More...
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Comparison and Contrast of the CSR Policies of Sony Hong Kong and Samsung

Nowadays technology booming, there are a lot of electrical industries active in the world. When they keep producing technology products, pollution is inevitable such as chemical pollution, air pollution or land pollution etc. Refer to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, if we do not take measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, and control the global temperature rise to within 2 °C, there will be irreversible climate disasters around the world. At the same time,...
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Comparison and Contrast with Samsung and TSMC

Every company has its policy on various areas such as business policy, employee management policy and workplace environment policy. However, there is also a necessary policy for establishing a successful and famous company, Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. According to Investopedia, CSR policy refers to a self-regulating business model that helps a company to be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders and the public. An effective CSR policy can lead a company to climb up the ladder of success by...
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Samsung and Its Story Of Achieving Success Through Innovation

Samsung, the brand which doesn’t require an introduction in the modern era has started its journey from making cheap electronic gadgets (calculator, black &white T.V) in the early ’90s.However, today it’s the leading manufacturer for the mad finishing models in the television industry. You name it and they have it, in other words, they made a drastic change in the industry not only in the Television sector but also in the majority of the home appliances. In addition, the South...
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Samsung Explosion Issue

After Samsung released Note 7 on 19 August 2016, at least 35 cases of explosion had been reported within a month since 24 August. According to the CPSC, Samsung has ‘received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the US, including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in cars and a garage’. As of 1 September, Samsung has only acknowledged 35 of these reported incidents. Samsung immediately reacted and recalled about 2.5 million Note...
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The Peculiarities of Samsung Brand

Introduction Burris said in (2020) The Samsung Bunch could be a South Korea-based combination company that incorporates auxiliaries. It’s one of the biggest businesses in Korea, creating about one-fifth of the country’s add up to trades with a essential center in hardware, overwhelming industry, development, and defines. Other major auxiliaries of Samsung incorporate protections, promoting, and excitement businesses. Samsung’s Beginnings With as it were 30,000 won (almost US$27), Lee Byung-chul begun Samsung as a exchanging company based in a city...
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Study on Customer Satisfaction for Samsung Android Mobiles in Mumbai

With the fiasco that was the Note 7 a year ago, Samsung’s image endured a shot. In any case, they make incredible items and keep on creating astonishing gadgets. Numerous individuals ask me for what valid reason I picked a Samsung cell phone, particularly since the Note 7 issues, and not something from Google or Apple. In the wake of getting posed this inquiry over and over, I thought it was imperative to at last location this for every one...
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Differentiation Strategy of Samsung Company

In battle, use the Direct Force to engage the enemy, and the Indirect Force to win. The statement explained that the in battle, we can divide the forces into two methods of attacks, the direct and indirect. In all fighting, the direct strategy is applicable for joining battle, but indirect strategy will be needed in order to secure victory. In business, direct forces might be similar to the quality of company’s services or products. However, the indirect forces could be...
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Samsung Brand Philosophy and Product Placement: Analytical Essay

Samsung sells a greater number of smartphones than any other individual company in the world. Despite this fact, in terms of technological advancement and sleepless design to the iPhone, retails at a more unquestionable expense. Both Samsung and Apple’s iPhones can be seen as grounded brands. “Samsung started as Samsung General Stores in 1938 in the Northern Province of Kyungsang in South Korea as an exporter of dried fish and flour (Kovach, 2013).” In the 1970s the brand became revitalized...
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Samsung As A Model Of Morals And Social Obligation

This organization is begun by Lee Byung-Chull in 1938. It is begun as an exchanging organization. In the beginning days, the organization has low number of individuals and produce constrained merchandise. After that organization began developing yet in 1950 because of certain reasons Lee shut his tasks in Seoul. With the investment funds, Lee again begun his business and in 1953, he built up a sugar treatment facility, yet many condemn him for this. This is when entered fabricating industry....
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The Analysis of Samsung Economy

Since 1938 to the present day, Samsung is one of the major electronics companies worldwide in the IT sector (Samsung, 2013). Beginning in Korea, it is now spreading internationally. Samsung specialized in digital devices, including laptops, televisions, microwaves and fridges, electronics, semi-conductive equipment and network connectivity (Samsung, 2013). Samsung, which is more than a century old, revealed a decrease over the sale of its smartphones to maximize their profit because the other goods show a decreasing deal, such as home...
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Marketing Principles of Samsung: Analytical Essay

Executive Summary This report was written to show what is Samsung’s marketing strategy and how do they promote their phones using different marketing mixes. This report draws attention to the fact that Samsung is leading the market share against Apple and other brands in the last year at 26.15%. Thus, the report shows how Samsung stays at the top while knowing its positioning in the market. Samsung also have specific target customers, so it can focus its products to be...
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Impact of Global Marketing Strategy on the Success of Samsung Electronics

Abstract Global marketing strategy has played a vital role in the success of every company that is recognized worldwide. For a company to gain competitive advantage over rival companies in the global market, a good global marketing strategy must be set in place. When the right marketing strategy is applied, the company enjoys a lot of benefits and this also helps the company to improve in delivery of its products and services. The purpose of this research is to study...
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The Rise of Samsung: Why it's Bigger than you Think

This is OOCL Hong Kong, the largest container ship ever built, with a length of 400 (399.87)meters and width of almost 60 meters (58.80M), it can carry 21,413 20 foot-long containers.In comparison, Boeing 747-8 is just 78 meters long and it’s the world’s longest passengerplane. And this ship is built By Samsung, the exactsame company that’s competing with Apple to dom inate smartphone industry. Even if theyare lucking behind recently. For many of us Samsung is just another techcompany that’s...
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Business Analysis: Case Study of Samsung

Abstract Samsung Group is Korea’s largest multinational conglomerate. Samsung Electronics is Korea’s largest electronics industry and the largest subsidiary of the Samsung Group. Samsung Galaxy Note series models have been regarded as the ‘flagship’ model of Android, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a double-curved screen, blue body, iris recognition, new S Pen, waterproof, dust-proof and other functions have been recognized and expected by many netizens. Among them, the huge Chinese market has made great contributions to its achievements....
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The Success Factors of Samsung Electronics

Introduction In this report, we are going to discuss the success of Samsung electronics and will point out the factors that play a key role in the success of the company. To understand those factor effects we will use three different techniques of analysis PESTEL, SWOT, and marketing mix respectively. We will see how a single factor from the analysis techniques is effecting in the success of the company. Company Introduction Samsung Electronics Ltd. Headquarter is situated in South Korea...
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The Analysis of Samsung Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Scholars continue to debate the precise meaning of marketing strategy. Consequently, the literature offers many different definitions. On close examination, however, these definitions appear to centre around the notion that strategy refers to a broad statement of what is to be achieved. Strategic planning involves an analysis of the company’s strategic initial situation prior to the formulation, evaluation and selection of...
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Apple VS Samsung

There are a lot of companies out there producing great products. But today I will be talking about two main competitors as of right now. Apple and Samsung. Apple has been competing with Samsung for a while now. These amazing companies have made a lot of useful technology to make our life easier. But speaking about the future I believe there will be only one winner. Personally, I like apple products because they are easier to use and are less...
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A Comparative Analysis of Apple and Samsung Regarding their Marketing Mix Strategies

Introduction The purpose of this report is to compare and analyse the marketing mix strategies of Apple and Samsung and also the final aim is to create recommendations of the companies. The report starts with a short brief history of both companies Apple and Samsung, afterward, the marketing mix strategies used by both companies and finally a recommendation. Apple and Samsung are the biggest smartphone companies operating worldwide. This report focusses on these two companies and their marketing mix strategies....
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Apple versus Samsung: Design Patent Litigation

Abstract High-technology companies that have brought innovation to the market also use their innovation to claim their intellectual property rights around the world. In 2011, Apple Inc started to put forward as a fact its design patent over Samsung Electronics Company in the gets together States court and the disputes then expanded to more than fifty questions taken to be judged by law in a great number of courts around the world and became a design patent war. The number...
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Samsung: Strategic Brand Management

INTRODUCTION Samsung group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938. During the beginnings the group was already very diversified with areas like food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. In the late 1960s they integrated to the group the electronics area which increased the group’s growth a lot. After the founder’s death in 1987, Samsung was separated into four business groups: Samsung Group, Shinsegae Group, CJ Group and Hansol Group. Today Samsung Group employs less...
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Samsung: The Aspects Of Consumer Behaviour

INTRODUCTION Samsung is a South Korean conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises of numerous businesses under the umbrella brand of Samsung. It was initially started as a trading company but has diversified into other sectors through the years. Samsung has been consistently successful in satisfying customer needs through its varied range of products and services. The company generates revenues through three major business units: information technology and mobile communications (IM), consumer electronics (CE) and device solutions (DS). The...
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Analysis of Education Program: Essay on Samsung Smart Class

Samsung Smart Class The Indian education system to date is to a great extent driven by regular techniques for utilizing course books as instructive material and addresses for conferring information. This prompts substandard learning results at advanced education levels, further reflected in low-talented labor in India. Samsung considers training to be the seed of development and along these lines made the Samsung Smart Class program that bolsters instruction using Samsung’s innovation, administration, and skill. Set up in association with Government...
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