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Internship Report in Department of Corporate Finance

About the Company: Elixir Securities Pakistan (previously Indosuez W.I. Carr Securities) is one of the main, independent boutique Investment Banking & Capital Markets Advisory firms in Pakistan, established on account in 1994. They are a Corporate Member of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited & Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited and duly Licensed & Regulated by means of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. Their predominant commercial enterprise sports consist of Investment Banking Services covering Strategic...
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Essay on Corporate Finance: Analysis of Five Major Financial Companies

Introduction/Overview Finance is a field that dominates various aspects of society and plays a crucial role in the business process. The term finance is very broad and covers a vast amount of activities that support the business process every day. Generally speaking, Finance can be defined as activities that revolve around the management of money and acquiring funds, such as investing, lending, and borrowing. The college of business at the Pennsylvania State University defines finance as “how individuals and business...
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The Underlying Concepts Of Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance is a financial set up that had a big role in the growth and infrastructure systems for the region such as enabling the funding for the Shard and the London Gateway (Parmley, 2020) It operates in accordance with the Islamic law which is known as the Sharia which insinuates that it is sharia-compliant (Jamaldeen, 2012). It is like conventional banks in the sense that Islamic Finance contains an approach of banking and undertaking financial transactions (What Is Islamic...
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Overview of Terms on Accounting Based on Corporate Finance Glossary

Balance Sheet A balance sheet shows the financial standing of a company, it can be used as a summary of assets and liabilities and shows the balance of income and expenditure over a given period of time. A simple way to present a balance sheet is by using the equation: Assets = Liabilities + Equity. To present an effective balance sheet, under assets and liabilities, respectively divide into two sections, current, and non-current (long term). An example of some current/liquid...
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The Impact Of Financial Problems On College Student Performance

Task 1: Introduction 1.1 Background – Student financial problem Financial problem is a situation where money worries are causing stress. However, college student has been facing financial problem lately and this problem had become a major problem for college student. Financial problem faced by student are known as they do not have enough money for their daily expenses, where money worries is causing them to stress. After that, financial problems will bring impact to both mental and physical health. According...
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Singaporean Banking System Peculiarities

Singapore become the one of the world’s largest financial centers that provide a variety of products and services. This country also have created one of the most advanced banking system in the world. The banking sector is involved in a wide range of financial services including traditional lending and taking deposit as well as corporate and investment banking activities. Most of the bank in Singapore have different types of client which is consist of individuals, corporations or government agencies. All...
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The Meaning And Structure Of Bad Bank

ABSTRACT With the success of the Bad bank concept in European and western countries it grabs the attention of global economies and becomes the most preferable solution for the Non-performing loans. Now Due to COVID 19 Pandemic Indian government also thinking of implementing Bad bank concept but is not easy as it seems in paper because there is no standard and uniform structure for bad bank. Different countries followed variety of methods which are suitable to their environment. This paper...
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The Factors Affecting Bank Employee Performance In Bangladesh

Banking industry is growing dominantly over the other industry in Bangladesh. Among the all financial service industry, this banking industry contributes more than 80% of its total contribution to GDP. However, in Bangladesh, there are 59 scheduled banks. Among these, six (6) are state owned commercial banks, three (3) specialized banks, forty one (41) are commercial banks and nine (9) are foreign commercial banks. Like all other industry around the world, employees are one of the fundamental key resources for...
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Beneficial State Bank: Organisation Structure And Issues

Beneficial State bank found in California is a community development bank. It was founded by Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor man and wife and the operation was started in the year 2007. The man aim of opening the bank was to providing entrance to financial services for all peoples, particularly the by tradition the underserved, as a considerable number of the population living around the area by then were living below poverty line. For the last four years the bank...
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The Usage Of Artificial Intelligence In Banking

Artificial Intelligence and Banking As global technology has evolved over the years, we have moved from Landline phone to Mobile, Television to Internet and Branch Banking to Mobile Banking and today we are smoothly and gradually adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was John McCarthy who introduced the word AI to the world in 1956. It involves process automation of robotics to the actual process of robotics. AI is very popular today among large companies owing to the data handled by...
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Corporation and Ethics: Banks and other Financial Institutions

Introduction On 11th of February 2019 the Royal Banking commission presented its final report on the misconduct of banking and financial sector, revealing sickening behaviour of the financial industry. The investigation was on going since Dec 2017, highlighting unethical behaviour of banking, superannuation, mortgage and other financial industries and spotlighted some shocking facts about the big corporations. The need for the Royal commission surfaced after years of scandals and sharp decline in consumer’s trust in country’s financial services but on...
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Effect of Cognitive Capabilities on Sustainable Strategic Fit on Competitive Advantage at Selected Commercial Banks in Kenya

Chapter one. Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study Competitive advantage ensures that the firm survives and is placed in a prominent position in the market (Allan 2019). Thus, it is important for firms in an industry to develop competitive advantage over its competitors. According to De wit and Meyer (2010), a firm has a competitive advantage when it has the means to edge out and outsmart rivals when contesting for the favour and following of customers. Schermerhorn et al. (2014)...
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Modern Trends in Marketing of Pakistani Banking Sector Services

Banks in Pakistan had been passed through various stages of development since independence. Throughout all these stages the marketing is not considered to be a banker’s cup of tea. But due to change in the economic structure and increased competition it has now become the fundamental management function. It is not only significant for the survival of the bank but also needed for improving efficiency of the services offered by the bank. Previously, Pakistani banking sector had not paid significant...
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Comparative Analysis of Products and Services of Axis Bank

Axis Bank Ltd., the first bank to begin operations as a new private bank in 1994 after, Government of India allowed new private banks to be established. Axis Bank was jointly promoted by the Administrator of the specified undertaking of the: Unit Trust of India (UTI), Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation Ltd. Additionally, with associates National Insurance Company Ltd., The New India Assurance Company, The Oriental Insurance Corporation and United Insurance Company Ltd. Axis Bank...
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Comparative Analysis of Corporative Bank and Private Bank in Terms of Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays competitive economy banking sectors has been facing forceful challenges in regarding both customer base and performance. Giving customer satisfaction is highly significant function of service industry in today’s economic environment. Service quality is the excellent strategy and also play a key role in service sector in general and banking sector in particular to satisfy the customer’s need. The main objective of the research is to examine the customer satisfaction level between HDFC and corporative bank and also to find...
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Analysis of the Effects of Working Capital Management on the Efficiency of Zimbabwean and Turkish Commercial Banks

Abstract Management of working capital entails the management of the components of current assets and current liabilities. Prior evidence has also endeavored to established the relationship that exists between working capital and the efficiency of companies. Therefore, this research study examined the effects of working capital management on commercial banks’ efficiency for two different countries. For this study, Zimbabwean and Turkish commercial banks were selected. The research study was carried out by utilizing audited financial statements of a sample of...
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Case Study on Amalgamation of Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank with Bank of Baroda

Executive Summary Banks being the financial backbone of an economy affect the country’s monetary and fiscal policies. With the advent of globalization, more and more foreign banks coming down to India and vice versa, and banks are now exposed to a number of risks. Therefore, the entire banking system and its operations require close scrutiny and control. Banks by the very nature of their business attract several types of risks, viz., credit risk, market risk (which includes interest rate risk,...
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Effects of Deposit Mobilization on Performance of Commercial Banks in Ghana

A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits and gives out loans. The development of any economy relies upon capital accumulation, which thus relies upon investment and a comparable measure of savings to coordinate with it. Banks collect the savings of the individuals in the economy and lend them out to businesses and borrowers for investment, hence the importance of banks in the economy. Banks play a significant role in developing the economy. In as much as the financial...
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Effects of the Central Bank of Kenya Regulations on the Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya

Abstract Bank regulation refers to the formulation and issuance by authorized agencies of specific rules and regulations, under governing law for the conduct and structure of banks (Harvey, 2012). This study, therefore, seeks to assess the effects of central bank regulatory requirements on the financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya. This study is aimed at establishing why despite the review of banking regulations by the CBK in 2013, some banks are still performing poorly while registering huge losses whilst...
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Essay on Digital Transformational Change in Metro Bank

Paper view This report covers the digital transformational change that Metro Bank has launched as a part of the five core strategic initiatives to enable customers to provide a better customer experience and reduce operational cost and time by providing a digital self-serve means for Process Improvements. This is part of one of the strategic changes and five key focus areas which the Bank has set as core principles to become the UK’s best community bank and to overcome the...
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Role of Banks in South Africa: Analytical Essay

Banking Sector The South African banking sector has undergone quite a lot of changes and developments over the years, more specifically its regulatory provisions. However, despite all the changes, the banking sector of the country still seems to be a stable and sound environment. The rise of the so-called ‘digital banks’ in South Africa have proved and demonstrated to be a huge part/ large contributing factor to such changes in the banking environment. We have seen new banking licenses issued...
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The Peculiarities Of Retail Banking

Introduction As in the case study that Mr. Raj has recently graduated and got placed in a private sector bank and is unaware of the banking sector and its operations. Being his reporting manager, you need to brief him with the Principles of lending and need to explain him in details. Lending in its most general sense is the temporary giving of money or property to another person with the expectation that it will be repaid. In a business and...
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As Online Payments Are Getting More Popular, Will Cash Become Oblivious Soon?

Abstract With the invention of the Internet, the rise of technology and bring your own devices, it has revolutionized the human society forever in terms of creating a new environment to do existing activities in a more efficient way. Realising the importance of this, banks have also made their presence online, giving their clients’ the ability to monitor their assets and conduct transactions via mobile banking applications anywhere, anytime as long as the Internet is present. Almost every shop, every...
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Online Banking Security

INTRODUCTION Banks global are organization that providing online and mobile financial, offering their clients a greater handy way to their banking affairs at the same time as at the identical time enhancing efficiency and saving on working prices. However, online banking has its drawbacks. Online banking account are often aimed by way of cyber criminals. Security issues remain a first-rate situation for customers and corporations alike. As a result, banks want to implement security features to guard themselves and their...
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Digital Banking Practices In Business

Abstract Online Banking is one of the major financial activities which will be carried out by any person who has a bank account. There are different activities that can be carried out once you log in to your bank account. Once a user logs in he or she can check the bank balance, check bank account transaction history or account summary, add beneficiary accounts, transfer funds to another account, download account summary. When we deal with a banking system main...
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The Operational Differences Between The Concept Of Banking In The Muslim World And The Western World

Introduction This study will try and identify the differences between the Islamic and conventional banking from earlier days as well as today. While looking at the differences the study will identify the advantages and disadvantages for both sides equally. It will also talk about finances for both banking systems. This study is going to look at all the sources available such as: books, journals, newspapers, previous studies and internet. What is Islamic banking? Islamic banking is a new way of...
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Banking: Private And Public Sector

What is Banking? Banking can be characterized as the business movement of tolerating and defending cash possessed by different people and elements, and afterward loaning out this cash so as to procure a benefit. Nonetheless, with the progression of time, the exercises secured by banking business have broadened and now different administrations are likewise offered by banks. The financial administrations nowadays incorporate issuance of charge and Visas, giving safe guardianship of significant things, storage spaces, and ATM administrations and online...
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History Of Money And Banking

Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment of goods and services and repayment of debt such as taxes, in a particular country Banking in the other hand is an industry that handles cash, credit and other financial transactions as it is defined in Wikipedia. This essay will help us understand the history of money and banking. Money has close relationship with banking because money is the basis of banking. All banks do operate on...
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A Critical Evaluation of the Competition Laws on the Zambian Banking Sector

1.1 Introduction The liberal policies in 1991 under the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) provided a platform for a competitive economy for Zambia which runs on a market economy. This type of economy thrives on the principle of demand and supply with respect to the market. The market is a factor instrument in the determination inter alia prices of goods and services. If any country is to see socio-economic development, the concept of competition becomes a factor, and further the...
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Essay on Artificial Intelligence in Banking

With digital upheaval rippling across the world rapidly, transforming industries and revolutionizing businesses with its power, no sector can afford to get marooned to the sidelines. As every industry engages in designing and developing approaches and methods to remain relevant in a world steered by technology, the banking sector is no exception. Customers, now familiarizing themselves with advanced technologies and techniques in their everyday lives, no longer expect banks to be characterized by long queues, frequent visits and excruciating degree...
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