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Apple VS Samsung

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There are a lot of companies out there producing great products. But today I will be talking about two main competitors as of right now. Apple and Samsung. Apple has been competing with Samsung for a while now. These amazing companies have made a lot of useful technology to make our life easier. But speaking about the future I believe there will be only one winner. Personally, I like apple products because they are easier to use and are less stressful. Anyways, both companies have had their ups and downs yet keep on producing excellent results. People who choose apple products are mostly looking for a fast phone, app store, frequent updates, good support, and less malware.

But on the other hand, you will miss out on expandable storage, unlimited customization, and more things you would not be able to do unless you jailbreak your device. The same thing vise versa, people who choose Samsung are mostly looking for a cheaper phone, wider choice, expandable storage, easily customized, and an open-source. The same with Apple, Samsung has its downsides as well. Such as a higher chance of malware, in other words, a virus. The support with Samsung is not as good as what you get from Apple. This is why its hard to decide which company will be left as the winner in the future.

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Judging the two companies based on sales and revenue looks like they are both even. In an article, it is being said, “Apple’s Q1 for 2019 is the same as Samsung’s Q4 2018, both reporting the last three months of the year 2018” (Chris Burns, Slash Gear). This shows that even though its different years, the results for phones in both companies are nearly the same. However, Samsung is starting to make progress by creating phones as good as apple but way cheaper. “While Apple has been focusing on the high-end of the smartphone market, Samsung has been more focused on the lower end of the smartphone market to win the sales” (Panos Mourdoukoutas). That may sound like a good idea but that would hurt their profit because the low-end market price is sensitive.

On August 24, 2019, there was a “Radiation Scandle” lawsuit against Apple and Samsung. It has been said that their products/devices emitted too much harmful radiation (Zak Doffman). They did a few tests and showed that the iPhone 7, one of the most popular products sold, emitted well above the safety limit. To make it worse it was about double what Apple reported. But no need to panic. There has not been hard evidence showing that cellphone radiation is harmful to our bodies. In fact, it has been proven that the radiation coming off phones is actually too weak to do any damage to our cells. In the end, each phone could behave differently.

Recently about a month ago on February 7, 2020, there has been a lawsuit on Apple for making old phones become slower on purpose. Apple made it so if any of their products installed an iOS update higher than iOS 10.2.1, then their phones will eventually get slower with time. Of course, this could be fixed if you just switch out the battery. Apple has not warned their customers about this update and is basically forcing us to buy newer phones every year to costs well beyond $900. They now have to pay “up to 500 million dollars for intentionally slowing down phones” (Loukia Papadopoulos). This does not mean that Apple intends to stop slowing down phones, its actually the opposite. They will continue to make phones slower with time when the battery starts to degrade but inform the users as well.

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