Essays on Customer Relationships

Buyer Behavior Regarding Coca-Cola Products

Introduction Consumer behavior is a branch of organizational study where the concentration is given on the preference of individuals, groups, or firms about goods and services. The mental, behavioral, and emotional state of a consumer or buyer gets the maximum priority for justifying the behavior....
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How Modern Technology Influences Consumer Behavior

Throughout the years, media has proven to be a very powerful tool for influencing a large number of audiences from different walks of life. Most of the time, people are unaware that the digital media is already manipulating their purchasing behavior and buying decisions by...
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Teen Consumer Behavior Affected by Family

The ability to evaluate long-term consequences is essential to successful financial decision making. Teens develop financial behaviors that can influence their actions as adults (Martin and Oliva 2001), such as making the strategic choice to delay gratification by saving and avoiding a debtor’s prison (Bernthal,...
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The Impact Of Social Media Influencers On Consumer Behavior

Companies and organizations continuously want to create value for customers and build strong customer-relationships in order to capture value. For ages, firms and organizations have been seeking to shape their target audience’s thoughts, attitudes and behavior so that they can attract more customers and build...
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The Relation between Consumer Behavior and Social Marketing

Introduction Adaptive software development is a design principle for the creation of software systems. The principle focuses on the rapid creation and evolution of software systems. The adaptive development method grew out of the rapid application development method. Adaptive Software Development replaces the traditional waterfall...
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