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Will Apple Maintain Its Dominance in the UK Market?

Since the launch of its first phone called iPhone, Apple has dominated the mobile market. It has been a trend setter and has attracted a large number of loyal customers who buy every product they launch. Some new companies such as Huawei is rising to the occasion and has started to give a competition to other small firms. In this essay it will be argued whether a trillion-dollar company, Apple will remain the dominating force and maintain its monopoly on...
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Effects of Monopolies of Large Tech Firms in the Digital Platform Markets

Over the last decade, the influence of digital platforms has generated great progress. Large tech firms (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google) have changed people’s lifestyles by providing services. These services, often free of charge, have changed the way people communicate and interact with others, shop, and find information. There are many advantages to such large digital platforms, however, they have also gained considerable control of consumer information, which reinforces their market power. This has caused concern not only in terms...
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Comparison of iOS and Android

The phone market is currently dominated by two different operating systems, Android and Apple. Android initially released as a software in 2008 and began producing phones later that year in October. Apple was released on June 27, 2007, and had 10 million sales at the end of the year. Consumers trying to choose between Android and iOS should consider durability, security, and battery life. To begin with, the durability of a phone should be taken into consideration since phones can...
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Study on Customer Satisfaction for Samsung Android Mobiles in Mumbai

With the fiasco that was the Note 7 a year ago, Samsung’s image endured a shot. In any case, they make incredible items and keep on creating astonishing gadgets. Numerous individuals ask me for what valid reason I picked a Samsung cell phone, particularly since the Note 7 issues, and not something from Google or Apple. In the wake of getting posed this inquiry over and over, I thought it was imperative to at last location this for every one...
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Samsung Brand Philosophy and Product Placement: Analytical Essay

Samsung sells a greater number of smartphones than any other individual company in the world. Despite this fact, in terms of technological advancement and sleepless design to the iPhone, retails at a more unquestionable expense. Both Samsung and Apple’s iPhones can be seen as grounded brands. “Samsung started as Samsung General Stores in 1938 in the Northern Province of Kyungsang in South Korea as an exporter of dried fish and flour (Kovach, 2013).” In the 1970s the brand became revitalized...
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Mentoring Programs in Intel: Analytical Essay

The Mentoring Program is designed to provide information to new employees with the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills, capabilities, and experience to enhance their careers and professional development. Mentoring programs see experienced staff in a company giving direction and individual bolster to less experienced group individuals. They can be colossally useful to trade in several ways. Regularly, the mentor/mentee relationship could be a one-on-one course of action, where the mentee is guided through aptitudes and career advancement, as well...
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Marketing Principles of Samsung: Analytical Essay

Executive Summary This report was written to show what is Samsung’s marketing strategy and how do they promote their phones using different marketing mixes. This report draws attention to the fact that Samsung is leading the market share against Apple and other brands in the last year at 26.15%. Thus, the report shows how Samsung stays at the top while knowing its positioning in the market. Samsung also have specific target customers, so it can focus its products to be...
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Essay on Steve Jobs and the Story about Apple

Introduction Attention grabber: Story about Apple. Introductory Remarks: Do you know that Apple is ranked, 11 in Fortune global 500 and its revenue is about 229,234 US dollars? Reveal Topic: Today I will introduce the legend who assisted Apple to be such an excellent company. He is Steve Jobs. Preview: I will talk about his biography, his success story, and the difference between him and the current Apple director, Tim Cook. Transition: Now I would like to explain Steve Jobs’...
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Business Analysis: Case Study of Samsung

Abstract Samsung Group is Korea’s largest multinational conglomerate. Samsung Electronics is Korea’s largest electronics industry and the largest subsidiary of the Samsung Group. Samsung Galaxy Note series models have been regarded as the ‘flagship’ model of Android, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a double-curved screen, blue body, iris recognition, new S Pen, waterproof, dust-proof and other functions have been recognized and expected by many netizens. Among them, the huge Chinese market has made great contributions to its achievements....
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Analysis of Education Program: Essay on Samsung Smart Class

Samsung Smart Class The Indian education system to date is to a great extent driven by regular techniques for utilizing course books as instructive material and addresses for conferring information. This prompts substandard learning results at advanced education levels, further reflected in low-talented labor in India. Samsung considers training to be the seed of development and along these lines made the Samsung Smart Class program that bolsters instruction using Samsung’s innovation, administration, and skill. Set up in association with Government...
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Google Glass: Analysis of Reasons for Failure

Many great scientists and technology aficionados have claimed the theory that in a non-distant future the range and power of technology will exceed humanity. Many of the emerging technologies in twenty first are substantiating this claim by bridging the gap between definition of machines and humans, i.e., physical world and virtual world. The contemporary world is advancing at a very fast pace in the avenues related to artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality. The concept of ‘smart’ technologies primarily...
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Can Search Engine Be a Culprit of Defamation? Google Cases

With constant development of technology nowadays, it becomes more complex to draw a line between legitimate information delivery and defamation. A question brought to the table is that whether a search engine assumes full liability for any damages triggered by defamatory publication on its platform or whether a plea of innocent dissemination is applicable. In defamation law, a plaintiff can take a party to the court arguing that he has endured three of the following things: the words or pictures...
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Reflections on How the Google Search Engine Affects Intelligence

Google search is a great tool for searching information that we need for work. It is so easy just to Google something knowing you will have it at the palm of your hand in no time at all or better yet not having to spend hours looking in books for a bit of information. But searching Google for every answer may seem awesome there are some negative impacts it can bring to our own intelligence as well. There are many...
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Essay on Google Search Engine

Google search engine is the most popular search engine in the world due to its reputation as the most trusted source of information. Its history begins in 1995, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin, while studying at Standard University, began to develop a search engine as part of their research project and named it as the ‘BackRub’. In order to determine a site’s authority, they designed the search engine to explore the connecting links between web pages. They called the...
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Google Glass as an Example of Innovation Failure

Innovation is the foremost wheel which drives humanity forward. In this silicone era most innovations we see are all around tech. Not just entrepreneurs but even big tech giants are contributing their fair share of ideas to keep the heat. An innovative idea has a high probability of failure with respect to startups. That’s no big deal, it happens all the time and its reasons are quite well known yet versatile. This research paper is focused on lesser discussed more...
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Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay

The Attention Span Crisis Over the year technology has been taking over humans’ lives. Humans are lacking in their attention span, and all because of the internet. The internet is making us stupid. In an article by Nicholas Carr “Is Google Making us Stupid?”, Carr explains the idea of how the internet has changed our lives by changing the way we think and process information mentally, differently from the past. Carr argues that we think less and rely on quick...
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Essay on Company’s Corporate Culture: Case Study of Apple

· We live in a world where technology, especially information and communication technology plays huge role in today’s daily and practical life, it includes all digital technology that assists individuals, businesses and organizations in using information. It covers all electronic products that deal with information in a digital form. Advances in the development of information and communication technologies is transforming business practices and creating opportunities for new types of entrepreneurial activities. · Technology is an application of knowledge to the...
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Intel Corporation Supply Chain Analysis

Introduction: Intel Corporation was founded in 1968 and is now the biggest semiconductor chip manufacturer over the world. It now has more than 600 facilities within 107.4 thousand employees worldwide (Intel, 2016). The main businesses Intel providing are key components for computer production all over the world, including processors, chipsets, boards, systems and software, and so on. Nowadays, with the development of the internet and computer industry, the competition of hardware manufacturers becomes extremely fierce while Intel can still be...
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My Experience of Visiting a Sales Centre in the Technological Powerhouse of IBM: Reflective Essay

Introduction The means by which companies sell their solutions to clients is constantly changing due to advancements in technology and means by which clients search for products and services. In this academic essay, I will detail my experience of visiting a sales centre in the technological powerhouse of IBM, and how they are embracing the digital age in connecting and selling to their customers. 1. Reasons you chose this Company The world we live in today is becoming more connected...
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Analysis of Advertising Campaign of Intel

Intel Inside Intel has turned out to be one of the world’s most unmistakable PC brands following its long-running Intel Inside battle. The thought for ‘Intel Inside’ left a gathering among Intel and one of the significant PC affiliates, MicroAge.[215] In the late 1980s, Intel’s piece of the pie was in effect genuinely disintegrated by upstart contenders, for example, Progressed Smaller scale Gadgets (presently AMD), Zilog, and other people who had begun to pitch their more affordable chip to PC...
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Innovation Dynamics in Sony: Analytical Essay

Introduction Innovation is considered as the most primarily bandied about terms in the modern era of global business. The newly devised products and services of an innovative organization offer various numbers of innovative and creative features, traits, and consumer touchpoints in amalgamation. The purpose of the assignment is to explain the innovation strategies and innovation dynamics with reference to the organization “Sony”. Every individual industry progresses via stages of steadiness and calmness when innovation is regarding what can be improved...
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Critical Analysis of Sony Subsidiaries and International Exposure

Introduction Sony is a world-renowned large-scale comprehensive multinational conglomerate. Headquartered in 1-7-1, Gangnam, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Sony is a world leader in audiovisual, video games, communications products, and information technology. It is the world’s first pioneer of portable digital products. It is one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers and one of the world’s three major players in the video game industry. One of the six major movie companies in Hollywood, USA. Its brands include Xperia, Walkman, Sony Music, Columbia...
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Intel Versus AMD: Comparative Analysis

Background The American company ‘Intel Corporation’ (Intel) derived from ‘integrated electronics’ founded in 1968, is now one of the biggest known computer processing unit (CPU) brands in today’s market. Intel is my chosen favoured product, as it is the more ‘premium’ product in this critical reflection and can achieve greater performance against its competitors. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) the biggest competitor to Intel was shortly founded a year after Intel. A company similar to Intel also specialized in manufacturing semiconductor...
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The Death and Revival of Sony’s Artificial Intelligence Robot (AIBO): Discursive Essay

Introduction The king has fallen from his crown. The sentence cannot be more perfect to describe the failure of the once-upon-a-time master of consumer electronics industry: Sony. From early 1980s until 1990s Sony was known for its cutting-edge technology, sophistication, and desirability. With infamous Walkman and Trinitron, Sony was considered as Apple of its era. Now everything has changed. Sony may continue to produce high-quality products, but people do not get excited from them anymore. As people moved to competitor...
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Critical Analysis of the Code of Ethics in Intel Company

Introduction: Ethics is considered one of the branches of philosophy, it was created to defense, systemize, recommend the concepts that concerned with correct and wrong behavior. It attempts to find solutions to resolve some issues that are related to human morality, through differentiation between concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime. (Anscombe and Elizabeth, 1981). Ethics has discipline applied in many specialized fields, such as engineering ethics, public service ethics, bioethics, business...
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Analysis of Advancement in Computer Processor: Case Study of Intel

Q. Advancement in computer processors. A central processing unit (CPU), likewise called a central processor or main processor, is the electronic hardware inside a PC that does the instructions of a PC program by doing the fundamental arithmetic, logic, controlling, and input/output (I/O) tasks indicated by the instructions. So the advancement of CPU is very essential for better performance with great power efficiency. So let’s begin from the first to latest processor’s evolution in terms of core, clock speed, cache,...
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Analytical Essay on IBM: Doorman's Five Forces

Doorman’s Five Forces – Universal Business Machines Corporation (IBM) applies techniques to address a wide assortment of issues in the data advancement industry condition, for example, the outer fragments appeared in this Five Forces evaluation of the business. Five forces assessment are proposed to show the outside segments that add to an organization’s accomplishment. The powers outlined in the evaluation are; threat of new competitors, managing force of buyers, danger of substitutes, forceful challenge, and managing power of suppliers. An...
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Analytical Essay on IBM: Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s Five Forces – International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) applies procedures to address a wide variety of issues in the information development industry condition, for instance, the external segments showed up in this Five Forces assessment of the business. Five powers examination are proposed to show the outside components that add to a company’s achievement. The forces delineated in the assessment are; danger of new contestants, dealing intensity of purchasers, risk of substitutes, aggressive competition, and dealing intensity of providers....
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Competition of Emerging Technologies: Case Study of Sony

Abstract Historically Sony has been a trailblazer when it comes to technological innovation. From their humble beginnings to the giant they are now, this growth has been the direct result of their willingness to embrace the opinions and feedback of their customers. This willingness to listen has led Sony to be able to innovate and stay ahead of the fierce competition they face from multiple competitors in the film, music, and gaming industries just to name a few. Introduction Technology...
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Strategic Approach on Sony Corporation Global Strategy and Structure: Analytical Essay

This report provides a strategic approach on Sony Corporation global strategy and structure and how Sony manage its global operation, innovation and risks. This report begins by analyzing the brief overview of Sony, its business segments and geographical coverage. Furthermore, this report will examine mission and vision of Sony and shows how innovation is deeply rooted in the company mission and vision. This report then follows the global strategy and structure adopted by Sony which is a transnational strategy and...
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