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Essays on Industry

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Illegal Animal Trade and Black-Market

Exotic animals are sold far and wide, bound for individuals’ basements and lawns. The expression ‘intriguing’ doesn’t have a set definition; however, it generally alludes to a wild animals or ones that are more unordinary than your standard pooch or feline. The blasting business in...
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Trade in the Donbas Region

Trade in the Donbas region is a complicated matter. The reasons are multiple, but the first that comes into mind is the liability of its situation as a separatist, occupied region. Finding unbiased and truthful data and reports can be challenging. It is also a...
3 Pages 1456 Words

Changes in Indian Agriculture after Independence: An Essay

After over 600 years of colonial rule, India got its freedom from the British domain on August 15, 1947. An enormous section of the populace, around three-fourths, was subject to agriculture for work and for the nourishment and fiber, devoured by cultivating families and proprietors....
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E-Commerce in India: An Essay

“E-commerce (or electric commerce) refers to the buying and selling of goods and services via electronic channels, primarily the Internet. Online retail is decidedly convenient due to its 24-hour availability, global reach and generally efficient customer service” ( E-commerce is one of the sectors that...
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Essay on Sustainable Agricultural Development in India

Over the world growing population is becoming more day by day, the most important challenges have been to produce enough food for the growing population. Hence, highly yielding varieties are being used together with some natural resources like water and rain falls were helping to...
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Cosmetology Scholarship Essay Example

Growing up, multiple female figures in my family all took and had careers in cosmetology. I would watch them and constantly tell myself that hair, makeup, and nails were the life for me. I remember being so intrigued by hair care that I asked for...
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Cosmetology Entrance Essay Examples

My pathway is Cosmetology. One problem my industry faces is that it needs to change to help the environment. Meaning making their products environment-friendly. One solution would be by making more of their products all-natural or even vegan. I propose that to make cosmetology change...
1 Page 410 Words

Mobile Commerce in India: Prospect and Challenges

Abstract: With the development of mobile industry in India and easy accessibility of internet connections to the common people, the electronic commerce is changing its face and turning into mobile commerce. M-commerce has become an easier tool in the hands of users due to its...
4 Pages 1805 Words

Strengthening E-Commerce in the Asia Pacific: Analytical Essay

Introduction The acute awareness of building strong multilateral ties within Asia and the Pacific saw the establishment of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) – a platform aimed at discussing confidence-building measures. This includes trade and commerce and the challenges surrounding it. By 2021, e-commerce in...
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Importance of Commerce: Analytical Essay

Introduction After understanding what commerce is and how the goods are made available to the consumers. What then is the importance of Commerce? The following are some of the importance of Commerce 1. Commerce tries to satisfy increasing human wants Human wants are never ending....
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