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How Samsung Company Treats Its Workers

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Samsung produces smart devices such as Tv’s, tablets, smartwatches, phones, desktop computers, headphones, refrigerators, memory devices, and much more. It is based in South Korea and the reason why it's based there is that the CEO of Samsung Kim KI Nam is Korean and lived in Korea at the time when he started his business and the location never changed. There are 6 manufacturing facilities in 6 countries that produce Samsung's smartphones. Those countries are Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Korea. Each facility produces over 10 million phones each year. In fact, the business produces 270 million phones each year and 50% of the production comes from Vietnam alone.

Many major companies such as this business produce their products in countries that don’t have many human rights laws, so they don’t have to be paying much for the workers' wages. In Australia, the minimum wage that someone gets receives is $19.50 every hour whereas in the countries that Samsung manufactures the minimum wage is $7 a month.

Every person can work for Samsung whether you are designing the phone, making it, coming up with ideas, getting the materials, and much more. The engineering part of making any product requires a degree but the making of the phone does not. So, depending on what you want to do at the workplace will either require a degree or will not. It is mostly men that are working in most of the sections of Samsung, but they're still are females working. Gender and doesn’t really matter when it comes to being employed by this company. The main thing is qualifications and what you can do.

Many people have theories about where Samsung gets its raw materials. A lot of people say that the materials come from Indonesia because one-third of the world's tin is from Indonesia, and there is also a theory that the conditions are harsh, and one person dies every week trying to get the tin from the ground.

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There has been an undercover worker that worked for Samsung to see how the workers are being treated. And unfortunately, there wasn’t much good news for them. Apparently, the workers only got paid the minimum amount of what the law has set. The workers were also placed in apartments close to the factory and weren't allowed to leave only for valid reasons.

Samsung alone produces about 270 million phones a year and the other major companies produce even more phones every year, so that requires a lot of raw materials such as tin. The total amount of phones produced yearly (so, every company in the world) is 1.5 billion phones, so that is draining the earth a lot.

Something that many people wonder about and hasn't found out is where major smartphone companies get their raw materials from. No one from the outside of Samsung knows where the materials are from and is a huge secret kept for decades.

Every year Samsung gives 5 million dollars to high schools to give students scholarships. There are also girl clubs that help empower and encourage young girls. The company also gives 3 million dollars to children's research hospitals a team also gets flown to Africa to help the people in Africa whether it’s to build a well, assist medically or give food. Cleaning up the areas around the factories or headquarters is something that is encouraged for the workers to participate in occasionally.

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